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Seven Skies

Seven Skies

HORA® (Deep Snake Track®)

Book One, Part Four

Master HORA®

Seven Skies

No one is in a position to abolish the primordial laws.

To depart from the laws — is to automatically exclude oneself from evolution (life).

Those who don't evolve themselves step out of the way — that's the truth.

The choice — is in your own hands.

The Father's kingdom is in you and is marked by the seven skies.

They need to be realized on Earth, they didn't just happen to be in us.

Master HORA 



It just so happens that I was assuming that there is only one God, but different cultures have different names for Him. So then, is Allah the one who is higher than others?

Oksana, 29, housewife, Kiev, Ukraine


It just so happens that I was assuming the name George is the only one, but in different cultures they call him differently. In Russian, it is Giorgy — in English it is George.

Then, is George the one who is higher than the others?

You were right in the beginning there is only one God.

Master HORA, August 7, 2003



In reality, is there life after death?

Claudia, 58, housewife, Kiev, Ukraine


Neither religion nor science was able to make you sure or unsure of it. You, in both cases, will doubt it.

If before my answer you did not believe in life after death, then there is a small chance that you will believe me. Nevertheless, at the right moment, each person will receive their own answer to this question, including you personally.

In regard to myself, I do not have to believe in it; I know for sure that this is so, but that is the answer for myself...


Master HORA, August 7, 2003


A. What are the seven skies (chakra system)?

B. What is Kundalini Yoga?

C. What is Kundalini?

Natalia, 27, entrepreneur, Kiev, Ukraine


The answers to those questions you can find in any bookstore of esoteric literature, but the truth is that those answers will surely be without proof. You may read and it is your choice to believe it or not. I can recommend to you a European classic that everyone knows; the author is A. Avalon, and the book is The Strength of the Snake. The information in this book does not have any proof, but behind it there are no fantasies and no modern esoteric-charlatans.

In this book, there is a very small amount of information that is similar to Practice HORA®. The reason is that the theme that I am opening is filling with information that no one knew about before. The seven skies (the chakra system of Practice HORA®) anchors itself not on statements but on proof, and in this way, this is how it differentiates itself from Kundalini yoga and the Kundalini theory — the chakra systems. These proofs contradict what was made up by the modern “authorities” around ancient, unproven knowledge (as we know it today) that was passed to us not in the best form. The ancient people were not in need of such proofs; they could spot a lie immediately. A need for proof became necessary not too long ago; crooks…

This is an explanation for why the proof that I present is not easily accepted by the public, even though to understand the information you just need a minimum amount of common sense. The answers to such questions are given in my booklets. I would recommend that in the beginning, you become familiar with the information in booklets #2 and #4, but even without them my answer to you will be pretty clear.

As in the case of hands, legs, spine, eyes, and the head of a human, all is one whole; the terms “Kundalini”, “chakra” and so forth in the system of yoga are also one whole as well. If everyone knows what the chakra is, then surely they know about the chakra's system (the seven skies). It could not be any other way. That is how it should be logically, but in life it could be different. I will give you an example.

There is a huge auditorium and there is a known comedian telling a joke using the word chakra. This joke is about a character whose “chakra is lower” than it's supposed to be. The whole auditorium is laughing together. This number was moving through all the TV channels, so then this joke was seen or heard by almost everybody. I'm sure that you have seen it as well. In order to be able to laugh so hard about the “chakras” or the term “Kundalini yoga,” these words should be widely known among us. It's like words such as soccer penalty or offsides; they are familiar only where there is English football — these words are not also Russian. Then you have a reason to make a joke or play with these words and so forth. However, the whole country was laughing at that time about something and it was understood what we were laughing at. It is not clear why, since we do not know anything about the Kundalini system. We have just heard of these words. Otherwise, I would not receive questions similar to yours for the past 15 years.

