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Gravitaneer.Book One. Final Baptizo
Gravitaneer.Book One. Final Baptizo

Gravitaneer.Book One. Final Baptizo

The book is dedicated to the youth and to those who are open to a new —  perhaps conflicting —  but new, different view of life. 

Master HORA®

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The book is in three parts. My recommendation to the reader is to read at least half a page from the beginning of any part. Whichever part grabs you, that's the one to read. You'll go back to the beginning anyway, and you'll read the book more than once. Maybe it will become a tabletop book for you. Maybe it is something you needed. Or maybe it's what you've been looking for.


Two views on the same subject: 

who will succeed the human race on Earth?

One view is religious-mystical (irrational), the other is analytical (rational).


  1. Humans, like all other species, are designed by nature to expand and take over living space.

  2. Humans have always fought to expand their living space, not because they are so aggressive, but because nature has shaped them to do so. It is the principle of survival of any biological species.

  3. Trance-gravitational changes (this term is new to the human ear) provide a unique opportunity to expand the living space, not according to the animal principle of unconscious evolution, but according to the spiritual principle of conscious evolution of the human kind. And this term, too, is new to the human ear. This new term is difficult to reconcile with both science and the religions that exist to this day.

  4. Gravitationally, trance-evolutionary-transformed human beings begin to master a new space, the gravitational space — it is the space of the infinite and ever-expanding Universe.

  5. Trance-gravitational changes release a vast amount of brain space. It is new for a human being and is necessary for him to master another new space  — the gravitational space of the Universe. This Universe is around you and inside you, by the virtue of the fact that you are simply gravitationally inseparable. You are separable as objects, but not as gravitational space

  6. This is the door to a New World, for a human being the world will change.

  7. Gravity is the space of universal immortality, and human beings are an integral part of this space. They are united into one whole by the principle of evolution — compression-expansion, inhalation-exhalation. 

In religious terms: the gravitational space of the universe is the Father, and the gravitational space of human is the Son; into one whole they are united by the impressionable soul and the will of the spirit.

  1. The consciously-perceived gravitation by humans — is the door to the New World. This world has already arrived. It is knocking at your door.

Everything will change — education, science, technology, energy sources, religion, commonly accepted values, governance, the relationship between people and nature, between human beings and the Universe.

  1. The next evolutionary step of humankind a human will make consciously.™

The evolutionary step of humankind, and a conscious one at that — is another term that is very difficult to reconcile with today's science and today's religions.


People adapt life to themselves. They don't adapt to life itself, to the development of nature, but they adapt nature to themselves, to their own needs.

Only human beings — adapt life for themselves. All other creatures adapt to the changes that never stop on planet Earth.

By adapting nature to themselves, human beings begin to destroy the principle of harmony, the principle of balance, the agreement: "the world changes and I am changing together with it." Instead of this principle comes another: "The world changes, and I adapt it to myself; I do not change. I am human — almost like God: unchanging, in the image and likeness, and as an unchangeable, I don't care about Darwin's laws.”

I confess: Darwin's laws are not perfect, they lack the principle of conscious evolution of a human kind.

This principle, this law is not known by any of the existing sciences or by any of the existing religions.

One can agree that, if they accept this law, the conflict of misunderstanding between science and religion would disappear. Both rational and irrational languages will very quickly begin to change — their synthesis will ensue, a new trance-language will emerge.

It is impossible to do this outside of an evolutionary, outside of a gravitational trance, and there is no such meditation in the world, neither Indian, nor Chinese, nor Western, nor any other undisclosed one, that can unite what for thousands of years has not been united,  has been hostile to each other.


If you connect your gravitational attention to your gravitational center, your mind and your body become one trance-gravitational whole. The mind's space expands at the expense of the body's space, the body's space expands at the expense of the mind's space.

Evolution is a contract. From this point starts a conscious evolution of the human kind —
a human being returns to the contract between himself and Life 

and does so consciously.

This is an entrance into a completely different informational reality.

August 7, 2017
Master HORA

He who created this world — is this world itself.

And by bringing yourself back into this world, with a mind that SEES this world,

you become the one who created this world — inseparable from Him.

Neither separable by life nor by death.

Master HORA

“Trance-gravitational Mankind” Character created by Master HORA®  © Atayan A.V. 2013. Sculptor Sapunova E.

Part One: 



There are only a few pages in the short introductory article in this book.

If they captivate you, interest you, then the rest of the book will interest you.

If they don't, then reading them will be enough to understand what it's all about and why it's all needed.

Master HORA

Qualities of a different humankind — what do they have in common and how are they different from the (current) human? I will start with an unusual word combination: trance-intellect.

All modern people know what trance is and what intellect is. And if they do not know the meanings, they can easily look up the definitions on the internet. After reading the definitions, a person will develop a guaranteed illusion that he knows the subjects — he knows what they mean. Now I will try (without using Wikipedia or a thesaurus, just using basic human language, comprehensible and common to any person) to explain what these words mean. What the word “trance” means, what the word “intellect” means, and what the unifying term “trance-intellect” means. 


  1. A shaman in action resides in trance. It looks quite strange, it is not common for a normal person, no one lives like that, no one communicates like that. However, a shaman’s actions are referred to as a trance.

  2. A drug addict resides in the narcotic trance, (common saying: narcotrance). What  is common between a drug addict and a shaman? Ambiguity, blurry thinking, odd behavior — behavior not common to a normal person. It is difficult to communicate with such a person, practically impossible. 

  3. A human in a state of drunkenness resides in the alcoholic trance. He can also be compared to a person in the shamanic trance: ambiguity, blurry thinking, odd behavior — behavior not common to a normal person. It is difficult to communicate with such a person, practically impossible. Everything that I have described belongs to a  state where the commonly acceptable intellect and mainstream human language are absent.

  4. Here is an example of the bright trance that is known to all. At the time when hard problems arise, one has to strain one’s brain in order to find an answer. Practically every person knows that after a person falls asleep, in the morning, he will get an answer to something that he pondered for a long time, but could not find. And now, while waking up and exiting from the dream, he gets an answer. While exiting from the dream.

What is common between a bright and dark trance? The dullness of senses. Our mind takes in the world through the senses, accumulating experience. During trance, senses become duller and with the dullness of the senses, one experience is substituted with a different experience — from a place where we spend one-third of our life. Dream.

In other words, dream reality — is a reality. Dream reality that happens in the everyday world, where all are awake, looks like an illness; It is difficult to communicate with such a person, practically impossible. Examples: trance shaman, trance drug-addict, trance alcoholic and a person in the moment of waking up, exiting from a dream. (It is also difficult to communicate with this person, he has not yet fully arrived into this world). For all of them, their senses are dulled and their minds are sluggish.


Intellect leans on experience and is responsible for logical thinking. To this experience belongs everything that humans or humanity are pursuing. This could be a physical experience, an emotional experience, an intellectual experience, and so on. In other words, a human in his reasoning — logical — leans on experience. And the more logically capable are the skills — for example, 1 + 1 = 2 and 2 + 1 = 3 and then the more complex concepts like counting by dozens, hundreds, multiplication and division — the more mathematically coherent is the intellect.

Therefore intellect is responsible for common sense, precision, and clarity of thinking. Intellect is linear in its thinking. It lives in logical, linear time. The day will be followed by day, the night will be followed by night, hours will be followed by hours, changing weather seasons, and so on — linear, everyday logic.

Trance — is night time. In it, linear thinking is fully absent and common sense logic is also fully absent. Time is absolutely distorted, there is no precision, no clarity, no common sense in this thinking. However, when waking up in the morning from a dream, when feelings are still dull, from time to time, you get an answer to the most complex questions. And everyone is familiar with this.


I will introduce a new term: trance-intellect

Combine trance, comprehensible to a person based on my explanation of intellect, which is also comprehensible through my explanation. (Simple, not complex, not designed for scientists). The definitions are designed for a basic mind, intrinsic to all people. Combine these two explanations — you will get trance-intellect.

Trance-intellect — is one of the parameters of another biological humankind, one that will follow a human.

His feelings will be dulled. In other words, his mind will be getting a different experience, distinct from the human experience. The dullness of the feelings does not mean that this person becomes insensitive — no, it is just a different level, different feeling parameters. 

Here is an example of this type of transformation of feelings. 

Occasionally when awakening from a dream, you become aware of your body that came out from the dream. And a few moments later you understand that your body is somewhat displaced in the spatial environment — and only then you are entering into the body itself. Every person has sensed this at least once, displaced in a spatial environment body during an exit from a dream.

Practically everyone is familiar with the concept of the third eye or astral vision. There are descriptions of feelings by those people who have come back into this world after death through medical methods. And there are descriptions of feelings by people who have seen themselves from the outside. These states belong to such concepts as “astral body” and “third eye.” 

Additionally, notice that all religions lean on the power and knowledge from outside of this world. 


Jesus said: “My kingdom is not of this world….

Pontius Pilate: You are a king then?”

Jesus answered: “You say that I am a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.” (John 18:36–37) 

“My Kingdom” — in other words, power — “not of this world.”

Power — first of all, it is knowledge.

Knowledge — it is experience.

Experience — it is quality of the mind.

Mind leans on and learns this world through senses/feelings.

Later on — arrives intellect.

Human civilization progresses in such a way, step-by-step. Every child goes through these phases in his development. Development of humanity takes a long period of time; development of a human — is less, but the advancement of this development is one and the same. 


  1. Trance — the bright trance, just like in the morning — leans on experience.

  2. Intellect — is responsible for common sense, clear and logical thinking.

  3. Another humankind — his senses/feeling are dulled and somewhat of a different quality, of a higher level than of an everyday person. 

An example of what happens with this creature: He can see all of his muscles — his mind becomes seeing, his brain becomes a seeing one. Thus, his mind and body become one whole

The mind expands its capabilities of perception with the use of the body as a medium. 

The body increases its capabilities of development with the use of its mind and its brain as a medium. These are the parameters of the high-quality change in those who will succeed the current human.

  1. In order for these parameters to be materialized, it would be possible to say “evolution of humankind is happening.” And it must happen by the laws that are obeyed by all living creatures and the entire Universe. These laws are covered in the book, “HORA. Gravitaneer. Trinity of Nature”, Part I. 

The conscious manifestation of this Trinity of Nature — means:

  1. Consciously alive gravitational center — the human’s center of weight.

  2. Consequently, such attention is connected with the alive gravitational center. It is a different type of consciousness. In a human this connection is unconscious. Between the unconscious and conscious (connection), there is a big — infinite, as big as the Universe — difference.

  3. The type of breathing in this type of human is different — gravitational: interconnected with gravity. I.e. a different energy exchange.

These are the parameters of those who will come after the current human. They are from the people, and people — are their evolutionary, genetic ancestors.

  1. Trance-intellect manifests as the union of calmness and action, on the physical level and on the level of the mind — evolutionary trance unites the ununitable. The speed of decision making increases by multiples. A kind of peculiar “morning awakening” within action during the day and night. Human feelings are dulled and different parameters open up. It is not too hard to notice that these are spiritual parameters, which one way or the other, mighty Teachers of the world tried to explain and illustrate. 

  2. The next evolutionary step of humankind, a human will make consciously™. If humankind will make the next evolutionary step consciously, does a practice like that exist? Yes, it exists. I speak only of things that I know and can do myself.

For me know — it is 1. Know, 2. Can Do, 3. Can explain it, and 4. Can show it on a person, how an everyday human with common senses/feelings is different from another. Another with qualitatively different senses, a qualitatively different intellect, and a qualitatively different mind, on which all religions of the world lean.  

All world religions lean on teachings, not from this world. My described parameters — are supported by medicine, by common sense, and by religious schools. Also, the above-described parameters explain yoga — what they wanted to achieve, not in fitness rooms, but in the larger concept.

The difference is obvious. In yoga, to depart — consequently extinguishing senses/feeling so later, when coming back into this world — similar to waking up in the morning — one receives an answer to a needed question. Or to depart and never to come back; with a precise, clear understanding in full consciousness, where (what world) one is departing to. 

HORA — is not about departing into a different world. It is not a departure from this world; it is arrival and self-birth in this world. 

The gravitational type of consciousness gives the opportunity to become one with this world. To enter into a different informational bank, to become a participant; for the religious people — in the work of the Creator — and for the non-religious — in the unfolding of Evolution. 

To become a direct, active, conscious participant in this, versus being an unconscious dwelling element.

Summarized formula

Trance-intellect relies on alive Trinity of Nature — on laws of development, intrinsic to all living species; laws that are intrinsic to Earth and also manifested in the Solar system and in the entire Universe.

Trance-intellect manifests as a unity of calmness and action on the physical level, and also on the level of the mind — evolutionary trance unites the non-unitable. Humans’ feelings are dulled and parameters of another unfold. The speed of decision making increases by multiples. 

The human inner-I stops and then inner-I continues to develop — a transformation happens from one genetic experience into another. Liberation from the inner-I and from so-called karma happens. 

Experience and inner-I transition to a different level of genetic development. 

Master HORA

February 23, 2016


In nature, productivity and success of a species’ type always have to be proven.

  1. It is proven  by a species with their endurance and by their submerged attention into the space environment around themselves ("environmentally-mobilized attention"). This is a kind of "animal" type of spiritual state.

  2. It is proven  by the ability to concentrate attention on the object of hunting, totally narrowing attention around themselves ("object-mobilized attention"). It is somewhat comparable to the highest levels in yoga. It is a kind of "animal" type of spiritual detachment. (The evolutionary mobilization is primary; it is billions of years old. Yoga, on the same time scale, is only a few seconds old.) 

  3. These two aspects of submerged, mobilized attention are never in equilibrium; there is always more of one than another.

