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Gravitaneer.Book Two, Part One, Within The Circle Of Ignorance
Gravitaneer.Book Two, Part One, Within The Circle Of Ignorance

Gravitaneer.Book Two, Part One, Within The Circle Of Ignorance

HORA®. Gravitaneer™ Book II, Part 1

 “In the Circle Of Ignorance”

Master HORA®

  1. Meditation in the circle of truth and lies. 

  2. Two Universes and One researcher.

  3. What Patanjali thinks

  4. “ Aryan “ as the crown of civilization or as the evolutionary idol. 

  5. Tradition formats behavior and changes genetics.

  6. “Slippers-Guitar” 

  7. Now the guitar with slippers

  8. The whole world is on the internet-“needle”

  9. The psychotechnique “from another side of the Moon”

  10.  How many centuries to the European tradition of trance?

  11. Possibly, this is the next stage of development

  12. My own true “passport”

  13. The visible “side of the Moon”

  14. There are no two people with the same concentrated attention

  15. The third one — is the operator

  16. European “humus”

  17. Life and death in you own hands

  18.  “Tiger-sheep” — or mobilization nature

  19. The winner is the one that makes the decisions faster

  20. Knowledge at the level of pictures

  21. What does the world of competition require?

  22. The heir

  23. Does the stone have a soul if it breathes?

  24. Angels die with God, angels get awaken with God from death

  25. Living the circles of reincarnation

  26. This is an alternative or qualitatively another step

  27. The first part of this book is finished. Direction towards the next one

  28. Only the imperfect one can become the Gravitaneer

Genetics influence behavior and behavior influences genetics. 

This is a scientifically established fact.

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All the material is interconnected.

1. Meditation in the circle of truth and lies

Genetics influence behavior and behavior influences genetics. 

This is a well established fact. 

The next evolutionary step humankind will have to make consciously

This is an absolutely new theme, not common, and in order to explain it, I have to show basic, fundamental information, which humans will be able to use, in their own minds, make self-sufficient conclusions. 

     One of those fundamental themes — is the theme of meditation, which is already part of the Western mentality and lifestyle.

     This theme appeared in the masses “before yesterday”. Its roll-out began to gain momentum some time in the 1960s and then, through mass media, it “moved into”  people’s minds. But because they never had their own meditative tradition before (such as Dhyana, Chang or Zen), then around that theme inside and outside of it, everything isn’t that simple. 

     Question: So, overall, what does Western meditation, which was born “before yesterday” truly represent? And how is it similar to Eastern psycho-technology  (Dhyana, Chang and Zen) which is thousands of years old?

     “ Thousands of years “ — it is a real tradition and it is a real lifestyle in which their own mystical and religious traditions are inseparable from Dhyana, Chang and Zen. For those people it is equal to air, to the water which they were  breathing and drinking every day and they were doing this for thousands of years, from generation to generation. 

     So, anyway, what does Western meditation represent given that it was born “before yesterday,” without mystical or religious roots? Meaning that literally, until “before yesterday” it was  never implanted into  their traditional lifestyle. From generation to generation they were never breathing it in, nor drinking it like water. 

     Just  compare, like two watermelons in one hand — before yesterday—  on the other hand — religious tradition and a mystical school, which existed for many-many thousands of years and for an enormous amount of generations. 

     Are there any similarities between Eastern psycho techniques and Western meditation? Now  step-by-step, fact-by-fact together without fidgeting we will figure it out. 

Eastern psycho technique — it’s not like an airplane or a steam engine car, where technical espionage or legal transfer of technical drawings would work, moreover, this transferable technology requires a pre-built infrastructure.

     So, you can not build a chemical factory in an open field or forest without the infrastructure for it, without the proper brain power, or without knowledgeable hands. 

This would not be logical and it would be extremely dangerous. To create the necessary circumstances for such a building process of a factory will take years if not decades.