The Christian civilization, without a Cross, without the Trinity, is just impossible, just as it is impossible for the Hindi civilization to be without Mediation, Kundalini and the Triad. I will remind you of several factors regarding this theme and will add even more to it. I demonstrated the natural line of movement of "clean hands" (snake track); in it — is the evolutionary program. (refer to: 1999, Moscow lecture by Master HORA®) The three centers of strength; the places where the hands are turning within this line correspond to a Christian symbol. Also, it was demonstrated how to draw this symbol, which looks like a snake that is curled into three and a half circles (a symbol of Kundalini); chakra signs. All of this the hands did this instinctively just like the line of “clean hands” that looks like a reversed Latin letter S, with the three centers of strength. Compared to the mind, instincts do not play around and there is no space for mind games. That which is embedded in us through instincts, i.e. nature, is manifesting externally, through the mystics, the enlightened ones in mysticism (yoga) and etc. On these deep insights, the civilizations, cultures, and psyche types have been built...

In order to really hear what we are talking about we need to reconsider several dogmas that have developed within our mentality. This is why I will say several not-so-very-nice words about ourselves.

The proof (signs, etc.) -- this is not a fantasy of my mind. The proof is corresponding to the modern, experimental culture. It is so easy that everybody can grasp it. More than that, if you do not want to believe yourself, then whatever is demonstrated by me, you can repeat experiments with the whole population of the earth, and you do not need any specialized equipment for this. It seems that such a natural experiment is very difficult to understand and to take in by the Europeans because there is no measurement equipment with blinking lights and moving arrows, and how to trust themselves has been forgotten long ago. In addition, what we love more than food is esoteric and near-spiritual fantasies. We like illusions more than real life. And here I am, with some kind of proof, incredible …


Something similar took place with my dynamic trainings' themes. At that time, I was presenting the same natural principles of Practice HORA, physical and psychological. Those principles, in their turn, were opening up nature within a person himself. They were taking him to his own path of individual realization within minimal time. In other words, I was proving the effectiveness of Practice HORA's principles and the effectiveness of evolutionary-meditative consciousness.

As a result, all kinds of entrepreneurs are copying tiny pieces that I have shown and compensating for their lack of knowledge of Practice HORA principles and correlations with their own virtual illusions. This is our reality. The norm of life; we are laughing at and creating illusions toward areas that we do not understand much about. Even in the beginning of the 1990s, in one of my articles, I was trying to explain what came to us through Karate Do, Aiki Do (i.e. different styles). However, the styles are not Zen. Even all of those styles together would not be able to come up to a level of Zen. In other words Do (the path) did not arrive to us. The Do without Zen is impossible. It is impossible to substitute it either with Freud or Jung.

Zen is a method of transformation, culture, school, civilization, mentality that never existed in European culture before. It does not mean that within the high civilization of Hellenistic period there weren't any capable people with Zen abilities. But this is not a school, not a method and even more, not a Zen culture. And that particular civilization has a very distant relationship to us (to say the least).

It just so happens that in our religion, our body is a container for the soul. Additionally, it is a sinful container and even more, it is born from a sinful container. Today, within a formed container, two parallel worlds exist: sports, the culture (physique) of a body, physical health on one side and religion, which is spirituality and spiritual health, on the other side. Those two worlds existed and continue to exist now in one social environment, like two parallel lines. The inner-I of a human exists in (is in a state of) a constant conflict of inner division within itself and within the social environment and he has to choose one of those two sides of life. The method of transformation, when the spirit and the body and spiritual life and the physical life, are united by the meaning of “LIFE” itself does not exist.

The need for overcoming this incomprehensible discrepancy is huge (a spiritual crisis). The demand is giving birth to the supply — that is why these “magicians” have to fulfill the need with their "magic." They do all kinds of things. They create traditions, they make up connections from the Ancient Egyptian times as a minimum. This is understandable: they would like to have their opinion stand at the right spot. But because they are not capable of proving the effectiveness of their creation, they have no choice but to steal from what has already been shown. By tearing out a piece from the unity they will surely distort it, they will lie about it and then through collective, self-suggestion they will make it appear as “if it came from” the traditions of ancient Egyptian times. The kind of relationship we have with Hellenistic period is the same kind of relationship we have with the ancient Egyptians. We simply destroyed the inheritance and we did it so much that there is no tradition left…

But today we like to think differently; that we did not destroy anything and that we were very carefully caring for the inheritance. Traditionally, the passing of knowledge that was given from the awakened one to another turned out to be “magically” possessed by those relatives who were destroying them all. All of this is not about us: we are flying to the cosmos; we are not barbarians. With this kind of aspiration, speculations begin. In history, the true meaning is substituted because we like to think that we aren't ancestors of primitive and savage man.