The ratio of these two qualities, "submerged and detached," defines the position in the hierarchy among animals as well as among people — like the tsar, the leader, the president — the one who is the strongest, the most successful in hunting, etc.

This principle is harsh, but comparable to today's democratic, "non-harsh" elections among people — we choose who we believe to be the best and most productive one. Sometimes we are lucky at it, sometimes not. In business — this type of "Russian roulette gamble," is more harsh; if you missed — you are bankrupt. When the politician is missing the target — it is bad luck for the rest of us; this is the reality of the roulette gamble.

Conclusion: The president has to be elected by the businessmen — the people who are bringing funds into the budget. They cannot be bribed with "social benefit packages and gift baskets" as regular people can be.

Once again: a ratio of two qualities, "submerged” and “detached," defines the position within the hierarchy among animals as well as people.

Question: which of the three points mentioned above (environmental and object mobilization types of attention, and their ratio) would the person who is focused toward success be able to ignore?

In nature, the effectiveness-success of any species must always  be proven. It is the same way among humans: success constantly has to be proven, or the whole country could lose out in the international competition.


From the view of an employer, in any chosen profession, an unconditional advantage would be given to the ablest ones with endurance, work self-discipline and learning ability.

 Endurance and aptitude for learning — are the necessary parameters in competitive selection. But, without work discipline — it is impossible to build a career. Conclusion: it is irrelevant if you are talented and if you are capable of learning — all this  has no meaning if you do not have work discipline.

 Comparing people and animals can cause some discomfort. Reminder: the human was created “on the sixth day" from ashes, and before him, all was created from the word. So, I think, for this particular reason, the animals absolutely do follow "the natural constitution" and don't make the amendment in it.

Within the food pyramid, all species know their own niche and within each niche, there is a hierarchy, where everybody knows their own place. The competition is constant, the tsar always has to prove that his two types of mobilized attention (environmental and object) — are the best.

Origin of spirituality:

  1. Spiritual state and spiritual detachment did not come into the human from the heavens.

  2. Spiritual state and spiritual detachment are born by nature.

  3. The Earth was born from the Heavens (space).

  4. The cosmic logistics are constructed in this way, and not in reverse order.

  5. But, if the energy of consciousness was not there initially, then it couldn't be manifested.

Conclusion: the main parameter of success among the animals and people as well — is the ratio — and most important, the quality of the two types of mobilized attention (environmental and object).

Example: If a cat concentrates on the object of hunting, it hears almost nothing and doesn't see anything but its potential prey. Until you approach her closely, she won't notice you — she’s too focused. Her concentration of attention in such hunting is so high that not only the cat, but any animal until you approach them, won't notice you.

It is an example of how the ratio of environmental and object-mobilized attention changes depending on a task; how the energy from one type of attention practically to its limit can be pumped into another type of attention. If (in the process) there is more of one type of attention, then for sure there will be less of another type of attention. And the one who shifts energy quicker is more effective.

This principle is well known by scientists; bankers, military people, politicians, and athletes understand it intuitively in their work. At the moment of concentration, all animals (on the land, in the water, and in the air) without exception, including the human, instantaneously tighten and squat in order to make a leap. It is clearly visible in the animals living on the land, and is more difficult to see in the water and air animals. However, the mechanism is the same — total concentration of the muscles for an impulse. The most vivid example would be a snake jump: it contracts, then, like a spring, shoots out instantaneously.

Such actions — contraction and shooting out — demand a large energy expenditure from all animals. While the animal is in a growing state, while the muscles are capable of elongating  contraction-and-release happens practically instantly

At the transitional time (from the teenager to an adult) the person, and animal: their growth-expansion has already stopped, but not completely yet; at this time the muscles are expanding, bones are getting heavier, the maturity comes, and then, step-by-step, gradually, the fatigue starts to accumulate and with it comes degradation. 

In nature, the process of direct training (transfer of skills) happens at the moments of muscle growth-expansion and the growth of the entire organism. It is the same way among people; this time period is the best for education, physical training, and sports.

Point necessary to remember: the growth memory of the entire organism is preserved within the human, and an opportunity to turn on this memory for further evolution also remains. If there is an ability to get this memory back, then you can return youth to yourself, while preserving the experience that was accumulated.

What can it give to you?

  1. Inconceivable efficiency

  2. Explosive growth of professionalism

  3. Incredible competitiveness

I will repeat once again: incredible competitiveness.

In order to continue the process of evolution, muscles have to return once again to the zone of growth-expansion and the nervous system has to become pliable. It can be done in one way only — by conscious evolutionary trance-immersion. 

From the very beginning, such immersion is accompanied by instant immersion into the unity of calmness and action. Those two concepts are incompatible: the deep calmness requires inaction, and the action requires tension. Their mutual evolutionary trance-immersion into each other creates the pliability of the nervous system. The interrelation between the brain, body, and nervous system coordinates is similar to a human, but already different. It is more similar to a teenager.

Are you beginning to smell competitiveness? … If this is interesting to you, continue to read this book.

Step-by-step, the basics of immersion into an evolutionary trance and how these two types of attention are connected will be explained. If this is interesting to you — then you are starting to understand that the next evolutionary step for humankind is possible. Read further on until the next chapter, because this chapter is already yours.


People are successful in a sport only while their muscles are growing and elongating, as in children, as in teenagers. The coordinational difficult types of sport are designed only for children, but even they have to have a predisposition to it.

With age, the athlete can keep being successful only due to experience and constant muscular elongation. Aging eventually prevails and if the athlete stops elongating, even for a short period of time, the process of aging would approach, rapidly.

To an athlete, muscle stretching is a constant necessity, and then, in order to prevent being written off and to continue a career, he needs a "jump" into his own memory of the muscle growth. This wouldn’t be possible without evolutionary trance; "meditation" cannot help, science cannot help, and no yoga can rescue the athlete.

At the moment of perception of a threat (not a threat yet), all animals without exception (land, water, air) including the human, tighten and squat in order to leap (dart, shoot out). Not all people can do it, and most people instead of getting themselves into an instant mobilization state fall into a freeze zone. This is some kind of off switch. In nature it is guaranteed — you are already dead, before you even feel the threat.

It is important to understand that intellectuals also do this  mobilization assembly, but they make a leap into their thoughts. This is their hunting. However, the feeling of threat and the mobilized assembly for them is blurred. Thus, an abyss emerges between the evolutionary nature of a human and his intellectualism. If that is clear, then a  step is already being taken to reduce that abyss.

At the moment of perception of a threat (not a threat yet), all animals without exception (land, water, air) including the human, tighten and squat in order to leap. Sport professionals at that moment have almost instant muscle relaxation, which includes signalling of inner-connections and a complete stop, freezing and then the  muscles instantly clench toward the gravitational center. The push begins from ideally-supported/anchored feet — sparking and shooting out happens, just as in the example with a snake. All athletes do the same thing — the boxer, the volleyball player, the runner, and others. 

The force moves with a push from below, from the stability/anchoring — on the earth, in the water, or in the air. The attention coordinates this force within space, directing it. This is how an external stream of energy force looks like. 

The internal stream of energy force uses another type of attention. (The ability to distinguish the external and internal streams of force is fixated within a person by the Master. The option of the "virtual expert" — "I read and I understand" — does not exist here.)

The vast majority of people are not athletes. And among this vast majority exists a type of "intellectuals" — they have no experience as athletes, their "body-intellect" is almost near zero. Such is a natural compensation — when one has more of something, then something else would be less in him.

They usually would say, “in order to do something, I have to understand it." When it is told by the intellectual one, it is normal, and it has to be so. But, when neither the intellectual nor the athlete is saying this — neither one, nor the other — it is necessary to make a few comments about them. These “neither one, nor the other" — I call them the “virtual experts." In general, most ordinary people are usually trained in some kind of yoga-practice not by intellectuals, but by “virtual experts." 

What they are is what they teach.

When an athlete teaches yoga, it is awful, but explainable. He, at least as an athlete, knows how to stretch muscles and how to work with joints, without harming oneself. 

When yoga is taught by the "virtual experts" it is not even funny, it is scary... The damage caused by them cannot be explained briefly, but I will try.

You can ask older people what their joints mean to them, and you will understand what "yoga-cruelty" is for joints; incorrectly coordinated stretching of muscles leads to misplacement of the spinal cord and movement of organs from their own places. These two aspects are interdependent, by doing one; you are automatically doing another.

The secret to physical health lives in the joints while they are "springing."

The secret to well-being is in the muscles while they are “pliable.”

Then no matter how old you are, you are still young.  

Perhaps you might know of yogis who can teach you all that was written in one paragraph above? This is all that you should know about "consumer fitness yoga." This is what you should demand from "consumer fitness yoga." It is the norm for a  civilized person — "I want health." 

In summary: I have fitted "consumer fitness yoga" in one paragraph ("secret" of joints, "secret" of muscles). Have you seen a market for such an "offer"? The "yoga market" is in the entrepreneurial  state of the "wild west."

When an athlete teaches yoga, it is awful, but explainable.

When the “virtual experts” teach yoga, that is not even funny… 

I don't speak at all about what I cannot do. 

At the very least, any serious yogi knows that without immersion into calmness, yoga isn’t worth a penny. And those who are able to do it instantly do not need yoga, they are already manifesting it. 

Everyone who is on this path in the East is dreaming about the unity of calmness and action. What this means, we do not know, because our cultural and traditional codes turned out to be such. Our cultural and traditional code are — sports. Spirituality was never connected to physical culture in our culture. Furthermore, our spirituality rejected physical culture.

This is an important point to understand: there are two spiritual mindsets (Eastern and Western) and they are vast, complicated, serious, invisible to the inhabitant’s eye, geopolitical-religious conflicts of interest. The real struggle for minds is happening worldwide. 

The world is competitive. In the animal world, they all try to expand and increase their own space of life. It is the history of mankind. Spirituality in the same way always intended to increase its own space of life, and it did. Today the "spiritual" conflicts are more civilized and softer, and only the future will know how it will be (life will show).

The unity of calmness and action is this type of reality, without which spirituality cannot be realized in either the East or the West. When spirituality is realized, it is obvious, after all it is manifested in the living person and in the body.

We can appreciate sport now, but only for now. 

Sport, after all, is not hunting in the jungle, where a great number of varied hunters are hunting for the hunters and therefore constantly requiring environmental and object mobilized attention. This training is natural and constant — if one wishes to live!

The jungle is not a civilization, intelligence won't increase there. However, the intelligence "structure" — its height, strength, and other characteristics — depends on the quality of attention. When the quality of attention is higher, then efficiency is higher. Such efficiency is trainable. 

Is there anyone who does not need this? 

Ability to regulate the ratio of two types of mobilization attention is the natural parameter in which there is an evolutionary selection — the best/worst, successful/unsuccessful, effective/inefficient, adapted/unadapted.

 You read a little more, took one more step. It was difficult, but you made it. Farther, some things will be simpler, and some things will be more difficult — you are already facing internal conflict, something you liked, and something you didn’t. It is normal, natural — the new collides with the accustomed. If this is necessary for you, then continue reading.


The entire organism — the body, the brain, the nervous system, breathing, a metabolism — literally everything adapts and changes in the process of "trance-expansion." Similar to children, but only in order to improve the characteristics of the two types of attention.

In today's technically advanced world, among grandiose ideas, this statement seems insignificant: “need to improve two types of mobilization attention.” But without this insignificance (two types of mobilization attention) the Development of Life is impossible. It is not necessary to be in academia to understand the two types of attention.

In society, directives are sometimes given "from top to bottom"; for example — "health of the nation." What could be better? The health of the nation is the competitiveness of the nation in the international arena. And if we add the development of two types of attention to the "health of the nation", then the nation won’t become less healthy, but the physical and intellectual competitiveness and efficiency of the nation in the international arena will increase many times over.

The one who gives directives "from top to bottom," knows the power of attention in a competitive battle, and knows it better than anyone. The only necessity is that the words "trance" and "evolution" take their lawful place in modern cultural code. The basic principles of development are the same for all beings in this world: (1) two types of mobilized attention (environmental and object), (2) their ratio and (3) most important — their quality.

Regulation of a ratio of two types of mobilized attention is a kind of natural type of yoga, a natural sport for all beings. But neither in yoga nor in sports does such an understanding exist now and never did before. In modern science, such understanding does not exist either — if that weren’t true, then scientists could collect all interrelations into a single whole and create a "scientific yoga."

What is necessary for a person to do to make an “evolutionary jump”?

Evolution is a very slow process and takes tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of years, so the results are unpredictable. The species can disappear due to its uselessness — this is written in the constitution of nature. Only a human has an opportunity to exit from the long-lasting evolution and consciously make an evolutionary trance-jump™ — to open a new page in the constitution of nature.

Briefly, we will summarize the results. It is necessary to reflect upon them a little. If the covered subject is not clear, it means one must return and read everything over again. If that isn’t necessary, reflect on it anyway. 

The basis of the competition and success:

  1. Stability/anchoring within the laws of nature: lowering of the center of gravity.

  2. Concentration of attention within the laws of nature: environmentally-mobilized and object-mobilized.

  3. Maximum relaxation and readiness to act or cancellation of action.

  4. Muscular trance-expansion, the return of the teenager-like ability to learn.

  5. Unity of calmness and action, inseparable from breathing, that is not habitual to the human, but inherent in him. All five of these points are only realized at the same time. These five points are only divided for the mind — to establish clarity, in which type of parameters the “evolutionary trance-jump™” will occur.

These concepts will be promoting or disturbing this process:

  1. Crisis of cultural codes — we are on the border of a change in eras, we are at the beginning of the origin of a new civilization, unknown to humanity.

  2. From this point on, the elite will begin to change in all areas of society and worldwide. The world will change irrevocably.


