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Phantoms And Development
Phantoms And Development

Phantoms And Development

Мастер HORA®


All objects ― like phantoms, are temporary.
An explanation of why it is this way: The Lomonosov[1] law of the conservation of matter indicates that all visible objects, like phantoms ― exist today, then are gone tomorrow; but their energy does not disappear to anywhere.   

   This Lomonosov flask ― can be compared with the Indian sansara[2], the karmic wheel of rebirth: energy does not disappear to anywhere, and its phantom hologram can be repeated and be unlike itself, having gone through the circle of changes. (If anyone is confused by the word "hologram," you can use the word "matrix," because it traces two lines, two types of thinking: East West.)

   A phantom hologram of an object, while transforming from one energy to another, remembers nothing. It's like when a person, going from the wakeful state to the world of dreams, cannot remember anything, and after coming out of his dream state into the wakeful state, also, does not remember anything. The "I [3]" hologram is moving, it can be both physically manifested, as well as energetically hidden ― a phantom quality, a different, parallel dream world.  

   The book of destiny ― in general is a book about phantoms-objects. As it turns out, the book is eternal, but all that it describes ― is changeable.     

   Hindi are trying to get out from such a book ― karma ― leave the circle of rebirth and the suffering associated with it. We are trying to leave this book and go to Heaven, Eternal life ... This book ― is a sort of Lomonosov flask. Where everything is changing, the only thing that remains constant ― is the book itself. This book can be called "The Book of Destiny." The book of phantom objects could also be called transcendental unconscious meditation of an object’s development.  

   Thus, all objects are in the zone of evolution ― development, and only consciousness is able to wake up and leave unconscious meditation ― and enter into conscious one; make this transition.

    Basically, this is what the ancients wanted (in modern language) ― wanted to leave the unconscious state, and enter into the conscious one. It's like going from a wakeful state to a dream state without losing your “I,” and returning from the dream to wakefulness without lost "I." The example is simple and quite easy to understand, but is practically impossible to achieve. There are Exceptions. And these "exceptions" explain the phantom nature of objects.
    Master does it in his own way, in an extremely modern and distinct language.

   In order for a person to avoid flowing like a phantom in a flask ― from one energy to another, indefinitely ― we have to understand that all objects either evolve ― up, or mutate ― down. Both progress and regression are possible.  

    Because of that, specific moral-ethical guidelines have arisen. From ancient times the world has been divided into good and bad ― tabooed, what is allowed and what is not. Greed, envy, anger are clouding the mind, changing the heartbeat, aren’t allowing either soul or mind or body to rest ― neither rest nor sleep ...

   Why are these concepts so important, what is so special about them? You can be greedy and sleep well, be hateful ― and still sleep well ... Two or three pills ― and you are asleep, not too bad, sort of.

There is no development of consciousness in this, but brain activity is guaranteed ― the one that drains the body-system.    The fact that negative drains and positive charges ― can be easily verified. I suggest two tests; let’s check here, right on the spot:   
  Smile, do not stop smiling ― do not be afraid to look like an idiot ― and follow how you breathe, how you feel, whether the pressure from your head is gone due to concentrated attention on the lecturer.  

   And then compare: stop smiling, close your lips tightly, take a look does the pressure appear in your head, does the activity phase turn on?
Now relax again and compare these two tests. One positively charges and relaxes, and the other ― activates. There was no anger, no wrath ― there were none of these, it was just an active phase.

Thus, there are two types of concentration of attention: with a smile, causing inactivity ― as in a child who is looking around fascinated ― and the active phase of a hunter. It is as if there are two worlds.  
To preserve the positivity within the active phase ― all world-systems, each in its own way, essentially aspired to achieve exactly that.
   Maybe it all looks simple in words, but the essence is a smile and tightly closed lips.

The question may arise: What do a smile and tightly closed lips have to do with the book of destiny, karma, rebirth, and the Lomonosov flask (conservation of energy)?
First: Immediately it demonstrates that a human has two faces, or two "I’s." And whenever the two appear ― it's the same as between a man and a woman, children are being born.
And the second point ― that there can be an endless number of these children. Such an infinite number of emotions clouds the mind and creates a barrier between the two worlds ― for example, between the world of dreams and the world of the wakeful state.  

    And the children-emotions tend to grow. Thus, the “I” splits in two: into a smile, with an infinite variation of smiles, and into the tightly closed lips, with an infinite variation of tightly closed lips.
    An example from the East was given above ― from the human subconscious psycho-space. Also an example was given of European psycho intelligence ― consciousness.
Eastern religions are based on sub-consciousness, but European science is based on consciousness.        Eastern thought, religious mystical thought, are aimed at how to get out of the wheel of life, once and for all, and leave the wheel of reincarnation.
And Master’s thought is aimed towards not to leave life, but to continue the evolution of life through yourself.   

    The difference is significant: the convictions are the exact opposites.
    The question was asked to Master: Why is there such a difference? His answered: If a person suffers deeply ― naturally, exit from life for him ― is a release from suffering. If a person is guided by desire and is suffering from this ― it is only natural that an exit to an other world ― is a release from an exquisite hardship. In other worlds, it should be clearly understood that there are physical hardships, there are mental hardships and spiritual ones.