Let’s see those virtual specialists, with their baggage of thousands of years of knowledge, trying to enlighten those people to the level that is presented by Master HORA in the video [refer to Moscow lecture by Master HORA, 1999 located at]], even after thousands of years! You can't substitute Zen by those stolen “traditions” (taken in by little pieces). And I am proving here in Europe, on specific people, many times, that evolutionary meditative consciousness (the method of evolutionary focused transformation in HORA) is more than effective.


In his own time Bodhidharma went from India to China. Then Chan Buddhism (Zen) was born. Very important to understand: it happened not in India, but in China. The reason for this is because in India, even today, everybody knows what meditation is and how to do it. It was impossible to teach the knowledgeable ones; that is the reason why the wise Bodhidharma left for China.

In China they knew formal Buddhism, but they didn't know the essence of it, which is the Dhyana (Chan Zen meditation). Bodhidharma breathed life into what was already there through his own realized meditative consciousness and the alive Chan Buddhism was born. What is important to understand is that before this became possible, Buddhism, in the Chinese culture, existed for several hundred years before Bodhidharma arrived. Today, we all can sense of the refined noble influence of ancient Chan Buddhism, including the martial arts.

Let’s look at an example from our mentality. I'm looking at our history and I'm getting a sense that Christianity came from the East to the Europe...not on anything else but a slow turtle. More than that, this turtle was a cripple that was left with one leg or maybe two: AFTER SEVERAL HUNDRED YEARS, the religion of humanity, patience, and forgiveness finally came to us and even became part of the law. And after 2,000 years… and even after two world wars… all of a sudden Europe gave birth to human rights: humanity, patience and forgiveness...

But the method of transformation got lost somewhere in those centuries along with the lost legs of the turtle. And during those 2,000 years, with this lack of a transformational method in Europe, a “container” was developed for a Freudian psycho type... (Reference to Master HORA articles, “Another — Part Two”, “The Stream” – [not translated yet]).

We have a saying among us — “The best is the enemy of the good” which means that “muddling through” is our norm and it is our “passport.” With such a passport, of “muddling through,” “may be with luck,” “may be by some means,” any development is under a big question mark.

Why do I speak about all of this? It turns out that the simple essence messages are coming to us in a very strange way. We are defending until the last one left standing the idea of the earth being flat; we developed such a character, a special one. Accordingly, in order to understand the answers that I give to your questions, there is a need to make a step toward understanding the roots of today’s situation.

This step toward understanding is possible only with a foundation when your own culture and mentality does not weigh on over the inner “I.” Is this possible? Yes, it's possible, and there is no other variation of normal development to exist. Otherwise, it will turn out to be the same as has already happened in history; Christianity blossomed not in the place where it was born and not where it was awaited for, for centuries...

We can do this step forward without losing hundreds of years only if we learn from our own past. Our mentality formed in time in such a way that it was rejecting everything. It was always implanted with the thought that someone is trying to destroy it and thus it was destroying everything around it including what came before it. As a result of a long cultivation of fear, it became afraid of changes, it became afraid of anything new and it became afraid of development without which evolution is impossible.

I'm talking about this because I know — the projection of non-acceptance and rejection in Europe is not taking roots. The people of Europe are uniting and this is a fact.


Today, it doesn't matter that a singer doesn't have a voice; the equipment will “sing” for him. The importance is for the look to be marketable: today’s authority and image, created by commercials.


The Kundalini symbols, like the Christian symbols, were demonstrated by the Immortal Masters. Over time, this information became overgrown with enormous additions from the “knowledgeable” ones. The number of these “knowledgeable” ones is growing every day and it turned out that field of esoteric is a good sustainable business to be in... It is possible to end this situation only through understanding that the market has been created for “spirituality.” All the rules that exist in this market are also applicable toward “spirituality.”...