We will review examples of popular teaching and training types. They, practically all, originate from the world of animals — from Nature’s Kingdom.


In all Eastern martial arts, without exception, the first and main training condition is — to place one’s feet wide apart and to lower the center of gravity. Thus far everything, as it is in the world of nature. The center of gravity in the meditative Buddhism is a spiritual center in a body without which neither Dkhiana, Ch’an, or Zen are impossible — this is a Bodhidharma's teaching and method (440–528/536 AD).

Bodhidharma ordered his exhausted, weakened student monks: to place their gaze into the stomach and hold it there, whether being in action or inaction. Do it until one passes out and is revived again. The rephrasing is not literal, but in essence.

The degree to which the wandering center of the personality in the stomach will be “civilized", balanced, is the degree to which the attention will be advanced in the manifestation of the civilized spiritual personality. In essence. 

Among the people there are geniuses, Bodkhidkharma — is not a genius, he is not even human.

Bodhidharma is —a Phenomenon.

In two to three paragraphs, I conveyed in my own words the meaning of the teaching of the great Bodhidharma, without which Dkhiana-Ch’an-Zen would not have  come to this world. His teaching, among all teachings — is a Phenomenon. It so happens that I am an evolutionist, and I see that nature of life confirms with itself  Bodkhidkharma's Teaching: At the moment of concentration all animals, without exception,  (land, water, air) contract to make a leap. A human in a similar situation acts in the same way, as do all animal species. He sets his center of gravity lower.

Professional athletes have an almost instant relaxation of their muscles at this moment, then their muscles almost instantly clench towards the center of gravity. The push begins from ideal support/anchoring in feet, spark — then jump, just like a snake. So all athletes do the same — the boxer, the volleyball player, the runner, and others.

Sport — is not the doctrine — sport is sport.

If you look at Bodhidharma's teachings through my evolutionist’s eyes, then Buddhism changes, becomes different, evolutionary. BUT! There are  problems — the cultural and religious codes of Buddhism. Meditative practice is interwoven into the Teachings of Buddhism. The practice itself, with its pragmatic basis, can be fitted on a half-page, at most. The practice itself can become trance-evolutionary, but the cultural and religious codes — the teachings, at once and right away cannot become it.

Before there was Ch’an Buddhism, Buddhism had already existed for one thousand years. Before there was Buddhism, yoga-teaching had existed for several thousand years. But in this world, anything is possible, and thus one more transformation of Buddhism into an Evolutionary Trance-Buddhism is possible.


Yoga — the concentration of attention on an object — has to practically lead a yogi to a condition of full "turn off" — "I see nothing, I hear nothing, there is only an object and only me.” Just like in nature — while the hunter is focused on his prey, he cannot notice you, until you approach him closely...

For the achievement of such concentration, the yogin sits down in "a firm pose of a lotus." The lotus flower lies on top of the water, it doesn't lie on the firm earth — the flower balances on the water surface. This is a well-known fact.

Question: Does the yogi sit on the earth or on water?

A yogi doesn't sit in "a turnip pose," he sits in an unstable "lotus pose," and has to sit in it firmly. This pose, stable and unstable at the same time, is a symbol of yoga and of practically any meditative practice.

If you are very tired and start falling asleep while sitting on a chair — you can fall from the chair. A yogi balances; he doesn't sleep — he goes "into the turned-off state." In order for the yogi in the "turned-off state" to not accidentally fall, he ties his feet into a “knot." Going into his turned-off state, he involuntarily balances, like a flower on the water’s surface. The physical body falls asleep — dies, and the energetic body, like a flower, floats and balances.

What is this energetic body, known by practically all? At least once in life, while waking up, a person notices that his hands, feet, his entire body — feel as if they are aside. And then everything becomes normal. Such moments for the ordinary person aren't keystones for contemplation. But this is an effect of "a thin body," and it is unusual. Without going deep into interrelations, I will continue.

A yogi can't fall from his "chair" — it is dangerous, and the  consequences are unpredictable. Everything begins with balance on the physical level and the correct understanding — this understanding is not of a sport-like balance and not of a scientific one. The firmness of sitting has to be, as if "the nail has been hammered into an oak," but not as if "the nail has been placed in the dough." The yogi shouldn't lose reference points between the worlds, for example, between the physical world and the dream world.

If he were to fall as in the example with the chair, the balance of the body in the thin world and the balance of the body in the physical world could stray, and the mind would become insane for sure — the worlds would be mixed up. That is why it is necessary to be at the same time balanced as the lotus on the water surface, and to be as stable as the nail hammered into an oak. Even simple shuddering is dangerous as it sometimes happens during a rapid exit from sleep: cold sweat, startled, shortness of breath. But when the worlds shudder — it is a horror, the universe falls… For a body and consciousness, it would be the same as getting epilepsy and paralysis at the same time. The wholeness of the organism collapses.

As you can see, at the base of high-level spiritual yoga practice lies the same animal principle that belongs to all nature — to fish, land animals, and birds: stability/anchoring, being submerged, and concentrated, all at the same time. It can be separated only in words, but occurs only simultaneously.

If you look at the teachings of yoga with my evolutionist’s eyes, then the yoga changes become evolutionary. BUT! There is a problem — the cultural code of Hinduism. Meditative yoga-practice is interwoven into the religious code of Hinduism. The practice itself, its pragmatic basis, can be fitted on half a page, maximum, but the teachings and the cultural code — are huge.

Thus, the practice itself can become trance-evolutionary, but a cultural and religious code — the teachings, at once and right away cannot become it. If you look at yoga with my evolutionist’s eyes, then any yoga-practice becomes "Evolutionary trance-yoga."


The roots of modern sport originated in pagan Mediterranean Europe. That’s why today’s sport "isn't burdened" with religion. Modern sport is interwoven into modern science. And modern science originates in same pagan Europe.

For at least one thousand years all science in Europe had to pass a test for compliance with and for no contradiction to the religious doctrines. A striking example from history: Is the Earth round or flat? If someone doesn't agree with the doctrine — then burn him. If a woman is beautiful, then it is bad luck for her — she must be a witch.

In short: we are not pagans anymore, however meditative culture (yoga, Buddhism, etc.) still came from the East to Europe. The questions arise: What are you looking for in it and what are you missing?

When Dkhiana arrived from India to China, it didn't remain  Dkhiana; it turned into Ch’an. For such a transformation to happen, it had to have its own cultural roots, and it had it. Ch’an, in turn, had come to Japan, and became Zen. For such a transformation to happen, it had to have its own cultural roots, and it had it.

The same phenomenon in different cultures is called and sounds differently (Dkhiana, Ch’an, Zen). Thus, it means they also see the same thing differently. That what is seen differently, lies at the foundation of life: wild animals and humans, at the moment of concentration of attention, make the same actions. It is this minimum which is a cornerstone of all ancient civilizations.

At this stage, we are a modern civilization — scientific.

All athletes before action, lower their center of gravity and relax to a maximum point where they are still in control, nearly to the loss of consciousness, in order to dash in a flash, exploding with power. As you can see, in sports, all key parameters of animal success are also used to the maximum.

Question: Are athletes pagans? If not, then it means that it is necessary to transform and move further within the cultural code. 

Sport disciplines and accustoms one to controlling and overcoming neuroses and weaknesses. Also, all athletes know that if they overstay in the starting position, they begin to simply "burn out,"  and  power quickly start abandoning them. Then neurosis,  hysteria comes immediately afterward, sometimes it comes down to "shaking" of the body. It can even result in a breakdown — apathy, indifference. (It is hard not to mention: scoundrels who unscrupulously use this in sports, breaking an athlete’s start there is such business there).

If you look at  Western sports with my evolutionist’s eyes, it changes, and becomes "Evolutionary Trance-Sport."

The discipline of efficiency: Based on basic European, initially disciplinary, gymnastics (exercises), which are about two hundred years old, I created trance-mobilization gymnastics. This form of gymnastics is capable of changing any kind of sport, and giving to it another impulse. At its base — is the principle of the internal stream of energy — a force that uses another type of attention, unlike an external stream.

Evolutionary trance, its basis — the principles of the development of life. It gives the ability to be trained practically from the start. If the principles are realized, and, most importantly, manifested, through these principles any system "is opened, as a tin-can." All unnecessary items will fall off by themselves, only the effective and pragmatic items remain.

What will be the obstacles for evolutionary trance training?

The world is divided into different cultural codes competing among themselves, but they are the same animal principles of competition, coated over by the civilized human world.

People unconsciously repeat the world of nature and try to improve it in their own way. As a result, the global code of Life and the human cultural codes are already entered into rigid opposition. A person is capable of untwining this "small knot," but without evolutionary trance, he will not be able to make it. Simply because he didn't return to the code of life, didn't restore it in himself — didn't return to the initial source of life of the Universe.

The next evolutionary step in human evolution of the kind, a human will make consciously™.

Question: Do you personally need to know, understand, the parameters of success so that they can be trained? 

If yes, this is your book.


One side: Universal human values — today it is the moral, politically dominant concept supported by economics, education and force. The one who can use this tool is the one who is effective and successful in geopolitics.

Universal human values — are not the teachings from the Teachers of Humanity, this doctrine is from politicians. Universal human values — mean worldly.

The other side of the coin — interests.

Interests — is the world map.

The world map is divided into many pieces. 

Each piece has its own interests. 

The number of problems on "the globe of interests" will be enough for thousands of years. 

I speak about it purposely, because for many years your attention will be bound by one side or the other of the "coin."

The person who will be able to connect within the divided world of people the universal human values and their  national interests has not been born on Earth yet.

On the world map, everyone has a unique understanding of what "universal human interests" means. 

Then, while solving the unsolvable problem in which you are already involved, you won't forget that the main thing in your own development, in competition, is the ability to master the two types of mobilized attention.


We have already defined environmental-mobilization attention and object-mobilization attention.

What is "gravitational attention?" No one knows yet.

What is "gravitational concentration?" No one knows yet either.

I am introducing absolutely new terms. 

All living things on Earth exist in a single uniform gravitational field. In order to make a trance-evolutionary jump, it is necessary to understand that it will be a jump into the gravitational space.

The jump is into a different environment of elements in which the whole world exists and doesn't know about it. Only human beings are capable of uniting with gravity — the source of Universal Life,  the universal space of Life.

Mastering the new space of life — is a code for the development of life. Gravitational space for human life is the same as the air environment for a fish. For the fish to master this environment, and become a reptile, it took some time. A human being — is a unique being, a transitional phase between air and gravitational space. Such thinking looks like science-fiction, but by reading this book, it is possible to draw the conclusion that it is written by a pragmatist. A trance-evolution without the realization of the alive gravity is impossible.


The bases of competition and success:

  1. The stability/anchoring, based on the Laws of Nature (lowering of the center of weight).

  2. The concentration of attention, based on the laws of nature (spatial environmental-mobilization and object-mobilization).

  3. Maximum relaxation and readiness for action or cancellation of action.

  4. Muscular trance-elongation, return of teenager-like ability to learn.

  5. Unity of rest and action, inseparable from the breathing, not typical for a human, but inherent within him.

Now, I will add these points:

  1. A trance-evolution without the realization of alive gravitation is impossible.

  2. The first five points are realized in a person simultaneously along with the awakening of alive gravitation.

  3. A human being — is a transitional phase from one environment into another.

Let’s conduct an experiment: concentrate on any object, and you will see that it is in motion, it tries to slip out of your attention. At the same time fatigue onsets quickly, and your expenditure of energy increases exponentially. In order for the object of concentration to stop slipping away, a person needs to stop practically all of his live activity — this is what high yoga practiced since ancient times.

If the alive gravitational center is realized, then the attention of such a person is gravitational. At the moment of concentration, it differs from the attention of animals and the ordinary person by its inexhaustibilityThis is a new space/environment of life which the person can enter consciously.

We know the environment of life on the earth, in water, underground, and in the air, but we don't know the gravitational space of life yet. I speak about this particular gravitational concentration of attention and about such environment of life. 

Absolutely a new space of life into which a human can enter consciously. Is there a benefit to it or not? 

If yes, this is your book — continue to read further.


All objects fluctuate within the gravitational field of Earth. A person’s usual attention is not gravitational, it is not within the resonance of the planet, it constantly "slides off" from the object in focus. A huge space in the brain is occupied with the stabilization of the visual picture. Reason: the center of gravity within the human is unstable, it "wanders." For example, when you walk, you don't notice that you jump up and down; it is done by all people.

Imagine that the person is in a hundred-story building that constantly shakes and bounces. All one hundred floors are over-supplied with a multilevel system of gyroscopes needed to compensate for the swinging of the building. The gravitational transformations modernize all of this complex system so that it only needs one floor from a hundred. Then the other ninety-nine floors in the human will be released, and then the interrelated coordinates between the brain, body, and nervous system will change. The brain space and the body space will be freed, then the nervous system will become pliable.

Next step: gravitational attention in the gravitational field of the Earth is also fluctuating, but, unlike the usual attention, there is a compensation of fluctuations with the help of the stabilized alive gravitational center. The brain is constantly occupied with:

  1. Creation of the stable picture ("world"). 

  2. Coordination of the body ("Inner-I") within the developed stable picture.

  3. Management of concentration of energy. When there is a need for concentration on an object, energy  for this purpose is absorbed from a system of stabilization "Inner-I and the world" (item 1 and item 2).

A reduction of "fluctuations" within attention, releases a huge space in the brain and body.

Humans, like all other creatures, are focused by nature on the expansion of living space. People were always at war for expansion of living space, not because they are so aggressive, but because nature has focused them in this way — it is the principle of survival of a kind.

Trance-gravitational changes give the unique opportunity for expansion of the living space, not by the animal principle of unconscious evolution, but by the spiritual principle of conscious evolution.

