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Dream Body by Master HORA
Dream Body by Master HORA

Dream Body by Master HORA

Dream Body

(An addition to the video recording of a lecture by Master HORA
“Deep snake tracks” )


From the Master’s mystical experience (a fragment of a vision)

“I am standing by the fire sight of what used to be an ancient temple.
It is still smoking.

People are searching for something at this site.”


Important information was not included on the video of the Master’s lecture in Moscow 2, because of technical difficulties. This Information is about the movement of an energy body of a person while asleep. That information was important to better understand the HORA system. I will fill in this blank, by expanding the subject.

While awake, we receive 90% of information through the eyes. Our eyes are strongly connected to the physical center of our body (the gravity center), for stable informational processing. Because the body is under gravitational pressure and the mind is under informational pressure the breath is constantly searching for balance. The breath is searching through the interest of the inner self, depending on what is dominating, the information or the body. These are 2 different energy coordinates one in the eyes and the other in the body. The result of informational pressure, including gravity, is fatigue. Our inner self is forced by the survival instinct to chose its priority: what is more important, the mind or the body? An unconscious selection begins inside of the person.

The person is not free to choose one of these priorities because the social environment creates conditions in which a selection between people is made. A selection of a type of species is created when the social environment is stable for a long period of time. On one side is the mind is dominating, and on the other the body is dominating. This creates the upper and lower classes in society. There is a gravitational pull between these two. We can clearly see in our democratic times, the split and the attraction of the upper and lower classes. In between those two social classes there are the main masses of people who are searching. They want to have both at the same time to be intelligent and physically developed. In the end only a few arrive at one of those two extremes either physically fit as a professional athlete, or highly intelligent. There is a social demand for both situations.

Our spine contracts under the pressure of fatigue. When we rest our spine elongates. Our breath is constantly and unconsciously searching for a balance between compression and the release of the spine between the body and the mind. This physiological model is spread out into the social environment, which is normal, where the majority of humans are wavering between these, mind/body, just as we have already stated above. (selection.)

If the breath is fortunate a person will achieve one side of this selection, by demonstrating a strong focused inner will. Most of the breathing (people) lack focus in the unconscious search for wanting to have both — spineless.

Most people on their journey to perfection cannot decide which path to choose. Their wishes will not allow this. Generally speaking the ideal is a strong spine (stability) and a powerful mind (a leader), while the key is in the breath. When our inner self wants to have both and this want will not allow the breath to find the right coordinates, then the function of the breath which is the connection that is responsible for development is entering its own kind of stress. That stress then expands.

Coincidentally, we don’t have working scientific knowledge about the inner connections of the breath, mind, body, spiritual and physiological health. This type of knowledge still exists in the meditative East, more or less but in quite a peculiar form. There is so much secrecy about it that the majority of people lost most of the true knowledge. The few people that do know prefer to remain silent, according to their tradition.

A teaching of self-control over wishes has existed in the East for thousands of years. Krishna who taught Arjuna yoga was steering the horses (the wants) in a battle between relatives to win over the kingdom. This image represents the battle inside oneself. There is a type of a war between “relatives” inside of a person, where each party wants to take over become the ruler of the kingdom. In this battle, there is nothing to win — either physiological or spiritual health. These concepts are split in our culture. In the Western culture it is the breathing that unites them breathing without wants.

Wanting is a problem that all religious and spiritual systems are trying to resolve — endless wants. These wants can be restrained by religious fears or eliminated by the practice of liberation. In other words, there are only two paths: a slave shivering in fear or a warrior. The warrior, first of all, is disciplined, and this discipline is that of a free man. As for cultivating fear, there is always a danger of hysteria  individually or in the masses.

It should not be difficult to understand that with the correct coordination of the breathing, the mind and the body unite, and the kingdoms expand. This is a different quality mind and a different quality body a spiritual peace and a physiological wellness. These two models are two absolutely different psychological constitutions. One differs from another just as an airplane differs from an old wagon this is not hard to see.


The master-mystic is different from an average specialist in that he can not only see the path but also knows how to achieve it. He can place a person into a meditative state into a different psycho physiological reality. Meditation is not for everyone. A mystic will only work with those who possess a spirit of a warrior and a strong and stable mind that results in social adequacy. In other words, a mystic follows all the safety principles both for the individual and for the social environment.

These coordinates are not all there is this subject is much wider and much deeper.