To re-establish the original order and place everything back to where it belongs, I demonstrated the natural signs. In this way the symbols of Kundalini (the spiral of 3 and a half turns, snake track, etc.) was cleaned from all kinds of fantasies. It was cleaned through instinct, without any mind games, detached from any kind of market profit and without any kind of mental or cultural pressure towards the inner “I.”

Furthermore, through the signs, the interrelation was opened between the symbols of the Kundalini system and the main Christian symbols (three centers of strength — the cross, number 33, etc.). In this way, through the Christian symbols, the foundation of the Kundalini system was shown and the natural evolutionary interrelation between those two systems was proven by me, Master HORA.

Without these symbols, there is no Hinduism or Christianity. Correspondingly, there would be no two great civilizations. Then, the question is who knew proof of these symbols without relying on the faith? You judge for yourself: if it is important and how important it is.

Before me proving it, people believed or did not believe in the mentioned systems and their symbols according to their mood and profitability... There is a reason to start thinking who, as a result, made a profit and who is worse off; this is our history.

Proof of these symbols was revealed for the first time. [refer to Moscow lecture by Master HORA, 1999 located at] Before that, no one had any idea about them in such tangible, proven version. The way that they are represented, they are not just simply supplementary to each other, but they present through themselves a single unity. In this way, both systems are symbolically saved from any statements and afterthoughts of “authoritative fantasy — storytellers, knowledgeable ones.” It is impossible to argue with instinct; whatever is there is there. The presented proof by me is understandable even for a child, but for the “knowledgeable ones” there is no restriction to play dumb, for about 200 years.

Without these signs, the two great civilizations do not exist.

In unity, this knowledge is for a third civilization.

As you see, they have one natural source — the human himself.

And everything is easy only at first glance.

1.     Seven Skies

The system of the seven skies, the chakra system, the essence is the same. The seven main centers in the spine from the tailbone to the crown in the head are called seven skies and the chakra system. This system is duplicated in a slightly different form in the human brain. The correlation between the brain-spine-body is obvious today and natural.

The line of clean hands (snake tracks) is born by evolution. You can only see what is on the outside, the result. The process of evolution, memory lies within the line of clean hands, in three centers of strength, etc. It’s imprinted in our spine and in our brain…

The snake track (the line of clean hands), not Kundalini, is only its evolutionary established route. I will repeat myself — route. Seven centers are the main destination points on this route. And this route (its physical aspects) lies in your spine, which looks like a snake. While the Kundalini is being awakened, it is moving in a spiral motion on this route from the lower center (tailbone) to the highest one (crown), opening seven doors.

A camel in the desert moves from one source of water to another along the river stream that lies deep under the sand. Via the same principles the Kundalini, moves within its route, not awakened consciousness of a human being, like falling asleep (turning off feelings), and similarly as to when one is coming out of the dream state (awakening of feelings). Refer to informational article #4 by Master HORA – [not translated yet]. The difference between a conscious movement along a river stream and an unconscious movement on the surface is obvious.

The inner “I” of a human being is moving every day from conscious to unconsciousness. The real feelings of this world are changing with the feeling of the dream state. In this context, I am speaking about a transition from consciousness towards unconsciousness in relationship to the Kundalini process. What I would like to point out: all people in this world unconsciously, like in the example of the camel, are tied together to a Kundalini route on many levels. While time is passing by, the river stream (the Kundalini route), is moving into the sand deeper and deeper; aging approaches and our civilization is still accumulating the evolutionary fatigue for humankind.

If we would call everything by its original name, then all people without exception would be unconscious yogis (mystics) of the single universal evolutionary method, but they exist in the sleeping and not awakened consciousness… If you understand the correlation in the idea (method) then act as conscious yogi (mystic). An example: the eight level yoga is a one of the reflections of the universal yoga.

One more theme within this information that was not known by anyone yet. In the mother’s womb, within the child, the Kundalini energy is not moving on the surface but right within the stream, thus insuring his evolutionary development toward a level of a complete physical being. When he is born, the evolutionary process starts to fade, which is natural. The Kundalini is finishing its harsh evolutionary pressure focused on the development of a child. Refer to article “Place Role And Destiny of Yoga, by Master HORA.”