A gravitationally transformed person starts mastering the new gravitational environment/space — and this space of the Universe is constantly expanding.

The free space in the brain is necessary for the human to master the gravitational space/environment. These are the doors to the New World because the world will change. It is the world of the future which has been intuitively expected by people throughout the millennia. 

It already came — came by itself and knocked at your door.

Everything will change — both in education, science, and technology; and in the sources of energy, religion, and worldly values (management, relationships, etc.) 

A gravitationally transformed person will have a different type of hand — different wrist, different fingers, and different hand grab — and the world will change to suit this hand.


Today, it is a scientific fact: the hand of a person, its projection (wrists, fingers) occupies a considerable part of the brain. Interrelation: the hand grab (the opposable thumb) and consciousness (intelligence — logic, analytics, forecasting) are evolutionarily connected among themselves, and this is also scientific fact.

The hand developed consciousness and consciousness developed the handSo gradually there was a change in the interrelation between the brain, the body, and the nervous system.

  1. The body construction is forced to change and adapt to fit such a hand.

  2. The body followed after the hand and after the change in attention.

  3. The balance created by spatial environmental and objective attention — this is the modern person.

The evolutionary trance is changing the hand and changing the consciousness of a human. The trance-hand™ and the trance-consciousness, in turn, change the body — making it pliable, and the process of evolution is accelerated by orders of magnitude. Acceleration happens due to the transition from unconscious evolution to the conscious.

Conscious evolution is constructed on the same model which is the cornerstone of unconscious evolution. The trance-hand changes consciousness, and the trance-consciousness changes the hand. The body submerged into the evolutionary-trance is the most pliable. Such a body quickly adapts to an evolutionary trance-hand and a trance-consciousness.

The trance-unity of an evolutionary mind and an evolutionary body is created in this way. Such unity should not be confused with Yoga — Buddhist — Taoist ideas of "unity of mind and body."

The evolutionary trance-hand should not be confused with yoga, Buddhist mudra gestures. First, the mudra does not have and never had an evolutionary component. One hand from the real new world is better than thousands of gestures from gods, yogis, enlightened, perfect ones, etc., which contain a lot of knowledge, but do not contain an evolutionary component.

In one trance-hand™ of the real new world — in it, all gestures are hidden, and all mudras. All gestures born from it are evolutionary and natural.

If I would be living in ancient times, and incidentally wouldn’t know either about evolution nor about selection, then I would be compelled to call it — god's hand, the hand of the god of yoga, Buddha's hand, the hand of the perfect one, the teacher's hand. But I am an evolutionist, and so I will not call it that. This hand is hidden within the person and is waiting for its time to be awakened.

I don't speak of things that I don't know, or of things I am not able to do. 

For the transition from the psychе of a "human" into the psyche of an "evolutionary trance human," I do not even need to count to three, even to two. 

As it is for me, it is better to be, than to seem like.


Hinduism — a few millennia of cultural and religious traditions. Integral parts of its traditional culture: a yogi in a "lotus pose" and the 100%-world-recognized attribute of Hinduism — the painted point on the forehead. 

Also in Hinduism, the heart chakra that balances the "top and bottom" — is especially emphasized. The calmness of the heart is attained through breath control. 

Control of the breath is attained by the concentration of attention, the method that is balancing “top and  bottom" — mind and body.

In many parts of the world, people made various modifications to skulls — pressed through the forehead, performed cuts or openings in this area. (Hinduism is humane in comparison)

Dkhiana-Ch’an-Zen-Buddhism’s concentration of attention is in the stomach — the purpose is to stabilize the wandering gravitational center. The degree to which the gravitational center wanders, is the degree to which the attention of the person wanders. This is a very simple thought to understand.

One of the official names of Ch’an-Zen-Buddhism is "Heart of Buddha." 

Control of the wandering gravitational center is achieved through the calmness of the heart. Calmness of the heart is achieved through breath control. 

Control of the breath is achieved through concentration of attention, this center is located in the person’s forehead.

In Taoism there is a concept Dant'ian — it is a power center, a peculiar accumulator of energy.

The top Dant'ian is located in the brain; its point is projected between the eyebrows.

The middle Dant'ian is located behind the chest, within the heart area.

The lower Dan t'ian is in the abdominal area; it is 3 - 4 cm lower than the belly button.

In Christianity these three centers are also emphasized and designated as a triunity; divided only in words. They are pointed to when one makes a sign of the cross on the body:

  • Forehead (God the Creator — universal essence)

  • Chest (The Holy Spirit without which a biological life on the earth is impossible)

  • Stomach (materialization on the earth, in a human body, the son of Creator)

The earthly son of God — neither God nor human, something new, another, other life, that needs to be seen. Neither God nor human and through the Holy Spirit — both this and that, synthesis, the birth of new. 

The Trinity of Life, uniform, indivisible, the principle of life for all living beings; through this principle is all new beginnings, within any biological species.

When a child is born, he is still being carried, he is a human child, but not a person yet, he continues the evolution after birth. And, later in time, this child develops pre-consciousness. His foundation — impression and further — has the ability to be impressed. 

This is not consciousness, but through this zone comes experience; to be impressed — is an ability to accumulate experience. The only thing to which this zone of impression can be compared to is with a deep immersion into contemplation when all vital functions are turned off; and, the contemplator is impressed by the object of contemplation.

Such spiritual form — contemplative impression — is a huge informational step, because it completely changes consciousness, and the person moves from usual human consciousness to another level of consciousness. Before my explanations, this level was explained as spiritual, and it is comparable to this child’s moment — of being impressed. At such a moment, the "inner-I" is not thinking of anything, it is in a state when any thought stops.

The child at this moment of transition to consciousness is comparable to Mowgli, he is not a person yet. The environment where this being will end up  is that which he will become. If he gets to wolves — he will be imprinted by wolves, if he gets to monkeys — he will be imprinted by monkeys. If he gets to people — he will be imprinted by people. If he gets to God — he will be imprinted by God.

The impact on consciousness, on a brain is such that the reverse process is practically impossible, the "inner-I" becomes that by what it is imprinted.

The child is imprinted among people — in him is embodied the principle of possible new.   For this new to be manifested, an Alpha has to come. Then between the Alpha and the person, the program of transfer and acceptance of experience is established. The changes affect the person completely, in all of his thin planes. 

Such is effect is trance-contemplation: imprinting transforms completely, all skies in the person and all of his bodies. 

All religious systems, without exception, are built on this principle — the principle of "imprinted".

Buddha — the Alpha, left a method of a manifestation of the new, a transition from the person into new. But the language of Buddhism is archaic, not evolutionary, and isn't supported by science. In Christianity, the system of transition into new also exists, it can be found in the system itself. But the system didn't show the transition into the new. The reason for it: So it happened that the Savior in his life managed to leave the belief to his students, but not a method of transition from earthly life into the earthly new. It isn't simple in my opinion, this is my absolute belief.

New — is a different type of attention, gravitational, and a different gravitational center. As a result, a different type of breath and heartbeat that are connected with the gravitationally sensual manifestation.

The meaning of the cross — a cross, with its clear, accurately allocated centers — is unique. The cross appeared much later in time, after the Savior, and with the concept of "Trinity" is not that simple too, but, nevertheless, all of this got united in one unique doctrine:

  1. Salvation

  2. Cross, with the accurate, clear designations of the centers

  3. Concept of Trinity

And today I am trying to explain, to prove that the Trinity is the principle of development of all living beings on the earth. Only this Trinity of Nature, united as a uniform, indivisible whole, is capable of generating the evolutionary new.

The earthly son of God — is both God and the human in one person. The Holy Spirit — is that which has the power to unite God and human into a single whole. Not the human and human, but God and human; was a human — became another. From humans, based on humans, but already another. It means to materialize Salvation and to follow the Savior, the teachings of salvation, the teachings of humanity, and to carry them within oneself and to materialize the cross of the development of Life. 

(Important to note: the teachings of humanity are a norm for Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and so on.)

My reflections can cause discontent for many people. Some can even say that I am offending someone's religious feelings. I apologize in advance if someone has such feelings: I do not have such a goal. 

I am an evolutionist, and at the same time a religious person, and it is natural to me to be this way, this is the way I am imprinted. Because of this my psyche is not split into two parts and doesn't clash with itself. My mind, my soul, and my body are calm and conscious in such unity. If it is to be divided into two — it would be the same as cutting me into two parts.

The Savior died young.

I have no doubts: if he would have lived longer — the practice would be born arising from the first prayer ("Our Father," our heavenly Father), emerging from the sense of these words. And the person would stop being the slave and really would become the son of the heavenly Father.

An additional point:

What the reader needs to understand if he is not well informed: The path that was opened by the Savior — it was a full, absolute collision with the cultural code in which he lived. In that cultural code, the son of God — is a revolution. It is a threat to both the spiritual elite, and the secular elite, simply because the son of God is equal to none. This means a complete replacement of the elite. 

(Think about it: who is a king versus the son of God? Answer: nobody. And who is the emperor to whom other kings serve? — the same nobody. It is simple to figure out the consequences.)

Now, these questions have been democratically and civilly smoothed out, and nobody digs it deeply — because it is a very serious conflict: religious collision, the collision of the elite, the collision of the states, it is a repartition of the world. 

But in today's civilized and democratic time, it is now possible to speak about it, it is necessary to speak of it. Because when something new comes, generally accepted standards — the tradition, such as the thousand-year-old traditions of our fathers, doesn't accept the new, it frightens them. These traditions are rooted in the Middle Ages, and the Middle Ages are rooted from the "Stone Age." Traditions don't grow from the future, they grow from the past.

I will repeat: the first prayer that the Savior gave to his students, begins with "Our Father", it does not have the word "slave," it has the words "My Father" — "Our Father," that is all of us — are brothers and sisters through one Father. 

Irrespective of race or nationality, fanatical or progressive views, and other various ideological subtleties. 

In order for nature’s mobilization triunity to manifest as one whole, the following things are necessary:

  1. The gravitational center in the stomach must stop wandering.

  2. For this to occur, this center must become realized.

  3. One must further understand why it is necessary to stop the wandering.

  4. Nature’s mobilization triunity does not develop within the person through words, thoughts, desires, or science.

  5. Nature’s mobilization triunity, as a skill, is transferred only through the laws of nature.

Explanation: in spiritual systems, there is such a concept as a transfer of the teaching, a practice known as "from the heart to heart, from hand to hand." Generally speaking, it is nature’s fundamental approach of following the elder. Such transfer of skill is provided through an instinct; human intuition, knowledge, accumulated skills, in this case, do not matter.

Nature’s evolutionary and mobilization triunity:

  1. It means the attention that is felt on the forehead, becomes a single whole with the gravitational center in the stomach.

  2. It means attention has to become gravitational; then the breath that connects through life the two worlds, mind and a body, will change, a new feeling will be manifested — a realized feeling of gravitation.

  3. The body will completely transform and become pliable, and the mind will become calm, unshakable.

Such is my understanding of nature’s evolutionary-mobilization triunity.

I will provide a reminder:

At the moment of feeling threatened (not a materialized threat yet), all animals without exception (those on land, water, and air) including the human, lower their height as if grappling with the earth. It is clearly visible in fighting dogs — they spread their paws, digging into the earth. 

The person also lowers his center of gravity. Professional athletes at such a moment have almost instant muscle relaxation, which includes a signaling of inner-connections and a complete stop, freezing. Then the muscles instantly clench toward the gravitational center. The push to action begins from ideally supported/anchored feet. 

The force moves up from the foot below, and attention coordinates this force within space, directing it.

As you can see, a full mobilization assembly: 

  1. It is lowering the gravitational center.

  2. Mobilized attention, based on need — environmental or object.

  3. Breath — "without breath," with the awakening of internal power reserves. This is how maximum spatial stability is achieved to support decision-making — active/inactive, flee/attack, and etc.

It's just not possible to say that it is simply an accident that the centers emphasized on the human body by different human civilizations coincide. It is the first thing that the person should recognize. 

My comparisons with the world of nature, cats, dogs, snakes, birds, and fish can be pleasant or unpleasant, but the Principle of Life, the principle of the Nature’s Trinity — it exists, because it is. Evolution — is a universal phenomenon. Also, it is a fact, which cannot be changed.

The evolutionary trance differs from Dkhiana, Ch’an, Zen, and from any other practices and teachings in its orientation to the  conscious evolution of humankind, towards consistent development. In all other teachings there is no constancy of development because they are limited by a framework of cultural code.

The cultural code, first of all, is a formation of administrative stability, which can be understood by the masses at the everyday life level, at the level of daily habits.

The current humankind will be replaced by another kind. It exists within the human from the very beginning, from the very first cell, from the moment of origin of life.

The laws of nature cannot be changed. And the millennia of the spiritual cultures that are not incidentally concure in allocation of the main centers on a human body — are teachings. Within which, among other things, there is an expectation that the world surely one day will change for the human.

Perhaps the time has come to transition from faith to the realization?

The next evolutionary step of humankind a person will make consciously — it means the people’s world will change at last.


A reason why "meditation" made the brain of the person "handicapped."

The conceptual translation of such concepts as Dkhiana, Ch’an, and Zen with the term "meditation" is not only inappropriate, it is simply dangerous. It has misled and confused peoples' minds, for the past couple of hundred years. 

And for the past two centuries, these confused minds, from the very beginning, in their own fashion, have been explaining the terms Dkhian, Ch’an, and Zen.

The substitution of the meanings happened because in the European traditional culture for thousands of years there was no technical equivalent of Dkhiana, Ch’an or Zen. All of this was also substituted with the unsuccessful term "meditation." And through this term "meditation" they began to explain what it never had.