     With the psycho-techniques, it is exactly the same, but much worse. In order to prepare the “import” of psycho-techniques from a foreign tradition — from the polytheistic tradition into an environment pre-formed as a monotheistic culture — could take hundreds of years, possibly thousands.

     I would like to repeat myself; tradition is a lifestyle, created by hundreds and thousands of years, in such a process that all people are involved, the entire nation.    

     Within those hundreds and thousands of years, in the East, they created their own very unique traditions with their own mystical and religious inheritance. And, during  this time, the monotheistic world and the polytheistic world were not compatible — hostile towards each other, as a culture and as a tradition. 

     Lifestyles define behavior and behaviors influence genetics.

     The outcome: the tree of many thousands of years of Eastern tradition (or the fruits of such a tree — Chang, Dyana, Zen) can not be transplanted into a neat, european patio. This is not a phone, not an airplane, nor a washing machine.

     I have to talk about all of this because only then will I be able to show on which psycho-techniques the conscious evolution of humankind will be able to rely  and on which ones it won’t.

      And only after exposing the differences between the East and West will I be able to show that  the next step to the evolutionary-type each human will be made consciously.

What is different about it compared to all Eastern and Western practices?     

What is in this practice which doesn't exist in others?

What is so unique about it?

2. Two Universes and One researcher.

The next evolutionary step a human as a kind will have to take consciously

     You should not believe my words: I’m not a prophet and I’m not a magician.  I rely on my own sizable personal experience, common sense and evidence.

     I mean my personal experience as a trance-researcher of internal activities. And my evidence — is experimental proof, which can be proven by every person by themselves, through their own common sense, and where the proofs are not needed: Water is water, fire is fire. What is there to prove? 

 What does a trance-researcher/natural scientist/scientific mystic represent through himself?

     Example: All Eastern yoga from India, China, etc. is built on the progress of such trance-researchers. Within the ancient traditions they are known by the names of Gods, corresponded with those times. (Technically,  ancient “Nobel Laureates.”) They are standing in the beginning of all mystical practices — psycho-techniques. They are at the beginning of all religions. 

      Natural scientists, who  were called Gods, are all gone. And along with them, the trance-researcher’s yoga practice left as well.  

I will give you an example of trance-researcher work.

     Everyone is familiar with Buddhism. It is a religious cult, and a philosophy, and an ethos, and a psycho-technique, which a person would use to become a Bhudda. Such a path begins from the lifestyle — at home, straight from the crib. In general, this entire path could be marked as “the technology of awakening Buddha,” and the creator of such a technology (who is Bhudda) — is the trance-researcher, who opened that Path and went through that Path as the first one. He has shown how to walk through such a Path without any danger, without damaging your own self and your environment. 

Overall the trance-researcher activity of natural scientists — is exactly what is capable of GIVING BIRTH to a psycho-technology.

     And every yoga technology — is a practice on its own, which should lead to an exact result. (Within Buddhism, it is to walk on the path of Buddha and then in one of your reincarnations, sooner or later, you will become Buddha. The principle on this path is: hurry without fidgeting or measure seven times before one cut. The same relates to any yoga practice. For example, if you practice Shiva yoga, the maximum result is just like in Buddhism— in one of your reincarnations you will be awakened as Shiva, i.e. the carrier of the same knowledge as him.)

Speaking about my personal experience in trance-researching activity, I’m exactly speaking of researcher-type practice. It is neither Indian, nor Chinese, but the principle of the research is the same: the skill to travel within the internal environment of your own psyche and to research the inner correlations.

     At the essence I’m talking about a Gravitaneer. He’s not a Buddha, nor a Shiva. It is an absolutely different training. This is a practice of conscious of an evolutionary type. (The word Gravitaneer is formed out of two words, gravitation and pioneer: The Pioneer of mastering the new environment — the element of gravity.)


The skill of using your own attention to submerge into your own self and being able to leave the same attention outside — simultaneously — this is the quality of a trance-researcher. 