If during one’s life (during the process of fading) the energy of Kundalini becomes awakened, i.e. it begins to move again with the stream, it means the new evolutionary cycle is born. This means that the evolutionary pressure is repeating itself toward the development of the object just like in the mother’s womb, but in this case, one is the conscious participant, not like a “camel” anymore. I will repeat myself: this search for the development of a kind is started in the mother’s womb, but its active progression begins only after the awakening of the Kundalini.

All types of species go through such an evolutionary sieve at the fetal level, and all of them are searching unconsciously for evolutionary variations. In other words, this is a nature's yoga, where any variation (kind) that is incongruent to the universal concept (universal path of development) is destined to disappear. This is a fundamental program of the universe. Its condition (the law) is that all species exist within a constant search of a compromise, balance with each other. It is possible only if one inner “I” is in action — universal consciousness.

This is why, after going through the evolutionary school of selection, (experience), in the mother’s womb, “the big brain” is not disturbing the development of nature. The inner “I” is detached, existing as an eyewitness. In the same way, the awakened one is using the energy of the Kundalini without disturbing the process of development. The most difficult part to understand, is that the awakened one, him/herself is the process of the development. If you are the universe itself — the eyewitness and the process of creation — then you know what you are talking about, and if not, then you are destined towards artistic fantasies and storytelling.

You also need to know that when the breath is leaving a person and he is exiting from this life, the faded physical Kundalini stops being an anchor for the non-material bodies. The non-material bodies are liberated from the physical heaviness and a thinner forms of Kundalini become activated, but they are working while a human is alive as well. Those river streams lay even deeper.


Aside point: In order to open up these aspects, one needs to have at a minimum, a state of readiness which we simply do not have in our traditional culture. It just so happens historically, that we have not worked out even the surface questions yet. (see above: “About Fear)

The life of generations within concrete traditions and mentalities, enhances the situation where people are saturated with religious and mystical information which become a natural part of their everyday life. This cannot be replaced, even with very in-depth information from the East — our daily life, in any case, takes place in a completely different atmosphere, in a different rhythm. The information from a different culture appeals to a person with completely different psyche and corresponds to a different reality. Therefore, it cannot harmoniously transform us in real time and place.

Please note: that which in India is called Dhyana, in China has become Chan, and in Japan — Zen. In essence, it amounts to the same thing, but it is clear that these are completely different cultures and psycho types of people. We have the word "meditation." Who can say that the European word "meditation" has any relation with the above-mentioned concept? We have not been taught meditation by a Buddhist apostle (otherwise we would have been a civilization of Buddhism).

My answers are based on the language of the culture and education that we have today. Evolutionary- meditative consciousness (ritual) is not alien to the above mentioned Eastern meditation techniques, and they are not alien to it. This is just another cycle.



I am describing the processes involved in different aspects of kundalini, from the moment of conception to departure from life. (See "The Place, The Role and Purpose of Yoga”. And it is the most modern and comprehensible overview. It's not about the evolution of consciousness — it has occurred long ago. Its outcome is the human himself. It's about taking the next conscious evolutionary step — the one and only way of development for the human. In this world, each species has only one evolutionarily justified path associated with the local habitat, with a whole (species — habitat — whole). For a human this path can only be conscious (see article "Strem” by Master HORA, a ritual– [not translated yet]).


While responding to your question, I have to first open the foundational interconnections of civilizations and natural evolutionary developmental experience within the human. The answers to your questions are based on my personal, practical, mystical experience — my direct, immediate knowledge.

Such knowledge is independent of any human culture or mentality, and it always has been. This knowledge is not taken from books, even the most ancient. In other words, do not look for the confirmation of my words in yoga, because I show, prove, explain the irrational in the language of the rational, which has never been done before by anyone. That is, I know the other side of the mountain, and I am showing this one side. And from this one side of the mountain, the other is not visible (the interconnections, explanations that are accessible to a normal person, not mystics). That is why at the start of the answer it says: we don’t have too much in common. Those aspects of kundalini opened in this article, have never been considered in any yoga. What I am writing about, yogis will understand and accept, but "craftsmen/knowledgeable ones" are unlikely to do so; they need not a mountain, but a "vacuum" (see above).