The forefathers of this term never possessed neither Dkhiana, nor Ch’an, nor Zen, and were not even close to being the experts in these areas. First the word "meditation" was introduced — at least it is some kind of analogy, "in the absence of fish, even a crayfish is fish." And then civilized snobbery kicked in: we are an advanced race, we are the advanced civilization, we are the advanced nation. And that is how it was, this is the historical colonial truth.

The mental injury which, as a result, was inflicted on the minds of people, modern people, defies a normal explanation… Speaking frankly and directly, "the brain was made into the mentally disabled," and then explaining to this mentally disabled that such a disability is civilized health.

More or less closer, more adequate term for the translation of these technical terms and concepts of Dkhiana, Ch’an, Zen — is "contemplation.

These types of contemplative practices didn’t exist in Europe; however, people prayed and the prayers focused thought. Thus "the effect of contemplation" became possible because, since childhood, people entering temples got under the influence of the building, its architecture, its internal order, the regularity of prayer’s rhythms, being surrounded by icons, from the joyful to the strict ones...  like this, since childhood, the mind of the person exists under impression.

When such impression continues for thousands of years, it becomes an integral part of archaic character. 

For example, in nature, if we take birds or other animals from one island and transport them to another, they get into a new food chain, and their appearance will change — beak, wings, claws and etc. This is how in nature the impression of the animals creates their own archaic character.

Temples — are an analogy of nature, they are like "the islands on the continent." Only it's not an animal, but spiritual. But the principle is the same — deep impact on the impression; creation of a figurative image, from childhood — what one can and cannot do, when to rejoice and for what one can be punished. 

The effect of contemplation becomes possible through immersion into prayer within such an environment, but as an exception. And such an exception is not a contemplation technique.

Contemplation — at least the meaning of the word is understandable and more or less corresponds with the Еastern conceptual meanings. I will repeat: immersion through prayer is not an explorative practice. One can agree that immersion through prayer is not a way to attain seven skies; it's not a way to comprehend how and in what way the energy moves through the channels, etc. In other words, it is not scientific practice — it is neither explorative nor is it a mystical science.

And here Dkhiana, Ch’an, Zen — is an internal science where, similar to modern science, there were geniuses, talents, and various "thinkers." 

All in all, the concept contemplation does partially answer the Eastern mystical immersiveness; in which exists various schools, systems, practices, and all of this — is mystical science. Though there is enough near-mystical garbage in the East. 

This science differs from modern "university" science, but both this and that are science. Only  our science excluded that science from life, deprived it its right. At the end, their science should be differentiated from obscurantism, and so should ours, as it is mixed here as well — it also needs to be differentiated.

The term "trance" adequately corresponds to Dkhiane, Ch’an, and Zen. But, unfortunately, the cultural code of European civilization, its history, couldn't allow development of a mystical trance as teachings, as practices. 

For such teachings, in the past, probably, not only the person, but the whole village in which the person lived would be burned. And if such a person lived in the city, then the city would be reduced to ashes. And if this was not done by the city’s own people, then the surrounding states would declare war on this state for such mystical Zen teachings.

What result has come out of all of this?

Today the West looks to the East, searching there for something that ancestors buried at home, at least one and a half thousand years ago. And after such thousand-year cleanings of pagan science, from its ancient philosophy they dropped to the level of ventriloquists, entertainers, devilry and other messy stuff.

Therefore, today’s initially passionate youth, intellectuals, and thinkers are scouting the East, within the other’s cultural code. They are trying to find, in the other’s archaic and psycho reality, something to which they aren't connected (no common roots). 

Your roots — your ancestors — are here, and not there. To enter the Eastern stream, it means to replace one’s own archaic code. For this purpose, it will be required, at least, five hundred years — temples, images and all the rest that accompanies the person since childhood, in order to create archaic impressions in the child from an early age. 

It means to create an island within the continent. See above for what this means.

* * *

Instead of the trance teaching, the West gave birth to Freud, Jung, and others. These talented people — as all modern scientists — were observers from the sidelines, from outside. Such is the modern scientific approach. 

However, the trance as immersion into contemplation — is a scientific tool for mystical researchers of inner-space. People with such scientific, spiritual ability were simply cut down.

It doesn't mean that no one is left, but there aren’t enough of them. However, they still need to understand everything, must pass through the archaics — it is like going through purgatory, it is to travel through hell; this is what it means. 

I don't think that today it is possible to find such mystics in the West. In order for at least one to manifest, there should be millions of people with such predisposition for this to happen.

I repeat: people with mystical, scientific, spiritual ability — as though someone's heavy and sharp-clawed hand was engaged in genetic cleansing; breeding for itself and its needs, the controllable, manipulated psychotype. 

To prevent doubts, one can review the Dark Middle Ages, and it was called as such: Dark; with a dark, sharp-clawed, heavy hand. It tore apart any dissenting view, by burning, sinking, and torturing.

And in such a background of a super large Stockholm syndrome, the system was created: “be afraid, shiver, kiss hands and be happy that one has been allowed to become close to this heavy hand." And that's how it was. 

Just think, for how long has human civilization gotten halted from the inner science — for hundreds of years, thousands, or tens of thousands? And then imagine where mankind would be and what it would be like for the modern European civilization if there was no such stop.

Europe, after all, became the change engine — it went through the technological, social, other types of development... And nowadays, Europe orients itself to the East — it looks for breakthrough, without understanding, aspires to it, unconsciously. It's not simply an expansion, it is more deep. It is the dynamics which have already been created within it: breakthrough in one area, breakthrough in another area, and today, with direction to the East, she wants to make a third breakthrough in this as well. Because this civilization is psychologically ambitious, just like an athlete.

The best part of this history — this derived, bredthrough-selection, European psychotype is capable of making the next evolutionary step for humankind, painlessly, without bothering the archaic. (It is what it is.) My congratulations to all: the heavy and sharp-clawed, non-evolutionary hand missed its target — created all necessary conditions for the next evolutionary step of humankind.

Whereas to move through the mystical immersion using the Eastern option, it means that the European psychotype must call to its side Freud, Jung, and others. Because this is an intermixture of archaics: have not gotten out of their own fears — but have gotten into fears of others. Well done.

Once again, so it happened that Europeans — their psyche, their intellect, their modern education made them the most prepared for the next evolutionary and specifically conscious transition of humankind. They are much better prepared than people from the East, where its archaic and cultural code will hold masses in a place for a long time.

Though everything is possible, the information world changes quickly, and people comprehend quickly... It can happen so that the East will comprehend it quicker than in Europe.

The terms "environmental-mobilization attention" and "object-mobilization attention" — it is not contemplation, it is not Dkhiana, and not Ch’an, and not Zen. However, Dkhiana, Ch’an and Zen, as well as contemplation, originate from nature — the "mobilization triunity" is the property of all living things, including humans too.

Human, get out of a cage

The animal principle of skill transferring, an animal tradition of imprinting.

Transfer of the trance-skills by the spiritual principle goes through the same model, as in the animal kingdom, only people call it "from hand to hand, from heart to heart"; this is a human tradition. The main difference between the person and animals: by being the human mowgli, the person is capable of going through imprinting more than once.

If skills do not exist — there is nothing to transfer. 

For example, wolves, tigers, and other inhabitants of a zoo can't transfer skills of life in nature — simply because they are slaves living in a cage, in bondage. The slave isn't capable of transferring hunting skills to another slave. In this way, a caged hunter in the single generation becomes helpless, becomes the slave and if such an animal is freed from a cage, it will perish in nature. Even though animals often live twice as long in the zoo — such civilization has been achieved in a cage, with medicine and a full "social package."

Civilization in its own way puts the human in the "cage." As long as he is in a cage, it is impossible to transfer evolutionary skills. Without releasing the mind from bondage, from a cage, it is impossible to accept skills neither from the hands, nor from the heart.

The first step — liberation. And the person can do this. Unlike animals, he has an inquisitive mind — to understand, then to accept, and then further to liberate himself from the non-evolutionary "cage based" program, from a code without development. 

The cultural code everywhere, worldwide, closes the evolutionary program of development. Human civilization is the evolutionary deadlock.

One can try as much as he wants to transfer the knowledge to the non-liberated from the cage — even from the divine hands, or divine heart. If a person is used to living in the cage, he may come out from time to time and return to it again. And after returning, he will hang up the lock on the cage door. I know what I am talking about. Because I have seen how people, having moved ahead slightly, having slightly tasted the power of the alpha, got back into the cage and locked it from within, so that at least in a cage they could be an alpha. Nothing good comes out of this, falling down is inevitable — the one who chose a cage will live in it.

The spiritually imprinted one is liberated FROM ALL — none can place him into the cage again, even God doesn't do it. The choice of a further path — is a personal responsibility. No one is forcing anything. Any coercion of an awakened one, any coercion of the born anew is a caged psychology.

Mobilization trance-triunity is billions of years old. Yoga, in this background, has been in existence for about two to three seconds. My tradition — is not from yoga (because it is spiritual, majestic — but has the evolutionary deadlock). My tradition — is from nature, a continuous evolutionary development without any cages.

For "the civilized person", the natural mobilization attention (environmental and object) has been substituted with active attention — development of intelligence. 

This happened because the person didn't need to be afraid and watch all night long anymore, to sleep "watchfully" because animals can attack at night, or worry that he will miss in his hunt for food, or become a cripple...

The civilized society over many generations has weakened the fear of danger and thirst of survival in the fight against nature. In addition, it weakened the ability to stay in the waking state — to sleep "watchfully and hear things." Therefore, today it is possible to call the usual attention an "active" one, but it's no longer "mobilized."

However, the memory of mobilized attention isn't erased. 

The development of active attention and intellect of a human was promoted by writing, craft, construction, calculations. Contemplation as a concept is closer to active attention than to mobilization attention. Meaning that it is closer to the modern person than to nature. 

And therefore neither contemplation nor active attention are the evolutionary program of development.

Human attention is like a branch on an evolutionary tree trunk, a narrowly adaptive specialization. 

It's not a trunk and moreover it's not roots.

The trunk and roots of evolution are environmental and object-mobilization attention.

 "Alpha transfer" of skills

One can get into mobilization attention through submerging and staying in it. 

By staying in it, one enters into interrelation with objects in space within and around oneself, the space does not have limits. 

In nature, the two streams of attention, environmental and object, are regulated individually in each being — controlled from within and from the outside.

Transfer of knowledge of a pack’s functions happens through an alpha individual. 

The alpha individual activates and at the same time suppresses possibilities of development in his/her clan and everyone precisely finds a place in its social hierarchy; thereby bringing necessary benefit to the pack. This is how it works in the animal world.

Practically the same, occurs in the people’s world, according to the same formula. 

For example: rajah, sultan, king, tsar, president, chief, shah, prince, leader — are surrounded with people in whom he at the same time suppresses insignificance and activates the necessary qualities. And everyone occupies a niche with narrow specialization and responsibility around the leader. An example — the president and his ministers.

The animal kingdom is similar — the leader of the pack surrounded by his ministers. Somewhat a collective intelligence that provides high efficiency of the pack and a collective survival. 

The alpha individual is necessary, he/she suppresses and awakens something. And thanks to it, each individual is in the optimum place within the pack, just like a single cell in a big organism. For people such a "collective organism" — is а country. And if they got lucky with their alpha — it means good fortune for all.

The principle of "spiritual transfer of skills" can be manifested only by people liberated from oppression by anyone — rajah, sultan, king, tsar, president, chief, shah, prince, leader, etc. Then the principle of transfer of skill "from hand to hand, from heart in heart" can work. But, for this to occur, the receiver too has to be liberated from oppression of the generally accepted norms.

Striking example: The Savior and his students. If the Savior wasn't liberated from a cultural code, the salvation teaching wouldn't be born. For the salvation teaching to appear, the liberated students had to be born — the Apostles were liberated from the cultural code. 

The same goes for Buddhism and for any other great teachings.

The person who isn't liberated from society can't be taught spirituality. A spirituality trained individual behaves a little bit differently in society, not as everybody else.

The spiritual alpha is liberated from oppression by alpha leaders. His master is the Creator of the universe or one of the gods whom he accepts to be "the main one." 

The liberation from the program of oppression by the alpha leader — is some kind of "error in the species program." This failure as the program is necessary because evolution of life is multi-vectored, it always prepares for the "X hour" in nature — hour when the majority of species disappears, and then such program error can save someone — this is an evolutionary way of salvation. 

Liberation from a code (error in the program) — is an evolutionary way of salvation.
The liberated — "spiritual alpha" — resides in waiting for "X hour," he may not even know about it.

The spiritual alpha submerges into a deep religious feeling of his belonging to the whole universe. 

The spiritual alpha is liberated from the cultural code of his tribe and yet does not abandon the tribe, is freed by the belief from any type of oppression. He can't be brought down from the predetermined path. 

The transformation of his consciousness, it is evolutionary, it is just simply that people did not know of such a word in those days. 

Behind all great religions, there are spiritual alphas liberated from the cultural code of the tribe and yet not abandoning the tribe through the millennia.

One more thing necessary to know: they are not religious figures. Their students were engaged in it. They were engaged in systematization understandable by the ordinary person who wasn't ready for a direct transfer "from hand to hand, from heart to heart."

 The direct students were able to accept the teachings because they were able to become liberated. One can pour any amount into a full bowl, it will overflow. And no matter how much is poured — impurity, even in one droplet, will spoil all contents of a bowl. To avoid ruining the content, the student has to pour out all from a bowl himself. Such is the path of faith.

Nature’s mobilization for the person — is a spiritual step. It's not a step backwards to the animal world, it is a step forward, in respect to a physical body, intellect, and spirituality. And for such steps the faith is not needed, all that is needed is the well-defined and clear understanding of the modern pragmatist — is this profitable/not-profitable? Beneficial (profitable) — means go forward and realize it. Non-beneficial (non-profitable) — means stop and think it through.