  • (Also, by running ahead of time, this is a Gravitaneer’s psycho-norm. All the elements are subordinated by gravity, submerging into it, feeding from it, and were born by it — which means, governed by it. 

This is how simple—through one sentence—the whole evolution of the elements, an evolution of the material world, look like.  In order to comprehend the simplicity of that one sentence it would take a split second for a trance-psycho researcher, but for a human intellect, it will take — thousands of years of scientific research and the effort of great civilizations. They are incomparable values, it wouldn’t be normal even to compare them. Would it be even possible at that time to not call them Gods? Gods were at the beginning of Yoga.)

Overall, there are two types of attention — environmental and objective. And there is the third one — the trained operator.

     What is very important to understand: those two types of attention belong to all humans and the “inner self” is “glued“ to them. The difficulty lies in the capability of  the “inner-self”  to highlight these two types of attention and to separate oneself from them, in order to become the operator yourself. 

     The instrument for such an operator — is two types of attention which he should learn how to operate like his own two hands. Naturally this is not a simple skill. The hand is visible, but attention — is not, this trains what is invisible and what is impossible to grab. This is a short vocabulary for the practice of a trance-researcher. And only after you master it, the true trance-researcher, psycho-technique of a natural scientist begins. 

I gave you this sequence, not from books, and I am responsible for each word in it. In the diverse yoga systems of the East, it is highly doubtful that you would be able to find such a comprehendable sequence or practice.

     But without such a pre-built foundation, there would be no mystical inner science, or trance-researchers.

      Here “mystical” means “hidden from the eyes,” not in a sense that it is hidden from you, but in a sense that a person is incapable of seeing such things. Even if one is a very experienced yogi, unless he is a trance-researcher/natural scientist, he will not be able to see anything

     Any yoga — is a very narrow path from point “a” to point “b”. But the trance-researcher “yoga” is unlimited — the whole entire “alphabet” is in it and the capability to move from one  letter to any other letter, connecting them into only one right combination. That is the difference. A natural  scientist — is an absolute realist, an absolute “doubting Thomas.”

Principles of trance-researcher practice are simple for comprehension, but in true reality they are very subtle and difficult for the human psyche to process. Just listen to how simple and very easy it sounds: to combine two worlds within yourself. And now try to actually do it, not to speculate about it, like an Eastern philosopher-poet, but to manifest this into reality, inside your own body.

     If a person will learn how to operate with such a process, then both types of his attention will become his instrument in his inner research activity. You will begin to act with your two types of attention just like with your own two hands. In the beginning — like a child, inefficient and dangerous to himself, unless this child is supervised by a grown-up. 

     By viewing the grown-up, the child mirror images him and receives the first skill. This is what tradition looks like — a chain of continuity.  As they say poetically in the East, pass it on from hand to hand, from heart to heart.

     In which human environment you happen to be born, that form of human “Mogli” you will become.  There is an european environment and there is an Eastern environment, etc.

     Triad, the “inner-self” and two types of attention: they can be united into a single system only through trance. No form of meditation— neither Eastern nor Western ones— would be able to substitute trance with itself.

      In the beginning of this book I already showed the difference between researcher yoga and other existing types of yoga.

     In general, no one knows anything about the researcher yoga, simply because it has disappeared. But, it left behind clusters of precious Eastern psycho-techniques and religious teachings. 

     The reason: this researcher training is so universal, that it could research anything, including any yoga practices. 

3. What Patanjali thinks

     What stance did Western meditation take on all of this? The answer: is none.

     Nothing was created from it, zero scientific, trans-mystical traditions, but ambitions, — like “I am equal to Dyana, Chang, Zen”, and this thought is already submerged throughout mass consciousness

     The most unpleasant fact is: the Eastern authority silently supports this Illusion, even though, at the level of their expertise, they simply can't, not see it. I will remind you which words the great Patanjali used to begin teaching the yoga sutras “yoga is the cessation of the mental activities.”

Within young Western meditation, there are absolutely some useful sides. 