On his elbow human has a specific point which if you hit it, there is a sensation of an electric current — as if the hand grows numb. This is familiar to all. As kundalini awakens there is almost the same feeling, only the point of impact is the tailbone, and the feeling of a strong electric shock occurs throughout entire spine, enhanced thousandfold and takes hold entirely over the human. Here, it is similar to the hand example, but the whole body grows numb. It is inconceivable even to imagine the shock of the impact of the cerebro-spinal liquid, which instantly floods the brain. The soul leaves the body and may not come back …

As kundalini rises (in a successful version), the seven centers — both in the spine and in the head open up. These centers can be called the chakras, and the skies (see informational article number 4 by Master HORA – [not translated yet]). If a person is not prepared for it, the consequences would be more than dire ... A person will not be fully ready for such an experience, ever. The reason for this unpreparedness: a human is not an evolutionary endpoint. But based on my answer, one can understand which laws served as the basis for the preparatory techniques: with consideration of the physical body, the non-material bodies, sleep and awaken state, life, death, love, and etc.


After the raising of kundalini the human returns from the other world — this is a return after death. He retains the path of knowledge of the subtle/thin worlds... And then, for the nth number of years, all of the human organs, as in the example with the elbow, are "ringing through" — they stop and start anew. Thus, only based on the inner knowledge of the energy connection between life and death, the inhalation and the exhalation, sleep and awaken state, non-material bodies, the organs etc. the real methods can be developed. And this is possible only if meditative consciousness has been manifested. All the rest — are exercises with an esoteric slant, in general, creative eccentricities.


The masters, who really know that everything is not so simple, replace the harsh methods by the Ritual — a direct Path. Practice HORA is a total natural evolutionary advancement of the human as a kind. A person on such a path is self-protected from any artificial influences. There is a condition — a minimum of common sense. An example of such a minimum: one needs to cross the road on green and at the acceptable crossing place (as it is safer that way).


Ritual in HORA® — is not the awakening of the Kundalini with all the consequences (often most deplorable). It is evolutionary — directed action, its fetus (see above about the womb). Without my explanations and evidence, the HORA ritual could only rely on faith. It's like in a religion — a relationship with the Source did not have to be proven, it was obvious — it was manifested in the Teacher, i.e. was seen through the eyes and tangible.

Today, we live in such a time that common sense thinking, in any case, is not an obstacle, even for faith. The ritual of Practice HORA:

1) expressed through the Master and
2) repeatedly proven in its effectiveness on different people

And most importantly for this meditation (ritual HORA) the external factors are not important — do it when you want, whenever you want (about the effectiveness: see the beginning of the article).


The initial impulse of evolution continues its movement in every new species. Through division, the impulse remains WHOLE — there is one Tree with many fruit. This is the Tree of evolution, i.e. The Tree of Life, that is, Kundalini.

Ritual — it is the fruit from the tree of evolution (Tree of Life).

The Impulse, the Tree, the Fruit (species) and Immortality are inseparable.

Here is what is important to understand. The education in such methods — is the absolute unity of the religious, mystical, and scientific approaches. Thus, in answering your questions, I emphasize the multiple aspects of the human heritage; many factors must be taken into account. I bring this topic to you, anchoring on the minimal information we already have and simple common sense thinking. This approach makes this grand topic accessible to everyone. In this response, we have only touched the surface, since this topic is so extensive. But a connection to the SOURCE is even deeper.


Why is the opening of the centers (chakras) so important for yogis? Humans did not appear out of nowhere, just like that. Each center, chakra — sky, inhuman carries evolutionary memory elements that dominated during certain periods of the evolution of the Earth, when there were no humans yet on the Tree of Evolution. But the very Tree already existed on Earth. At the same time the Earth and, respectively, the Tree — were affected by the planets. Scientists came to the conclusion that first came the evolution of the cosmos, second the evolution of the Earth; thus, the Earth is not flat and rotates around the sun, not vice versa.