The last thing that it is necessary to remember. 

Evolutionary trance immersion into the mobilization triunity — it is not Dkhiana, not Ch’an, not a Zen, not Contemplation and moreover is not meditation; and it's not the next popularized psycho-technique.

The word has been spoken — the time has come

From the author: What is this book about?

In great civilizations of antiquity (Egypt, India, China, Greece, etc.) the trance-mysticism, trance-religion, and trance-science were a single whole. Time and development of civilizations introduced its own changes: that which was a single whole, has been divided into components.

Then, once again, and again, and again. 

After thousands of years that which was divided, have met again — in the new trance-gravitational space of consciousness -- and become whole.

A merger of three main centers on a human body (forehead, heart, stomach) makes a person  be trance-gravitational — making him different. 

And that which was divided by a civilization into components, is united again in such a new trance-gravitational person. And, as you can see, explained in the normal language, clear, understandable to the modern person.

In what lies the complexity for the ordinary person? If one pulls fish out of water and into the air, it knows that it is in another environment. If the person enters the water, he too knows that he is in another environment. But, the fish and the person don't know that they exist in the gravitational environment.

This can be explained to a person but not to fish. However, the situation doesn't change because of it. Through explanations this becomes kind of clear, but he is all the same — as that fish; the person can understand it, fish cannot — that is all that is different. Even if the fish understands, what will change for it? Nothing. The same goes for the person.

The consciousness of the person is arranged in such a way that as soon as he receives information — practically at once, the illusion of knowledge is created right away. Modern science has accustomed the person to research from outside but not to be the researcher from within.

In this case, in a new trance-gravitational person, science is both outside and inside at the same time, and the gravitational space is learned by mind not only from the outside but also from within — at the same time. 

In addition, it is possible to regulate the two types of research — to go more deep outside or, on the contrary, to go deeper inside.

For the fish, water is its space of life; the air is not its place of life. For the gravitationally transformed person, his space of life — is both air and gravitational space at the same time. Example: some reptiles live at the same time in two environments, air and water, for them both environments are native, important and necessary.

The next evolutionary step — it is only next, after all someone will choose life in two spaces, and someone will choose one. It's not a question of today, but it is not a question of a very distant future.

To summarize, the concept of “read and understood” — it is only information and it is not an internal knowledge — it’s not the knowledge that has been self realized. 

This information is only a half-step for the person. 

If a half-step has been made and understood, the way it is customary today, then there will be those who will seek to realize the other half of a step — to realize themselves in trance-gravitation  space. 

It is important to understand, this space is not limited by air, or water, or the planet Earth. The trance-gravitational space is infinite and boundless, as is the universe. Because the universe is itself the manifestation of gravitation and much more, but it's enough for a start.

 The next evolutionary step — it's not the last, there will also be others, but the first step — is already universal, not limited to the Earth’s space.

The Earth, for millennia has been viewed as the made-up closed "chest." The freedom in the chest doesn't exist, it is limited to chest walls. Human, get out from the cage of such thinking, the cage — is a zoo. 

The zoo can be decorated in many ways, but the chest has been broken a long time ago: The Earth is not in a chest that is covered with the heavens’ lid; she freely rushes within universal space. She is liberated. Together with her, it is necessary to be liberated.

To become really whole — it means to materialize Nature’s Trinity in oneself.

  1. Then the usual attention becomes trance-gravitational.

  2. The center of weight — the center of gravitation, becomes alive in the person, materialized, perceptible, trance-gravitational.

  3. These two centers themselves are united by a trance-gravitational type of breath.

  4. The rhythm of the heart changes.

  5. The body and heart become a single whole: blood moves in muscles differently — muscles help the movement of electric current of blood; work with a heart as a single whole.

  6. An absolutely different type of interaction with the objects surrounding us is awakened — information moves to another qualitative level where two types of attention, environmental and concrete-objective, become a single whole in the person. This is a totally different psyche.

  7. Which is inherent to the person, but for now is not yet intrinsic, just because the person is still "human mowgli" and isn't liberated from his own karma, or from his genetic lineage.

  8. Liberated — it means you are another/different, and your whole genetic line is freed by you, if you prefer — rescued.

  9. Because the whole personal genetic lineage worked, participated, so that the one who will rescue himself appeared, and by rescuing himself, will rescue the whole genetic tree.

This evolutionary potential is asleep in the person and is awaiting its hour. 

The word has been spoken — time has come. 

The next evolutionary step of humankind a human being will make with CERTAINTY.

The book will be continued after the first part is read by readers and there will be questions. 

I will give answers to the questions that are more pragmatic and have an essence. 

         It is necessary to recognize: the difficult step has been taken, when symbolism of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity is cross-referenced with the animal world. One elementary Principle of Life for all is shown.

The triunity — is the principle of life of Nature.

The triunity of nature can be unconscious, as for animals.

The triunity of nature can be understood with the mind of the person.

Then materialization of the triunity will become a norm of life. 

It will become a norm in the cultural code of the human.

Immersion in triunity can be carried out at any time and in any place — while eating, having conversation, working, during any training, and even while being asleep — if you woke up in a dream. 

I am adding a reminder: if you have no work discipline — you will achieve nothing. Even if you have talent and capability to be trained — it does not make any difference.

The highest form of discipline is like an invariable ritual of nature — day is replaced by night, and night replaces day. Immersion in triunity can be carried out at any time and in any place, and it is necessary to carry it out, just like nature ritual. An ideal place for performance of nature’s ritual — is where you work — where you are hunting.

Master HORA®
June 15 — August 28, 2015

“The Defender of Nature” Character created by Master HORA®  © Atayan A.V. 2017. Sculptor Sapunova E.

Part Two:


The Trance-gravitational Human

The essence differs from the truth as truth differs from lies.

Master HORA®

...He asked a question of me, “what people am I afraid of and how many categories of such people do I know?” 

I answered, “I cannot say I am afraid of anyone, but I do keep clear of them for sure; and I know only one category of such people from whom one should stay away, it is FOOLS.”

“Well, I know two categories.”

I was surprised and inquired “What could be more dangerous than fools?”

“Such people exist. PROACTIVE FOOLS — are more dangerous than fools.”

They are sort of the Olympic champions among fools.

We were both nearly thirty years old, we just met, and this was the beginning of our conversation. 

The conversation lasted for three days with breaks for sleep. After it, he stopped practicing yoga, which he had practiced for a few years. He studied yoga from the carrier of this tradition, as they both studied in the same university. Why he made such decision will be clear as one reads on further.


After 25 years, one of the participants in my dynamic training from the early 1990s expressed his opinion about me: “In Master HORA there is a Master and there is an Armenian. The Armenian has won.”

I will translate the meaning of the above statement said by the “expert of souls and nationalities”: The Armenian chose money because he is an Armenian. 

This person trained in my studio for about three years and, you may not believe it, but he trained for free. So, this non-Armenian is not satisfied….

What was happening behind the scenes? It may be tough to believe, but no one paid a single ruble for my dynamic training at all. NO ONE.

So am I a fool or a saint? 

I will accept any answer. 

Then my question to the reader of any nationality, who is then the “expert of souls and nationalities?” 

I will accept any answer.


During the second year of training, two demonstrations were given. About two to three months were used to get ready for them. No additional special training time was invested, it was done during regular training.

What was happening behind the scenes? The training was happening on the concrete floor in a construction site. The actual demonstrations happened on a wooden floor, not a wrestling mat. 

At that time, I was living in the cold tourist conditions of a St. Petersburg basement. That is where all the training took place, and no one noticed.

I slept on a door that was supported by four bricks. These bricks were placed on top of the concrete floor. That is how it was. For a table, I had a box for transportation of glass with the structural subfloor panel on top of it.

At that time I had 20 to 40 students, and now one who paid for the training. I lived in such conditions for three to four years. After a quarter century, I can mention, that no one had a bright idea, that includes the “soul expert,” to chip in 100 rubles each, then Master would have been able to purchase an apartment. Just by the fact, in such conditions you cannot start a family, have kids and, in general, those conditions were not livable. A question to which everyone knows the answer: Why such an idea did not come up to anyone?

The problem is that I knew then and now, very clearly, the root cause of such a situation. Where it came from, how it became part of these people and, why a person with such upbringing, in the end, separated me in two (and not only him): Armenian and Master.

So it turns out that “one of me” — is a fool — either the Armenian who lived in such conditions and worked for free or the Master. 

And the other than probably saint — or master or Armenian. 

I will accept any answer.

This is the type of rendering on how the master should look that, has emerged in our culture. 

Unfortunately, in our cultural traditions, I was introduced as a Master in such view: detached from everything. Then, for them, I was something more than a Master in common sense of this word, maybe a saint. And to this day, no one wants anything less from me. From me, the Armenian, no one wants less, but not from self. 

They didn't understand that, and they still don't understand it.

Moreover, I am convinced that they would not want to understand it differently. If they accept this, is the same as to standing in front of the mirror, looking closely at yourself, and to see that what will be reflected.

Detour (Digression)

Over the period of 25 years, from time to time, I hear that some of them, moved further than me, deeper, higher, etc.

 However, not one of them teaches for free — what they were doing before meeting me or what they did afterward. Sainthood was not attained by anyone, not one of them wants to or wanted to detach from life. No one wanted to follow the same path which they wanted me to take. Civilization and warm toilet seats have corrupted to the core, the good, spiritually oriented people.

 Before meeting me they had practiced various arts—Karate, Sombo, Wushu, etc.—for 10 or more years, but this is not what they offered for sale. This is the main reason for my discontent. 

I will clarify this. I did not take money from them. However, they took money for things they did not finish learning from me but still got something. To this (learning), they added their brilliant fantasy and start charging fees.

Examples of such fantasies include:

  1. The invention of the old wise men, in front of whom even the Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen-Buddhism and Shaolin temple, is equal to zero.

  2. The invention of the sorcerers, a special tradition and culture, for which thousands of years of Dhan’, Chan’, Zen are insignificant. 

Just to note: European meditation has nothing to do with above-mentioned cultures. It is a fruit from a different tree and absolutely opposite to Dhan’, Chan’, Zen, that someone is trying to process through oneself. How does it look like? It looks like a washbowl trying to filter the ocean through itself. Then this “washbowl” gives out licenses and diplomas. All parties are happy about it.

  1. However, the ones that claim that their traditions flow all the way from Hyperborea, have gone even further and higher. In other words, even all above-mentioned fantasies and realities, in comparison with this tradition of inheritance are just nothing.

A question to the reader: What do you think would happen to these individuals who have attained things further and higher if they spent one winter in such living conditions as I did? Would they still have the health or foolishness to train people, especially for free? I think not, because they are for sure not saints and certainly not fools. They only have a professional image of being unselfish.

What was happening behind the scenes? Among them, there was no single Armenian, not by nationality or lineage, except me. I am Armenian by lineage, but I count myself as Russian by nationality. I think in Russian, even in the dreams…

However, as Master HORA, I am neither Russian nor Armenian. 

And this world does not have a nationality that is capable of overcome master within the master.

Question: Jesus, Buddha, Prophet Muhammad — are they internationalists or nationalists?

If a master does not reside in essence, then he dwells in truth.

Essence — is international, it does not have marks of nationality. It shines to everyone like a sun, just like rain comes down on all. 

Essence differs from the truth, as truth is different from lies.

Question: Do Jesus, Buddha, Prophet Muhammad dwell in Essence or in Truth?

Whatever will be your answer, you will end up there, immediately.


Development (progress) forces people and society to alter their consciousness and to change their behavior and habits. 

On the level of everyday psychology:

1. The transition from child to young adult consciousness requires effort.

2. The transition from youth to adult consciousness requires even more effort.

3. Growing up is not a single, in-a-moment transition, it is a succession of changes/transitions.

Each of these transitions requires effort and submission because one has to say goodbye to a piece of his inner-I. However, at one moment of life, one has a hard time saying goodbye to even to the smallest part of one’s inner-I, because he/she has grown up, happened, and has life principles without which he/she is not the same.

 My point is: to make one step forward in the age-related transitions, one must forcibly liberate from a piece of his/her “I”. And, for an adult to make a big step, he is forced, with pain, to liberate himself from a piece of his “I” or from the whole “I”.

 Example: Transferring from one religious principle to another — it means that one will die and, in its place, another will come; i.e. one set of principles dies (one buries them) and new ones arrive. A complete reevaluation of values has happened.

Moreover, the principles for which one was ready to give his life, he will not anymore. Simply because the values for which life can be given, have changed.

What kind of conclusion can one come to: Either one has betrayed himself and his ancestors — or has elevated a sense of self and one’s ancestors.

The next evolutionary step of a humankind a human will make consciously™. 

This is reevaluation of values, of such intensity.

Either one betrays oneself or his kind — 

or one elevates self and his kind 

and leads it to a different level.


There was a time when slavery was a norm of life and conformed to the law of God and moral standards. Nevertheless, it was reexamined — reexamined through a revolutionary manner.

The cost of it is now known by all. Some were for it and some were against it…. 

As a result, through massive bloody events, the concept of justice was changed through revolutionary means. This bloody journey of liberating raped human dignity has taken thousands of years.

There was a time of colonial enslavement — it got reexamined, however, the price of it was no less. 

However, the most terrible slavery — is a slavery of the mind. 

The path to the soul lies through the mind, and not the other way around. 

The growing up of the soul happens through the mind, and not the other way around. When the soul grows up, one is freed, and just like in childhood, one is growing up and rejects either part of the false view in one’s mind or is forced to reject the false view of the whole mind.