The system is working as a release of negative tension from the body, from the intellect, from the psyche and is getting it used to controlled breathing. That is very important and very cool. 

But without any type of yoga, the same thing could be done by the Western practice of self implementation, which came from european medicine. 

Question: if Western medicine can do that, then why implant these results into yoga? For importance? For the creation of some new traditions that don’t exist? This is not a car, not a designer watch, or shoes. 

Take away such a Western “meditation self-implementation”, then what will be left from Western yoga? Exotic Eastern fitness with a modern, pseudo-Eastern entourage will stay — incense, music, silent room. Where is Patanjali here? Where is the “yoga is the cessation of the mind activity”?

Then, what is the uniqueness of such practice?

Alluring into exotics, into some kind of “mystery” — into extra ability, unknown to Western science and medicine. But an MRI confirms: a person who is submerged into mediation or self-implementation “lights up” different parts of the brain.

There is one question each reader should answer himself. What do you practice: Dyana, Chan, Zen or a meditative self-implementation practice with medical roots?

4. “ Aryan” as the crown of civilization or as the evolutionary idol

     Note: for me personally, to speculate on a theme of nations, ethics, racial differences etc. is very offensive and unacceptable. 

     More than that, racism and aryanism as a mind-set ILLUMINATING any possibility to consciously make the next evolutionary step for humankind.

     It is not me who is saying that this is said by scientists: Behavior influences genetics and genetics influence behavior. Immovable, self-setting implanted into racist and “aryan” one: “I am an aryan, the master over defective ones.” Question: Why would such a human need to change? He is already on top of the world, evolutionary perfection, the crown of creation, the ideal. This is an experimental fact established by scientists: that behavior influences genetics. Overall: the evolutionary level of “aryan” — is the completed ideal. 

     In religious language it would be a sin of pride. The essence: “I am not just great, I am on top of Olympus, the rest of the people are — my servants within my “food chain.”

     The “aryans” can not allow the thought that those they mark as slaves can evolve.  Then who are the “aryans” going to be in such an on-going evolutionary reality? 

     The division of the world by race, religion, all kinds of “aryans” and other groups of people, has, for a long time, been the cause of large scale stagnation of the development of all Humanity. 

     To say it in a very simple way: the essence of the monopoly — is to annihilate any competition. The teachings of the aryans is a covert monopoly. The highest motivation of any oligarch — is a monopoly. 

     And this is all a (not tricky) very simple unity of economy and the teachings of the “aryans”: if I would say it in three words — it would be: Oligarch, Monopoly and Lord.

     Take this logic to the end — if there is no competition — then there will be corruption, stagnation, destruction, and a Stone Age justice. 

      Then the question might arise from a reader, how is this related to the next evolutionary step of humankind?

      The next evolutionary step — is open to everyone and closed to the “perfect ones”. 

     Each human will consciously make their next evolutionary step as a type of species.  

     What could be a stopping factor in the conscious evolution of a human? 

     Hatred turns people into bEasts and blinds the mind. Then, what kind of evolution could it be in this case? It is a backwards path, it is a degradation — a path down into an animal past. Only those who took a teaching about reincarnation can comprehend this. 

     Hatred subjugates a person and then he loses the possibility to manage himself — then THEY are managed by those who are strictly profiting off of that energy. Hatred is in some form, “a computer program” that is embedded into a human. This program is being managed by a “programmer”.

      I would assume that it is a pleasure, through such a program, to feel yourself as an ideal when you are placed on the level of “God”.  

      And here am I, with my evolutionary “fiasco”: the human is not perfect and not the crown of creation. So far, he is only the unconscious material of evolution. 

5. Tradition formats behavior and changes genetics

      In order to bring my thoughts about the next evolutionary step of humankind and also about the complete difference among people from different cultures, I’ll have to use the term “genetics”. In order to not confuse you, I showed you my position above.  

