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...7...6...5... It Has Started

The modern world exists in constant informational-situational stress. This environment forces the average person to constantly operate and make decisions at an accelerated pace. We are not at war yet the psychological pressure on us is exactly the same as if we were.

No one can escape this. There are no “pills” for this. There is only one way; the “natural” way — It is an awakening of the evolutionary natural calmness and the conscious training of it. Without this all is wasted.

Dream Body by Master HORA

Our eyes are strongly connected to the physical center of our body (the gravity center), for stable informational processing. Because the body is under gravitational pressure and the mind is under informational pressure the breath is constantly searching for balance.

When a person is falling asleep, he is going from one set of reality coordinates into a different set of reality coordinates (state of dreaming). The pressure of gravitation on the body and the pressure of information on the mind is also shifted to different coordinates where a different type of breathing is working.

It should not be difficult to understand that with the correct coordination of the breathing, the mind and the body unite, and the kingdoms expand.

Gravitaneer.Book One. Final Baptizo

Trance-gravitational changes (this term is new to the human ear) provide a unique opportunity to expand the living space, not according to the animal principle of unconscious evolution, but according to the spiritual principle of conscious evolution of the human kind.

Gravitaneer.Book Two, Part One, Within The Circle Of Ignorance

Question: So, overall, what does Western meditation, which was born “before yesterday” truly represent? And how is it similar to Eastern psycho-technology  (Dhyana, Chang and Zen) which is thousands of years old?

HORA, Thieves, Karma

The Trance-Evolutionary Mobilization™ chair is necessary for restoring strength and health. A condition for this is the mobilization on the HORA chair; it is awakened at the level of an instinct. A person needs health and strength to maintain a high quality of life and competitiveness in a rapidly changing world.

The extra 2.5 cm under the chair’s rear legs (HORA chair by Master HORA) — and you can check right on the spot, the speed with which it changes your state from lazy to active. This is not a meditation of going inside into your own self. You do not have to change your lifestyle or waste your time.

Instruction and Introduction to Master HORA Articles and Writings

In the topic of evolution I'm talking about the next step, which a human being will make consciously, and without fantasies. Naturally, what should a rational ― absolutely rational! ― person think about it: "After all, nobody knows how it really should be

Phantoms And Development

All objects ― like phantoms, are temporary.
The Lomonosov[1] law of the conservation of matter indicates that all visible objects, like phantoms ― exist today, then are gone tomorrow; but their energy does not disappear to anywhere.

A phantom hologram of an object, while transforming from one energy to another, remembers nothing. It's like when a person, going from the wakeful state to the world of dreams, cannot remember anything.

Thus, all objects are in the zone of evolution development; and only consciousness is able to wake up and leave unconscious meditation ― and enter into conscious one; make this transition.

Place, Role and Destiny of Yoga

Disease is literally encoded into every species evolutionary process.

Sickness kills us off, leaving some behind to reproduce, mutating what we are to be. This is the cycle of life: in nature everything dies and then transforms into a different state (whether higher or lower does not matter). This is the state of nature, for better or for worse.

This is its essence.

Despite this, mankind seeks not to die out, but instead change, evolving whenever possible.

The question then becomes: How can mankind evolve without going through this painful process?

Seven Skies

The system of the seven skies, the chakra system, the essence is the same. The seven main centers in the spine from the tailbone to the crown in the head are called seven skies and the chakra system. This system is duplicated in a slightly different form in the human brain. The correlation between the brain-spine-body is obvious today and natural.

The line of clean hands (snake tracks) is born by evolution. You can only see what is on the outside, the result. The process of evolution, memory lies within the line of clean hands, in three centers of strength, etc. It’s imprinted in our spine and in our brain…

“We are not going to have a conversation about the evolution of consciousness. This happened a long time ago. The result of it is the human itself. This conversation is about the next conscious evolutionary step. The only possible option for the development of a human. Another — is a third phase of unified evolutionary cycle. That is why HORA meditation (Ritual) is differ from what was before. To be exact: this is not the path, method into meditation, it is meditation into LIFE.  The next evolutionary step as a species a human will make consciously.™ ”        Master HORA

What The Rulers Of The World Could Not Conquer?

Subconsciously, everyone knows that health ― is youth.

Appearance and attractiveness (shining hair, bright eyes, good skin, an upbeat look, etc.) are directly related to health and say that the person is young and productive. If you want to have a career, you should look 100%.

There are medical tests of biological age. A question then arises: who should retire? The one who's older but healthy, or the one who's young yet aged?

  • 80 years old, and his tests say he is 40 or 50
  • someone is 40-50, but the tests show that one is 80