Slavery cannot be partial, it is an illusion. 

If the mind is a little bit, lightly enslaved — 

it means that a leash has been put on the soul.

It’s just the leash is longer.

Humanity, in time, through pain, does grow up. 

However, a person does not have the same long life.

The time for the liberation of the soul is equal to an instant; like a spark. 

A person does not have thousands of years.

The next evolutionary step of the humankind, a human will make consciously™ and this can be only done by the person who understands, why he needs this. 

On a common sense level:

1. Does this bring benefit or harm?

2. Is this beneficial or not beneficial for society?

3. Does this destroy the lives of people around them or, on the contrary, does it bring the nudge towards creation?

4. And so on.

I will be speaking about human and society, about the high spiritual and lowly, about dignifying earnings and dirty money. 

In such comparison, a person can see himself, reconsider something inside himself, discard something while following the path of liberation from the slavery of the mind.


...He asked a question of me, what people am I afraid of and how many categories of such people do I know. 

I answered, “I cannot say I am afraid of anyone, but I do keep clear of them for sure; and I know only one category of such people from whom one should stay away, it is FOOLS.”

“Well, I know two categories.”

I was surprised and inquired “What could be more dangerous than fools?”

“Such people exist. The PROACTIVE FOOLS — are more dangerous than fools.”

Practically forty years later I am sharing life experience: as it
turns out there are people who are more scary and dangerous than fools and so more dangerous and scarier than enlightened, perfect fools — they are WHISPERERS.

Whisperers program the consciousness and control minds of the fools. Moreover, more advanced fools are being promoted into supervisors. The life for them becomes clear and as simple as a teardrop: they use expressions, the meaning of which they do not know.

Whisperers, in their essence, are the servants of anti-truth. They “trade” in quasi-truth, so to speak the “big Truth”. Whisperers — are the radicals from all types of races, nationalities, confessions of faith and so on. They are the ones who stay behind the fools and initiate the fools with their own distinct truth — the truth of exceptionality.

When they merge into legions... then something similar to what we had in the 1990s can happen; or what happened in Europe in the 1940’s; or what is happening now in the Middle East… The scale is different, but the essence is the same: truth of exceptionality that substitutes the essence with itself. 

And everything always begins with the fools, and from what looks like innocent not hideous things.

An example of not hideous things: “Armenian in the Master won over the master.” By my side, there was an enlightened expert of human nature. However, I would forgive him his foolishness after the next round of guilt confession. Even now and I am not angry at him, I know the ones who whispered to him. Such people are always smarter than any fool. In biblical language, whisperers are servants of the father of lies.

(continue section 2)

What the reader must understand. I do not consider myself a master of martial arts (dynamic training). I am a master of HORA teaching, it means that the next evolutionary step of humankind, a human will make consciously. It is infinitely more than any martial art.

Through the dishpan, one can drink the ocean. However, to fit the ocean into the dishpan — is impossible.

Through the dynamic training, the thought that the next evolutionary step of humankind, a human will make consciously was not comprehended by anyone. 


  1. During those times (end of the 1980’s and the beginning of ’90s), it was fashionable to practice martial arts. I took this fashion for true demand. I made a mistake, because of migrating from South to North and was not adapted to the local mentality. This typically takes three to five years.

  2. One can agree that the path of the martial arts — is a very, very narrow segment within the large humanity.

  3. The “Dynamic Dishpan” was used for its different water, its culturally programmed, and accustomed to a search for meditation and Zen. However, the evolutionary step of humankind through any European or Eastern meditation is unobtainable. It is a movement into a completely different direction.

The process of training has been well documented; everything was extremely fast and decades were compressed into months. Nevertheless, despite the results, the trance-evolutionism simply was not awakened in consciousness. Twenty-five years have passed. My audience has become much wider.

At that time, I did not call myself a Master. I did this only after the fact, when my hand by itself signed “Master HORA” instead of my name, under the bullet points captured during the conversation. I was watching how my hand was doing it. From that moment on, I did not ask any questions of anyone in any of the worlds. That is how I was born into this world, Master HORA.

I broke through the walls of the training gym; entered into the big world — from the human dishpan into the human ocean. Today my students — are people of different age, nationalities, from different countries and of different confessions of faith.

The human world is vast and will not fit into any dishpan — not the racial, not the national, not the confession of faith, not any type.

Everyone has their truth, and each of these truths aspires to substitute the essence with itself. 

However, truth in front of essence is the same falsehood as falsehood in front of truth.

What has changed in me since then? Well, nothing really. I've been going my own way, and I'm still going my own way. 

I will return to the beginning. Even before I started my work with the dynamic theme, a different type of people came to me, with completely different demand. It was health-improving Eastern gymnastics, not martial arts, and for completely different payment, ranging from 500 to 1,500 rubles per month. This group would bring in between 2.5 to 4.0 thousand — a one bedroom flat cost about the same, depending on the area and floor number. The “expert of nationalities” knows all this, because he was a witness. Moreover, he knows for sure that based on such prices he would never get a chance to attend my training.

I remember very well the shocked expression on his face and I remember his eyes — it was a dismal picture, the person looked as if he was dying right in front of my eyes. 

He wants to forget it, it’s reasonable and understandable; if one did not return the debt, one does not want to remember it. The instruction from the Master is also an obligation: work with the children until the end. (You cannot make a fortune on them, and parents also oversee their upbringing)

If one cannot settle the debt/obligation/instruction, then one can do a reversal — you do not owe, but it's the others who owe you. And if this is not attainable, then you become the expert and specialist of nationalities, religions, and races, etc.

A master differs from a non-master in the way that if he gives something, he asks nothing in return and does not expect anything. I even forget about my punishments, don’t remember them (work off your debt — you were pulled out of the world of the lost).

This story was reminded to me by another witness who was also there and I began to recall it. And now, I can no longer not remember it; not in this life or in the next lives. 

I did not take money from the adult “kids.” 

However, not all kids matured…

What the reader needs to understand. The house of martial art is not the Institute of the Saints. It is not the place where the face beating is taught. It is a place where men are brought up — accustomed not to give up and not to break; if needed, crawl to the goal, and accomplish his obligation.


I heard many different arguments about Aryans, Kshatriya, and nobility

(Note: Aryans, Kshatriya aristocrat, warrior, nobleman, knight.)

Nobleman — it is a person who is great-full.

A noble person carries with him and gives out goodness/gentleness — goodness carrier and giver of blessings.

What needs to be observed. When someone comes to the carrier of goodness, they ask for a blessing. After receiving such a gift, they receive instructions — what path to follow, so that the blessing can be multiplied and not lost. For some, the path/instructions given are significantly harsher and for some less.

My instruction to the “expert of nationalities and human souls”: Work with kids; with adults, you wear out, by entering into a transfer and you know this based on experience. I pulled you out from this more than once — I’ve cleaned you out with myself, like a washing machine.

However, a category of people exists that it does not matter what you do — life does not teach them anything, and so he went back to adults again. 

Moreover, he started knocking on doors that were completely alien to me. 

And to be accepted into these doors, the price of entry — loyalty oath: The Master is bad because he is Armenian.” What if Master was a Tartar, Polish, Kazakh, Turk, Jewish?... Who else in this world falls short of the new racial quality standards?

In case it has been forgotten, I will remind you that the Nazis declared themselves to be the upper Aryan race. 

In such act, they put the white race above all humanity, above all races and, within its own white race, declared themselves to be the best—-aristocrats with white bones and blue blood.”

For this to be believable without a shadow of a doubt, a massive cleaning had to happen of all that infringed on the “golden” standard — a massive genocide within the white race. 

For the rest of the races, the Aryans were supposed to become no less than gods. As to god's, to whom one had to worship, bring gifts, and serve as slaves. A new cult of worship of divinity and divine beings was created. A new mystical, religious order was created.

The personality cult of Stalin in front of all of that — is a child's play, about nothing. 

The insurmountable obstacle for the cult of superiority above everyone else and for world domination turned out to be the Russians and, along with them, as brother and sisters, the entire international Soviet Union.

Why it happened like this:

1. Russians by the fact of history are the inheritor of tolerant Genghis Khan empire.


  • Chinggis’ attitude towards religion was very respectful of all.

  • No Mongol could not be an in slaved.

  • Control and order on the silk road. (who has this type of conditions and guaranteed order?) During that period, what was happening in Europe?... Genghis had order within the gigantic territory in those times. Everything is in comparison. Compare it with the order in today's world.

  • How did it happen that they (Genghis Empire) were more productive then?

2. By spiritual line — they are inheritors of the Byzantine empire.

3. However, dukes, princes, czars all came from Europe

By undeniable historical circumstance, the genetic line was formed in Russia. This genetic line did not see the new god at point blank and could not understand what was asked of them and why. 

As a result, Russians were declared to be “genetic trash” and “scum” within the white race.

Reason: Impossible nation to subdue, but to bargain, as equals with them the Aryan are not ready. It means, that the obstacle for a new Divine order in the East has mortal competitors. is As a result, the Soviet Union became the empire of evil. And evil must be destroyed.

In other words, to all this above was given the sacred, mystical and religious purpose.

Russia was behind the West in materialistic-colonial and technical development. Meantime, the West was behind Russia in the tolerance, which grew up and transformed into its highest phase — internationalism. 

The West entered into the phase of tolerance very recently, a few decades ago — not centuries and not a thousand years ago. The difference between the West and Russia is the same. As a result, there is no experience how to overcome racial, national and confessional faith contradictions. This can be seen throughout the whole world.

What does it mean to have a unipolar world? It is the creation of an absolute empire — sole and global — encompassing the entire world. There is nothing bad in it, if it is for the benefit of everyone. However, there is a serious problem, the heavy not resolved historical inheritance — crusades that, in the end, grew into colonialism and left a heavy mark in the memory.

How do Europeans differ from people from the East? The memory of Europeans is intellectual, and the memory of Eastern people — emotional. 

Question: Is it possible to reconcile and unite two such memories? If yes, then how?

Humanity is currently situated in a phase of historical transition. 

  1. The West has to transition from tolerance into internationalism so that the East will trust it — trust in what was previously declared in the French Revolution, equality and fraternity — not only for French but for everyone. Otherwise, there will be a revolution in the global empire, just like in France.

  2. In Russia, internationalism has been replaced with a national patriotism government. 

Question: Is this a step backward, at minimum for 100 years, or a step forward? Based on calculations of what time period, 10, 100, 1000 years — for how long? 

Is this a winning or losing position?

Reminder: In Genghis empire, the confessional faith tolerance was absolute. Moreover, a tolerance of nationalities, considering its time, was no less than in modern Europe.

Question: What can unite the world of people — a tolerant patriotism or an international patriotism?

What type of banner will be erected in the world of people with tolerant patriotism or with international patriotism?

The type of answer you give is the type of world your future generation will have.

What it means to be a Nazi, the Russian people must remember it very well. Not to offend the Russian people, but Armenians know this better and recognized it faster. Moreover, the Jewish people recognize the instigators even faster and can see it even in complete darkness. For the record, the spine of the Nazi animal was broken together, internationally, fraternally.

I will not believe that the “expert of the souls and nationalities” did not have a portrait that could be carried in the Immortal Regiment* procession or a name that could have been written down instead of a portrait to walk with. It is not by chance that the people in the masses began to flow into the streets with portraits of their fathers and grandfathers on May 9th (WWII victory day). They could feel that the smoke had started to glow from all sides around Russia. Moreover, the “super patriots” decided to distribute these burning embers inside the house. The whisperers made the needed effort.

“Don’t give that which is holy to the dogs, neither throw your pearls before the pigs, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” (Matthew Gospel 7:6) It is had to add or shorten this.

Do I regret the path I have chosen? From time to time, I do regret it and occasionally very much. However, I have not torn off nor will tear off my clothes and will not powder my head with ashes  I have chosen what I have chosen. And I do not want to change even five minutes of my life because that person would be whoever, but not me.

Just a reminder: Instruction from Master — go and work with kids, polish and strengthen your skills. Work with kids who have plasticity — it is working off the development. If you work with already developed and already without pliability adults this is transfer, that will destroy you. Everyone who has been with me knows what transfer is and what it means to be weared out in the process of transfer.

I will try to explain in plain language. When you sit with the smart person, you become smarter, — sit with the fool…, it is your own fault. Moreover, the shepherd is already gone, and it is no longer clear where and how to go. From this, fantasies, creative search, and negative things appear.

When experience from one's own mistakes do not teach anything, this cannot be cured. And, in this instance, it cannot be helped by the Armenian-doctor, the Master-doctor, or the Savior-doctor. 

If he did not need the guide — he would not even remember me and he would forget about me just like I have forgotten.

Occasionally I separate from people and the reason is always one — disgraceful behavior. The disgraceful behavior always uses its exceptional truth as a cover. For me, the truth in front of the essence is the same as a lie, as lie in front of the truth.


By my worldview, Aryans — are just bandits, a gang. 

When these Aryans are united, they become conquerors, but while they are disconnected, they are just gangs. The united bandits have their own order — a concise, clear, disciplinary understanding of honor, dignity, and justice.

By the ancient rules, the warrior fights with a warrior, and not with the civilian population. Reason: the civilian population is an economic resource — something like a “bio-mechanisms” that complies with the program of ideological “technicians.” Aryans are nonfunctional without “technicians” and are just rogue bandits.

The separation by castes was extremely harsh. The noble Aryans had to answer for their words within the bandits’ code or bring shame on their heads. For example, the Mahabharata — these Aryans lost their entire country for thirteen years in a game of dice.

How good or bad this was, but they answered for their deeds; then, thirteen years later, they declared war on the “bad” ones. And righteously won it back. 