     The fact that people from different nationalities, nations, races, religions, in between each other, they do have culturally traditional differences, which is very visible. The cultural environment is always influencing genetics. The more correct  way to show this phenomena, is through the word “psycho-genetics”.

     Psycho-genetics — is not due to the presence or absence of any type of genome. Psycho-genetics is a consequence of a culturally informational impact on the behavior of a human. And we do already know that behavior is influencing genetics. 

      As a result: cultural tradition formats behavior and changes genetics not only in one individual, but also in the masses. This is how recognition takes place. Social self survival and the division between “my kind” or not. 

6. “Slippers-Guitar”

The destruction of the colonial system over the last 100 years occurred while the established, traditional cultures were suffering withdrawal symptoms.

     Today: globalized informational environment comes first within the culture of traditional people. This different culture envelopes not only the nearest region, but the entire world.

      The division of your kind and not, is changing and beginning to cover the whole entire world in a new way. Within the old borders on Earth the NEW borders were formed — in the minds of people. 

     The superglobal environment of influence has been created towards the behavior and as a result to the genetics. Within the new environment of minds, the new “rulers” appear with new technology of how to manage them. 

     Information as a factor of global culture is spreading around, influencing the behavior of humans (even if the human is living in a very remote village). As the result this factor of new global culture is influencing the genetics. For example: as soon as someone saw the Beatles — the whole entire world became Beatlemaniacs and, because of that, the English language became more popular. As soon as someone saw Bruce Lee — the whole world was mesmerized and started to shift their legs and, all of a sudden and unexpectedly, interest in the Chinese culture appeared and, (as a result, in the language as well). 

      This is a modern form of influence to the mind and behavior of humans. Through the Beatles — here you have a democracy.  Through Bruce Lee — a human rights battle for the oppressed and offended ones with bare hands and feet, wearing Chinese slippers.

7. Now the guitar with slippers

All the cultures, until not too long ago, were limited by their own “group mindset.”  

All the elites of the world, with all means necessary, aspire to preserve their influence within their own mindset, within their nation, among their own people.  But the borders within the environment of information are washed away.  

What can be done? Create borders, to militarize, to spy on others and their virtual espionage, and then send your own people do the same thing.  All traditional spies, like in the old days, wear camouflage and in such a world, who is a stranger and who is one of you?  It’s practically impossible to recognize.  The truth has been created out of thin air.

The information for a modern human is air.  But, there is not enough brain power to understand how clean or polluted it is.  It seems like the air is clean...but, for some reason, it creates hatred. Or arrogance.  And, the most interesting thing is that the polluted “air” is doing the same thing. 

 What I am trying to say is this: Save yourself, your own brain while there is still some possibility of doing it.

Manipulations with a human — it is a game with his own feelings and emotions.  It is played through attention.  

In order to come out from manipulations, first you need to see it inside of you.

It is possible to see it.  There is one condition — it is to see two worlds simultaneously, the one that is inside of you and the one that is outside of you.  

Today no other ways exist to liberate your own self from slavery or manipulations. So, where is the “clean air for the brain” (information) and where is the polluted air?  It’s impossible to understand anymore, even to the highly experienced and very knowledgeable people.  

Modern technology is capable to create any truth and to push out, with its own self, any other truth.  And we do know already, scientists told us: information influences the brain and our feelings, correcting behavior and influencing genetics.

In today’s informational environment, new nations are being created — from different races and faiths and, I have to say, each with their own “aryans” and invisible rulers of the world.

The fact is, today established, cultural mindsets are losing control over established borders in the minds (probably over preferences such as like/do not like, my type/foreigner.)  Question: Who will win — The Beatles or Bruce Lee?

Who will possess the new world within the minds?  Who will be the ruler within the new colonies?

This is what is within the “subconsciousness,” already in everyone’s heads, covering up fear.  Fear — is one thing that is feeding hatred.  

Hatred — is something through which it is easy to unite and to guide.  

Multicultural synthesis between the East and West does not happen over hundreds of years.  And Multiculturalism, which is embraced by Europe, will not be able to quickly change the history of hundreds of years. Additionally, the East is on the other side of the world, where Europenas do not live.  