I have added a third type of evolution to the ones mentioned above, specifically — Conscious Evolution of Human (Another), and this kind of contradicts everything said so far. Another — is the third phase of a universal evolutionary cycle. When Kundalini opens up the head center it harmoniously connects human with the elements, with the planets and with the cosmos into a single whole, etc. This knowledge is knowledge as such.

One can guess that kundalini is a subtle phenomenon. It is the energy that does not only open certain centers, chakras, it is the energy that promotes unlatching of super-consciousness, and then a human really becomes a receptacle of Knowledge. Occasionally this happens. Yogis believe it; Gods, Masters, bequeathed this to them. Their desire to manifest this is justified, because such a Yogi is liberated from any technique and is able to unify all of the yoga in himself into one Ritual. Sometimes it happens...


The symbols of the two civilizations (East — West) are widely known. And one must admit, their ideologies do not get along with each other. To assume that the conflict between them will disappear on its own is more than naive. But despite this thousand years of alienation, a theme that is new and foreign to both, supported by evidence given by me (see above: Signs, etc.), was adjoined to them; it is the theme of evolution of a kind. And as you can see, now these three mutually antagonistic ideologies in essence form a coherent whole within the human himself, as it always has been.

Here is what I would like to add, without going too deeply into it. For the Chinese civilization, the concepts of "Earth, Human, and Sky" are just as fundamental as the trinity is for Christian civilization and Kundalini is for Indian civilization. I, as Master HORA, speak about the practice, pragmatically prove the foundations on which great civilizations were built — such different from each other. But at least they have one singular mother — Nature (see above: Three Evolutions). The other side of the coin proves — these civilizations by their very existence affirm the authority of their teachers, thus confirming symbols left by them, and through these symbols confirm Practice HORA.


This is the definition of SEVEN SKIES. In the Indian terminology, it is the chakra system, kundalini, and yoga (mysticism). Their differences are very obvious, but also are their similarities. When you know this through yourself, the differences become erased, rejections disappear and something new is born — ANOTHER [see video Moscow lecture by Master HORA, 1999: Father (West) — Mother (East) located at]. In our practice, everything described above is naturally present; it cannot be otherwise, since in the practice there is unity of Sky and Earthly (natures) yoga [see article "Stream” by Master HORA:, the transformation — a ritual — the evolutionary-meditative consciousness – [not translated yet]).



1. Signs are disclosed phenomena, objective and easily verifiable experimentally. They can be easily connected with Christian symbols, and symbols of the Kundalini system.

2. That is, the kundalini system (seven heavens) and Christianity are connected through the sign system, intelligently and without contradiction; in fact, they are the continuation of each other.

3. In other words, if you recognize the symbols of Christianity, you have to accept the kundalini system of symbols and vice versa, since this experimental basis for one serves as an experimental support for the other. Outside of these symbols, proven through the signs, there is no civilization or human race or the Tree of Life in general.

4. I am repeating myself here. Signs are the experimentally observed phenomena. The fact that they are inherent to all people without exception is a demonstrable reality. They are instinctive. Connection: evolution-instinct- signs, known to modern science — and used by it — the connection: hand — consciousness — psyche. (see Moscow Lecture by Master HORA, 1999, located at

The result — the interconnection: signs — instinct — consciousness — conscious evolution.

5. Signs — not as badge, but as a fact of life connect all of the mentioned above. They lead us to where the Kundalini system, Christianity and modern science meet. This is not just a meeting place, but a place where they begin to understand each other, cleanse each other and reconcile with each other. This optimization is the foundation for further development — the third civilization. Such a "turtle" cannot be hurt — but I understand that in the beginning the speed will be "turtle like." But this is only in the beginning …

6. Signs — is provable phenomenon, it is a fact. You choose to recognize it or not. This is a fact that does not need recognition. I repeat: I, for my side, have shown a third type of evolution — namely, the conscious evolution of human (Another), and that is contrary to all that has been so far.

7. To refute the signs — is to deny the very existence of civilization, of the religion that gave rise to them, and mysticism (yoga) that gave birth to both. It is impossible to refute it.