When a person is falling asleep, he is going from one set of reality coordinates (state of being awake) into a different set of reality coordinates (state of dreaming). The pressure of gravitation on the body and the pressure of information on the mind is also shifted to different coordinates where a different type of breathing is working. In the dream state, the concentration of the mind is much higher than in the waking state, and its speed is higher as well, while the consciousness of oneself is lower. The speed of the mind is not accompanied by a familiar type of memory because in the process of evolution, this concentration was less needed for the reality of the waking state. There is a different type and speed of memory, therefore we don’t remember the information we receive in dreams. The reason for the speed is that the dream body is much more active than the physical body in its coordinates. When we are transitioning from a waking state to a dream state, our speed is changing and again we forget. For one person, there are two realities, two sets of memories, two inner selves, two different personalities with absolutely different behaviors.

In the dream, our inner self is taking care of many problems, including rest and health. Our energy is moving from organ to organ, while being controlled by the energy impulses from the energy centers of the spine that is released from the vertical suppressed pressure. Those impulses are not the same ones as the ones that are in the waking state. Information is being distributed, filling all the planes connected with the basic emotions it is being sorted.

The physical body is not meant to keep the energy. It depletes the energy through breathing (wants) and then it tries to fulfill the loss of power with coarser types of energy such as food etc. A dream body redistributes the energy in such a way that the breathing contributes to its accumulation. In this way an energy movement takes place from organ to organ. An example of the Tibetan Star is a beautiful demonstration of this however, this system only becomes useful if one knows exactly the type of breathing he or she should have. This system also becomes useful in healing if one can control a certain range of breathing in a patient. If this knowledge and skill is absent, then this remains as just another beautiful model. (See the booklet “Another,” meditation of calmness, also the booklet “Recognition,” breathing in the first level of the practice HORA.)

In a dream a person is protected from his or her own wants. His dream-self is busy saving his conscious self by denying control of it. Redistribution of information is trying to fulfill unsatisfied wants in order to release pressure. Everybody can recognize this in themselves. This does not always happen, yet many problems associated with wants are being resolved. When the amount of wants is out of control, then the dream-self becomes less active. Therefore, if one meditatively develops the space of the unconscious without mastering or restraining the wants, both in dream and wake state, it will result in harm to oneself such as spiritual disorders etc.

On that path wants are food for spiritual disorders. This is an informational zone that exceeds the norm, many times over it is of a different speed and a different volume. To have a better understanding of the informational levels that are in question please refer to the volume of information gained through the two poses (booklet “Recognition”). An example of the Three icons (“Another - III”) this is not a dream vision. It does allow one to understand what kind of speed, what volumes of information and what interconnections the dream vision could carry. These are deep and serious interconnections. The informational influence of this vision is translated to a human speed of processing the information. This information spreads throughout all the brochures and is interconnected with different environmental components. This information exists in connection with different informational occurrences. It is up to the individual to evaluate the importance of this.

As it was shown before, a master must know how to unite the two centers by breathing. He must also know how to unite, and harmonize the informational speeds of the two bodies — two inner selves — so that the results awaken the main “I” that can exist simultaneously in both bodies and move into either one of them. All of this is written in one paragraph.

Conclusion: one should study such a meditative practice with those who truly know it. The reason is that it may take a lifetime to restrain the feelings (wants). As you can see a couple of pages of information about the interconnections is enough (See the booklet “Recognition”, second stage of the system HORA.)


Without getting too deep into the subject, I demonstrated the interconnections: movement of the energy, organs, spine, dream body, physiological body and the different speeds of the decisions making processes (dream state).

Not only does relaxation take place in the dream state but also healing and rejuvenation — physiological, spiritual, mental etc.

In the first stage of the practice HORA, pressure on the skeletal-muscular system is organized correctly.

With this, energy moves on its path, fulfilling or releasing extraneous energy in the organs, in the spine, etc. The correct way of breathing is activated by a reflex, bypassing the concept “I want — I don’t want,” bypassing all the wants. This is a different speed. Therefore, there is no need for any special way of restraining the wants and feelings. This is why there is no trauma to the psyche.

After each exercise, a deep calmness and a readiness for action are present at the same time. It isn’t too difficult to understand that these interconnections in the body, dream state and speeds as stated above, have a direct relationship to the practice and is used by it. All that is shown above is only one part of the whole.

For more information, please see the booklet “Recognition” as well as other booklets about the HORA practice.


Master HORA®,September 2004

Deep Snake Track®