And there, not unexpectedly, the Chinese have their own internet and their own “smartphone.” Bruce Lee, in his slippers, is unbeatable because he protects unfortunate ones. 

The global world is falling apart, like a house of cards.  

But global changes in management and control over the minds within the world are continuously moving into a different level.  

For the last several hundreds of years, Africa, the Middle East and Asia were suspended from being part of world management, noone was considering their opinions.  Any efforts to unite the world into the “right” empire will inevitably happen — with African comprehension, with Middle Eastern and Asian comprehension of how it should be.  

Reasons for that: The behavior that oppressed the genetics is embedded in people’s psyche on different continents. The liberation from such an oppressed and degraded psyche will inevitably happen and that is frightening to everyone. 

One does not have to be a psychoanalyst to understand that if you are oppressed or humiliated, you will do anything in order for those who humiliated you and pushed you down to pay the price. 

That’s how people have been since the time of Moses and Sparta. That is how our traditional psycho-genetics are built. World War 2 proved that this is exactly how humans are built. Nobody wants to be second or third or be an errand boy: “Bring it to me — take it away, clean my shoes and be happy.”  

Hatred is spread around the world. Hatred will not let anyone have the possibility of evolving, unless liberated.

Internet — it is a new cultural environment that impacts minds and, as a result, — behavior too.  After behavior, then genetics, then the circle is closed.

Question: How does this relate to the next evolutionary step of a species, which also needs to be done consciously?  

Answer: Hatred will not let anyone have the possibility of evolving, unless liberated.  

Look into your own self and, for sure, you will find someone that you hate. It’s not the point to love everyone; the point is to not become like the one you hate. This is also evolution, but this is a downward evolution into an animal-like past. 

I am talking about all of this so the comprehension will come: that you are your mind. Is it possible to see your own mind? My answer is yes, it is possible.

Within the environment of your mind, your behavior is born.  

Your feelings and emotions influence your mind. 

And your emotions and feelings are fed by child-like “wishes” and desires.  

Behavior — is the foundation while in the decision-making moment. 

Therefore, in order to be a master within the environment of your own mind, you need to understand how behavior is formed, then be able to impact your own behavior, then, through the behavior, self-sufficiently impact your own psycho-genetics.

8. The whole world is on the internet-“needle”

It’s a dream for every human to become more advanced and this dream became an ideological theme.  

And everyone is trying to materialize this dream in their life by relying on technological progress or psycho-techniques.

In today’s informational, global world the impression might be created that people from different races are capable of equally perceiving and cultivating the same type of ideas and psycho-techniques.  A very special role is given to psycho-techniques; and there is an invisible search going on for some kind of new human with a new psyche (“psyche” - spirit) who will be capable of embracing all people around the world in the same way that the internet is covering and penetrating minds throughout the world.  

The soul of a human is looking into this world from the eyes of the mind.  What is your mind is your soul.  The one who owns the minds owns the souls.  

The one who will be first to offer the new psyche to the world as a very profitable global project will become the world leader within the minds of humans.  Regardless of who they are, which race, which nationality.  This leadership is way more serious than success within the creation of artificial intelligence.  

People cannot live without ideas.  People cannot survive without ideas.  People work for ideas.  And ideas work for people.  Ideas form the minds, then minds influence behavior, and behavior changes genetics, etc.  The circle has ended.

The world is speeding up; information, quickly-developing technology, and a human must speed up and be in synch with all of it.  It is a new spiral of competitive forces among common people and within huge nations.  Where to get the energy for all of this?  Food 

— “semi-chemical,” in order to digest it pills are needed.  From where can a human get energy?  And that is how the East came to the West; here comes yoga, breathe right, think right, do exercises, and crawl into “lotus.”  And problems do not disappear.  The pressure on the psyche is not lessening.  