What I present will be supported by the prior knowledge and at the same time will enter into conflict with it. It is natural — when the process moves to a new quality, there is no other way.

8. The Another — is the third phase of a single evolutionary cycle. So meditation HORA (Ritual) is different from what has been until now. Namely, this is not a method/path directed into meditation, this is the meditation which is directed into LIFE.


If anyone after listening to me decides to take up yoga, they need to keep several things in mind. Any type of yoga has a profound effect on the mind (mental restructuring, etc.) It is also necessary to know: this kind of influence on the mind, on the psyche occurs in any ideology, and in any religion, even in sports. One just needs to examine the closest 10 to 50 years of our history in order to see this, and to understand that as of today little has changed.

The result of such effects can be both positive and negative. If my texts, Practice HORA® and its results are not clear or not attractive, and someone decides to seriously take up the "yoga" that is popular today). [refer to “Informational article #4 by Master HORA” – [not translated yet] ]., I recommend to think twice... three times. Perhaps, instead of practicing such "yoga," it would be more useful to run, swim dance, play basketball ...

Master HORA, 07.08.03


Question: Master HORA in the lecture you said that the reptiles are our forefathers. Do you accept the divine creation of human or Darwin’s theory?

Anatoly, 59, Associate Professor of Information Technology, Kiev

(A question arose after watching the Moscow lectures by Master HORA, 1999)


A philosopher asks the wise man: "What is more important the brain or the stomach?

Answer: "That which a person can live without is less important.”

The moral of the parable is this: we have lived without God for 70 years. We lived, as it turns out, without a head. For us the stomach (materialism) was very important. Now we are talking about the head, but for some reason the stomach became even greater. Historically evidence shows that the stomach is more important. But there is a small problem — it turns out you cannot do without a head …

I recognize the divine creation of Evolution as such. In general, this is the answer to your question.


Master HORA, 11.06.03


Question: In information article number 4: Who are the faithful disciples?

Sergey, 37, a businessman in Kiev


Faithful — as a word and as a phenomenon means born of faith.
Faithfulness — quality of mind, faith — property of the soul,
Faithfulness — property of the living, faith — property of the immortal.
Faith without reason generates fanaticism.


Your question is honest, and I answer you the same way. In order to give you an answer, I need to know what unfaithfulness is, and I need to find it in myself. But even in the most remote cubbyholes of my memory, I do not find betrayal of a Teacher. And therefore I cannot assess who is the faithful disciple. Really, the one who would know it would be the one who betrayed the Teacher. But after the betrayal, he is deemed unfaithful, and thus we will not get an answer from him. He already has the characteristic of a sly one. What kind of answer can we get from a sly one?


The unfaithful one betrayed the Teacher for a handful of silver and became “rich.” Imagine that he bought himself a donkey to show off his wealth, his social status. In our times — it is like buying a car, showing off your status. When he bought a donkey, clearly — in its eyes, he saw his own reflection. And instead of seeing his reflection in the eyes of the Teacher, he had to look into the eyes of the donkey and see himself again and again. He had no choice but to look into the eyes of the donkey. It's just like the modern man, when first getting into the car; one automatically looks into the rearview mirror. I think he had a kind of epiphany: he is the donkey. So the unfaithful one suffocated from anger, but the sly consumer is still happy and looking for similar donkeys.


Since the beginning of time, the Master said to his disciple: "You are me, I am you."

And his awakened student knows that words without implementation — are just words.

The implementation is faith. This is the power in the words from the beginning of time.


When the awakened one sees the eyes of the One who is at the beginning of time,

He sees the whole world in them — his reflection.

He recalls his path from the beginning of time,

and becomes the Master.


Faith without reason generates fanaticism.

Faithful — as a word and as a phenomenon means “born of faith.”

Faithfulness — quality of mind, faith — property of the soul,

Faithfulness — property of the living, faith — property of the immortal.

Without one — there cannot be another.

Faithful disciple — is the one who knows that the

Teacher in the eyes of the Students sees himself.

                                                                Master HORA® 06.08.03

© Atayan A.V. 2003