    Master’s position ― is the development of life, the development of evolution ― is a kind of large-scale eternal war waged by Life. In other words, in order for natural life, natural development   to continue, it's the same as being on the battlefield of life. People can be divided into two types: the civilians and the military. Civilian’s ― are those who are protected by the military. They are in a wakeful state during peacetime, and always train and train. A warrior is the one who leaves the battle at the field of life ... And another thing is ― the civilian population.      

    The person who is trying to train in meditative practice must clearly understand what kind of meditation he wants to train for ― meditation of a civilian or meditation on the battlefield of life.
    Everything else flows from these two fundamental positions: there is conviction to leave and there is conviction to stay. Ask yourself who would you like to follow ― those who are staying or those who are leaving. Both paths are highly worthy, if they are honest in their approach. But any one of them becomes hypocritical, if the person declaring his position is lying.

    Evolutionarily meditative consciousness and evolutionary-meditative practice is oriented towards society, the development of a person and society, in which one lives, in which one resides. It is not a meditation in the military style of meditation, it is not a meditation in the civil style of meditation. Evolutionary meditation ― is meditation of the continuation of life, regardless of where you are in society. Evolutionarily-meditative practice ― is a highly civilized practice and a highly responsible one. I'm developing, I am changing and everything around me will be developing. Developing ― and that is it.

To evolve ― is to stop being a phantom, to stop being a phantom object. 

    What is the purpose of life experience? At the end, the experience, lies in a sort of satisfying self as much as one can; sort of becoming full, and eventually getting tired of the experience itself.
    After getting tired of being full and tired of the phantom visuals ― what can you take with you, these useless emotional configurations?

    Development and development only only this will stay in the memory, on all levels, from instinct to consciousness. Only this will be passed along from one generation to another. Life evolves in such a way. Everything else for the development of life ― is phantom-like, a useless emotional configurations.
    Therefore, a person begins to understand that the primary purpose of Life ― is development itself, through simple guidelines; selection. The selection ― an ultimate minimum selection, ultimate optimization, so that life is able to evolve.

    Everything else ― is for pleasure ― pleasure, which covers up that which is very basic. There is an ocean of pleasures and desires that have no relation whatsoever to the development of life itself.
   This is a kind of bribery ― you are invited to the mall, invited to do a lot of shopping, to eat, to dress, and so forth and so on, and this shopping has become a main goal of society.
    Let me remind you about the kings ― what did they want? They had everything available to them, in their pockets ... ― they wanted youth. Youth is health, and health ― is endurance.

    Accumulate the endurance, pass forward the endurance, inherit the endurance. This is essential. Everything else is a phantom and temporary.
   Thus, a personal matrix will grow stronger and stronger, and will not disappear in the Lomonosov flask by settling to the bottom.  

    We must clearly separate the two parts ― what develops, and what stops the development. What dominates the mind, what turns a human into a slave, ― and what liberates the mind and makes a person free.
    What you must understand: the development of life goes through temptation from objects. Be careful with this. Speaking in a religious language, the price ― is one’s immortal soul. In modern language, the price ― is the development of eternal life (that's the whole point of evolution), the constant continuance of evolution.
    Evolution never rests, does not retire. It writes off everything that wants to rest. Like the image and likeness of the one who created it. It encourages "diligence," rejects ― laziness. 

From a conversation with the Master (literally):
"An object’s quality ― is to tempt.
A smart person’s quality ― is to begin to understand THIS.
A wise person’s quality ― is to find a way of liberation from this type of slavery, if found ― stick to it.

    Modern civilization is making all objects that we use more beautiful and more attractive. Use these objects with pleasure ― and let them go with ease, without regrets. It’s not them that develop you ― that is all that one needs to remember.
    It’s not them that develop your genetics ― also not hard to remember. And these objects will not make genetically stronger those that come after you ― and THIS SHOULD DEFINITELY BE KNOWN by both men and women.  
    Remember for what kings were willing to pay mountains of gold.
And when you are going to be acuminating this mountain, be attentive and don’t let life become buried under the mountain.”

Master HORA

    If you are working on moving forward, on the development of both yourself and society, then you are a specific engine of a Divine Plan this is not begging, being idle and wait for charity to be given. It is to be an active participant of a development plan, of life’s development plan.
    Practice endurance, gather endurance, and genetically pass it on. Do not wait for what lies ahead
there, after 100 years something will happen, etc. Do not wait for a mercy, that you will be handed another pill ... Start with yourself.  


* * *


Master was recently asked a question: WHO AM I?

The one who knows his “I”― there is nothing more he needs.
The one who can answer this question ― this is it, he is self-sufficient.
This question is without an answer ― no one had ever answered it in such way that a human being could understand.

Master was asked this question and he replied in language understandable to a person:

I asked myself the unanswerable question:
Who am I?
Immediately I heard the answer:
The person’s "I"
is his convictions.


I immediately asked the question:
what does this mean?
And I heard:
If person’s convictions are phantom like

then such a person is
just like a phantom.


Since then I have been silent
and stopped asking myself questions,
I am Silent
and answer questions myself.

Master HORA 


[1] Lomonosov and the Discovery of the Law of the Conservation of Matter in Chemical Transformations

The law of the conservation of mass or of matter, also known as the Lomonosov-Lavoisier law, states that the mass of substances in a closed system will remain constant, no matter what processes are acting inside the system. It is a different way of stating that though matter may change form, it can be neither created nor destroyed. The mass of the reactants must always equal the mass of the products.

[2] The endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth

[3] Inner-self