This means that a new human is needed who will be capable of withstanding this all.  And everybody is scared of that human.  The reason is that this type of human cannot be manipulated.  And it will be impossible to compete with him.      There is a search going on for psycho-techniques that sharpen a specific person and all advanced countries are working towards this.  Do you agree that this arena is much more serious than artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence cannot resolve all human problems. 

In other words, the real request for psycho-techniques in the modern world is determined by the need to survive, which means that psycho-techniques should increase competitiveness (and also your personal well-being.)  Regardless of where one is in the world, psycho-techniques are a powerful influence on the behavior of a human, and on one’s genetics.  Psycho-techniques, like any Eastern yoga -- change behavior.  And that is important to understand that your behavior will change.

But before changing behavior, look into this, what is this “psycho-technique” from the East?  Look into its followers.  Is healthy rationalism,  pragmatism and common sense still in their behavior?  

And overall, the internet, super techniques, artificial intelligence -- this is what all the global players would like to hold in their own hands.  Once again the question might arise, how does HORA connect to all of this?  

And the answer is very simple;

into the next evolutionary step, “the aryan crown of creation” will not pass, by virtue of its sinful nature; he is so perfect for his own self that there is nothing to improve.

To backtrack. The next evolutionary step will not be made by the one who is on top and everything is great with him, unless the inner need appears as stimulus to change himself, otherwise why change?  The next evolutionary step will be made by one who has social stimulus; such a person might be on the very top, under one condition --- only if he is stimulated to change himself, regardless of his position and age.  Because such an evolution is not going to take place in the jungle, but in the modern, accelerating, stressed social environment.  

The next conscious, evolutionary-type step will be done by a non-arrogant human.  

9. Psycho-techniques “from the other side of the moon”

You can agree that a European person and one from the East will be different from each other and it can be seen by the naked eye.  And if, for some reason, you still want to see the differences, just go to the mirror and try to convey the point that your face has no difference from Asian, African, or European ones.  

             Even kids know that everyone has two ears, two eyes, one nose, and so on, but for some reason, your picture is needed on a passport. 

             And then, in psycho-techniques, the situations are the same: there you need your own passport, your own face control.  The passport of a “natural yogi” with a passport picture of a European face, although it does not sound great, is a false passport.  Of course, sometimes eyes can be closed towards reality, but reality will not change because of that. 

             Neither Eastern yoga nor Eastern Wushu is false.  It is the European passports that turn out to be the false ones.  Even in China, competition can be won with a false passport. Regardless of whether the championship was won in China.   

But Wushu championship --  is not the championship of Zen, Ch’an, Dhyana if there is no Zen, there is no Do, and without those components, it’s just gymnastics, acrobatics, mixed with Asian boxing and meditative self-conceit.  

 If it’s not comprehensible what I am trying to convey, go to the mirror one more time to see who is looking at you from there. From there, your own genetic code is looking at you, which has been moving through its own traditionally-selected “Do,” in which there is nothing that even looks like Zen.

10. How many centuries of European trance traditions exist?

By the way, a psycho-technique can be adapted to a different culture and a different nation. Condition: if, in this nation, there is something that is slightly related to it. But what if it’s not there?

If China, Japan, etc. did not have their own traditional, shamanic, yoga-like psycho-techniques, then Chan-Buddhism would not be manifested in China and Zen Buddhism would not be manifested in Japan. (For reference: all yogis take their roots from shamanic techniques of pre-priestly civilizations.)

What did their traditional psycho-techniques represent, which even today are still alive and have not disappeared?  Daoism has not disappeared from China and Shintoism has not disappeared from Japan.  They have existed for more than a thousand years and it’s impossible to remove these teachings from there unless it’s removed together with their people and their genetics.  Their traditional psycho-techniques--are not trendy, invented-by-European yoga-meditation; their psycho-techniques, even today, are still a shamanic-priestly trance.

Hindu tradition is also not a trendy yoga meditation, but a natural shamanic-priestly yoga-trance, which takes its own beginning from the countdown of their world creation. 

   So the length of the chain that impacts their behavior towards genetics is many times greater than Europeans.

Their yoga is the practice of gods, inherited by people that was given straight to them from living gods. And that transformation was documented in sacred books.  (Comprehendable example: in the same way, in his own time, Moses received the Commandments from God and that was documented in a sacred bible.)  There is absolutely nothing trendy in these psycho-techniques, not even close.  Reminder: Moses himself accumulated his “psycho-technical” education over 40 years in polytheistic, shamanic Egypt, in the home of Pharaohs — the home of the throne, on which the living god was sitting.  And then, in another 40 years, he was living and communicating in a polytheistic, way lower-class home.  And then 80 years after the beginning of his education, and, as we know, he then won the battle with the Egyptian priests, having mastered new tricks unknown in Egypt.

The question could be asked, what is this all about?   In general, for the last 1500 years, we have not trained any psycho-technics.  And all of our natural shamans and priests were annihilated from their roots by religious zealots and fervent enthusiasts.  

In the sacred Hindu texts, what was documented is not trendy meditation, which was quickly and artistically sketched on the fly, then whipped across a fence for Europeans.  (This project has a definite political taste that is impossible not to sense.)

           What I am trying to say is that  traditional, Eastern psychotechnics from great civilizations are thousands, and tens of thousands, years old.

In the East, in order for Hindu D’hayana to take root, especially being a neighbor with India, then they should have already had their own local “psycho-practical soil,” — and it was there in a gigantic amount; in China, within the Dao practices, in Japan, within the Shinto practices, and there, it was like that everywhere.  

And in such a “soil” the seed of Hindu Tiana turned Chan Buddhism in China and into Zen Buddhism in Japan.

Question: How many centuries or at least decades of European trance traditions exist?

Not a trendy yoga, but a traditional priestly-shamanic trance? 

Europeans do not have such a “passport.”  There is no place to get a visa in order for natural yoga to be able to pass through the cultural customs in the legal way, not as an illegal alien, and enter Europe. That is why I am saying it was “thrown over the fence.” If those antique shamanic-priestly traditions of trance would not have been annihilated by the ancestors of modern Europeans, then those psycho practices would  have been continually developing over the past two thousand years. Did you hear the number? Just inside of your mind, just stand aside with such a number and look up — where in the cosmos does this number end and to which planet does it arrive? 

In such a living European shamanic-priestly “soil,” it was possible to plant the seeds of Tiana, Chan, and Zen. And from that something could grow, closely similar to the truthful yogic-practices, yogic-psychotechniques, but with the “passport” of Europeans.

And only then, on that priestly-shamanic trance-tree, its own version of European Zen, Tiana, and Chan could appear.  

Try to find out the birthday of western meditation, and, in general, from where it came about in Europe as a theme.  What is this word and what does it mean? In order to understand, from which side it is similar to Tiana, Chan, and Zen. This will not be funny.  It will be sad. 

11. Possibly this is the next staged development

I started with the theme of hatred with a purpose.  The biblical outcome of the Israeli people from Egypt is hatred towards the gods of Egypt and I can understand. But even if you killed me, I would never be able to understand what the Egyptians did so wrong to the Europeans if Egypt was feeding Rome with their wheat.  Egyptians were “the raw material colony” for Rome, not the other way around.  Comprehensible dislike from Israelis towards Egyptians combined with a religious attitude was transferred to European Christians.  

But first Christians were not Europeans, they were jewish and emanated from their own Old Covenant and cultural traditions and disliked polytheistic people.  They bothered them from all sides throughout their history.  From one side there is Egypt and from another side is Babylon.  And then even Rome fell into their hands.  Who likes that and how can you forget it?  

But Europeans were never captured by Egyptians.  They were never captured by Babylonians.  And they have never even been in their own captivity.  Why in the world would they hate pagans and polytheistic ones?  Moreover, Egypt who was the “product givers” from overseas.

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