Questions to the reader: Who among you wants to be “lost” in a game of dice, then righteously be won back in war? Who are you in such a game — human, livestock, biomechanism? 

What I want to say is that Aryans are the players who can lose entire countries with honor in a game of dice and then, with the same understanding of honor, return it through war.

An example of this game from the Soviet Union: Yeltsin’s call to the White House from the Belarussian forest, to obtain princedom tags. The call — is the same as the game of dice. As a result, the tzar was unhorsed without blood. The country was lost. Different times, but the essence is the same. 

The Term “player” did not disappear from political vocabulary for thousands of years. The game continues and has picked up a different geopolitical scale. 

At the early stages, Aryans were accountable for their “word” and cut out all the corruption from top to bottom. This is how one order-disorder understood by all was established. All countries, without exception, started on their path with such dictatorship rule of order-disorder.

In such a transitional moment, the elite always divided into the right ones and the wrong ones, the satisfied and the dissatisfied. This is how it was, how it is, and how it will be. 

The right ones are those who were able to bury the competitors, in a literal and figurative manner.

The right ones in different time periods are known as Aryans, gods, saints, heroic victims…. And the wrong ones are wicked, demons, evil and other thieving scum — that nibble at, rob the country (the good ones keep everything in the country). This is a simple visual language that is used to format the consciousness of the citizen about what is pleasant and what is unpleasant. 

This is how in each nationality emerges into its own, peculiar-only-within-itself, unique truth that is understandable only within. 

The game is based on the “understanding of honor” that continues — the game of truth. And the “truth” that comes out on top also tries to subject essence to itself.

I would like to mention that this can happen only for a short period of time. However, this short period of time can last for hundreds of years, and, like all badly oiled biomechanisms, must squeak and endure until the dice players again come to the table.

What do I think of Aryans? They are bandits, this is my opinion. The right bandits are still bandits. In modern language, a moderate terrorist is still a terrorist. Just like people have observed, moderated gangs are different from not moderated gangs by the fact that they use moderate submachine guns with moderate bullets.

The scariest thing is when whisperers brainwash the fool that he is an Aryan — white boned, blue blood, lord, an expert in human souls and nationalities. Then he starts to rank others, some lower, some higher, but never lower than himself. This is how a moderate fool becomes an aggressive one.

* * *

During the 1990s in the post-Soviet Union, the exchange of mentality from international to national was happening. The absolute majority of people lost their grounding and path. Right in front of our eyes, the internationalists were transforming into nationalists, like werewolves. The non-believers in God suddenly got enlightened, and it turned out that they were profound believers; they, poor fellows, just did not know it.

It turns out that everyone had their own nationality-based truth, and all, without exception, started to look for the guilty. Divided into nationalities and lost, people began to look for the speck of dust in the eyes of other nationalities, but without a will to notice entire logs in their own eyes.

After some time, people clutched their heads and started to understand that, in this direction, a country could get lost. That is exactly what happened. For those who do not understand what happens from oppositions based on nationality and confessions, turn on the TV and watch the world news, then think deeply which doors should be entered and which ones should not be approached. It is time to develop genuine immunity. 

Half of the world was following the international USSR, the nucleus of which was Russia. The tolerance-patience of nationalities cannot ever replace itself with the internationalism that was spread across half of the world through the Russian people. And half of the world put their shoulder alongside with the Russian people. This is the historical truth, it all happened before my eyes — I can't be brainwashed by telling me that it was different. 

The future of humanity and its globalization — is not going to be based on national tolerance. That is the historical experience of humanity: whisperers (confrontation makers, pitters, nudgers) have not or will not disappear. This is the type of endless difference between internationalist vs. tolerant people.

I am going to provide an example as proof. 

Try to refute me.

Question: Jesus, Buddha, Prophet Mohammed, definitively exist within the essence. At their core, are they — internationalist or teachers of tolerant patience? 

Whatever answer you give, there you will end up, in an instance. 

I wish you success in the ability to differentiate between what is a dishpan and what is an ocean. 

(For additional material on internationalism, see section: “Internal reason for the collapse of internationalism.”)


(continue section 3)

Conscious evolution of the kind — it is not an evolution of the consciousness. Evolution of the consciousness — it is a never-ending game of truth — the game of hide and seek. The evolution of the humankind is only possible under a condition when humans are able to be liberated from any kind of truth — in order to enter into the essence and stay in it.


Essence cannot be entered through truth  the truth is used as a replacement for the essence, directly in minds (it is a kind of lobotomy!). It is the same as trying to drink the ocean with the dishpan. 

Is this possible? Yes, possible. However, the dishpan is still there…. It may become polished, but nothing more.

Then, all dishpans typically, by the power of force, will announce that their dishpans are not correct or righteous. This is what the whole history of humanity looks like. Moreover, Europe is like the anatomical map, a historically visual artifact.

In the present time, there is an attempt to unite dishpans into one Big Dishpan. 

However, even with a very large, tolerant, and democratic dishpan, the ocean cannot be forced by force or persuasion. In the space of existence, the clouds are thickening. I do not want to say anything bad: the dishpan will burst from within or be torn apart from outside. It is just like in the dam, it does not matter from what side the hole will appear….


In order to enter into essence and exist in it, one must be totally liberated from the so-called “human factor.” 

The human factor will be misfiring for sure. Within, it will be looking on everything through the truth of its dishpan or through the contractually agreed-upon truth. The truth in front of the essence, even if it is the size of the Himalayas, is still equal to nearly null.

What is required for total liberation?

1. The coordinating interconnection between brain, body, and nervous system — is currently unconscious. Behind it resides — blind evolution.

2. In contrast to a blind evolution, the conscious evolution of the human species — has the ability to see, and its foundation is the inseparable consciously awakened Trinity of Nature within itself. This means different coordination of the interconnection between brain, body, and nervous system.

3. The Trinity of Nature in humans is unconscious.

4. However, that same trinity in the Trance-gravitational human is realized and conscious. This is comparable to when one is asleep and now you have awakened.

5. The transition gives clear understanding that the everyday human, the standard-human, even when awake, is just as if asleep, in comparison to the Trance-gravitational human.  

The human’s Trinity of Nature is Trance-gravitational 

  1. It is a realizable gravitational center in the stomach.

  2. Realizable — means that the human’s attention is also gravitational and inseparable from the gravitational center in the stomach.

  3. These two Trance-gravitationally realized inseparability force the human to breathe differently, not the same way as normal-human breathes. 

Such breathing is inseparable from the gravitational attention and inseparable from the gravitational center in the stomach. (it is a different type of internal chemistry, physiology, different energy) 

In such manner, you transition from one informational environment of existence that surrounds you internally and externally into another existence of informationally awakened unified environment internally and externally

All living and nonliving, small things or big as Universe are weaved from gravitation. The next evolutionary step of the human kind is conscious and is not the last one. If I did not know all the steps, I would not speak of the next one.

Let's continue.

Homo habilis (2.5 million years old) — a human with skillful wrist was replaced by Homo sapiens (200 thousand-year-old) and his wrist became even more refined and the brain more spatial. 

The length of time is shrinking and Homo sapiens, the rational human, will be replaced by Homo Trance-gravitational. This means pliable, capable of change, following the path of the Universe and Nature, and bypassing all human fantasies (intellectual, nearly intellectual, nearly spiritual, etc.)

HORA is more than a dynamic practice. I, Master HORA, stand behind Practice HORA. 

There is no nationality that exists that can overcome master within the master. 

Even essence is in no condition to conquer master within the master.

The Trance-gravitational human does not need to seek the essence because he is in it. 

As long as I am alive, HORA — the teaching from Master HORA—is the teaching-practice that is the next evolutionary step humankind will make consciously — this is my trade.

Trance-gravitational human will come after/replace the homo sapiens.

I am not making anything up. I do not have the practice of fantasy. Just like everything in nature, which is billions of years old. In nature, teaching happens through genetic accumulation and the transfer of skills. Within the Master’s Trance-gravitational environment, everything happens very fast; even if it is education of dynamic martial arts.

In the near future, there will be a patent about fitness principles, that can take any fitness culture that currently exists in the world and converts it into the evolutionary channel. Any system, sophisticated yoga, Western or Eastern one, can be transformed into the evolutionary channel.

For now, the whisperers are trying and trying to shove me into some sort of “dishpan,” the racial, national, confessional, etc. So afterward they would shove me in even a small dishpan, so I would sit there, blink with my eyes and behave quietly. Or else they could connect me to a sect so I would know my place. And then the concrete floor and wooden door on top of the bricks will begin to look like an all-inclusive resort.

The totally liberated one — is the next evolutionary kind.

                                              Master HORA®


I do not owe anything to any person. Such is the truth. However, by genetics, I owe to the whole humanity, to all races, such is the essence. (I remember all of my reincarnations and I was never born as a Russian or an Armenian. But, in this life, I am two in one.) 

My evolution happened on the genetic, unconscious level. 

Unconscious — because I grew up among people, just like human Mowgli, not among wolves or monkeys, but among people.

 And just like human Mowgli, I received skills by animal principle. The Mowgli among monkeys or wolves also receives his skills by the same principle.

Without liberation from the acquired human skills/learnings that have been received nonetheless through animal principle, the conscious evolution of humankind is impossible. There is nothing amoral in this. It is simply different, realized Trance-gravitational interconnection between brain, body and nervous system. It means to exist in the united trinity of nature, in other words, to be not just alive in life, but to be the manifestation of life.

Every single person has a mother. What mother means, is known by any normal person. The Earth begins to feel like a birth mother, not different and not any other way. 

Since “mother” is gravitationally inseparable from the Sun, then Sun feels like a father and not any other way. 

And God the Creator is something more. It is the unending gravitational space of the universe, from which weaved the Sun, the Earth and everything altogether.

Moreover, all of this fits within the Trance-gravitational awaken human. It is impossible to stray from the path because you are the manifestation of the path. 

It is impossible to conquer the Master. Even essence is not in a position to conquer the Master.

I am evolutionary awakened, I am not awakened like Buddhist. I am liberated from the unconscious, non-evolutionary, human-Mowgli contour. 

I understand the difference between the human-Mowgli contour and the Trance-gravitational human contour — the evolutionary human. 

I keep both of them within me, simply because I am the Master — I did not depart irrevocably into a new Trance-gravitational contour. I am not the Teacher in the sky; I am sort of a bridge from the unconscious evolution of the humankind into the conscious evolution of humankind.

When I leave this world, at the same time as my exit, I will leave the non-evolutionary human contour and enter into the Trance-gravitational contour. Then I will be waiting on the other side. I will leave stewards.

I carry in myself two interconnected coordinates between brain, body and nervous system. 

Thus, I explain things in the language of common sense versus the refined, Eastern language of mystics, that they have themselves already forgot a long time ago. (Civilization spoils all.) Moreover, the places where this language is not yet forgotten, the people, up to this day, live practically in the stone age.

  1. “Adepts” from the West, travel to the East with their own perception and formed genetics of the left-brained hemisphere person.

  2. There, they attempt to “pick up” the psychoenergetic contour of the completely different culture and genetics, that are thousands of years old. 

  3. Using the language of scientists, “behavior influences genetics, and genetics influences the behavior.”

  4. How does this all look like I will convey by using a parable, “the language of the stone age.”


Two birds are sitting on the branch and chatter among themselves, arguing. А holy Teacher passes by under the tree and gets a question. “Teacher, please tell us, who are we?” In order to reconcile them, the holy peacekeeper answers without hesitation: “You are — birds, you can get a confirmation from any animals and gods. This is my holy word.” And he continued to walk on his path.

One bird was a nightingale, and the other was a sparrow. “As I said to you, we are the same! Was that sufficient confirmation? — The holy Teacher just confirmed it” said the sparrow to the nightingale.

I am not a holy Teacher 

and will say it as it is: 

The left-brained hemisphere and the right-brained person — are different birds.

I have 1) cognizant, unconscious skills of the regular human and 2) cognizant skills of a Trance-gravitational human. All of these I see from inside, I can differentiate them not only in myself but in any human from any race, nationality, etc. 

I distinguish these two energetic, psychological and physical contours as the left and right hand. Distinguish it clearly as during the bright day. (see unfolding of this theme in the supplemental materials)

* * *

What is the value of the cognizant skills of the Trance-gravitational human? 

What are these for?

Here is a regular Mowgli human, and here is the liberated Trance-gravitational human — who is open to acceptance of any skill, with a high aptitude learning; pliable. At present, time is speeding up, and the ability to learn becomes the object of demand. 

This demand can be understood by people with a market mentality only.

The ability to learn — is a valuable product at all levels of society. Action in the state of calmness (different type of energy capacity and maximally optimized expenditure of energy). — This product is valued at all levels of society.

Social environment — it is still the same competitive environment as in nature. 

The Trance-gravitational human — it is the future that is knocking on the door today. In him, the principles of unconscious, animal evolution have been overcome; the Mowgli human has been overcome. And this can be only done by a human him/herself if one wishes it.

If he wishes it, then Master can help. If the Mowgli human does not want it, then this is not the path of development, not a path of conscious evolution, but another taming method, a sectarian path with all the possible outcomes that could happen. 


When I was still young, I remember walking into a studio known for meaningful yoga to see what it was. After a few weeks, the person who was teaching started talking to me. The conversation ended with him offering to equally divide the money he collected from people with me. The studio had about fifty people who paid 25 rubles during those times. (The average salary was just little over 100 rubles/month.) He offered me to do what I was doing instead of what he was teaching.

After my question “what is the reason for this?” I heard this answer, “that which you are doing is yoga, and that which we are doing are exercises from yoga.” Many years later I understood the meaning of these words.

A not insignificant point: The training was done two times a week for a total of about three hours. The typical workday was about eight hours, 22 work days per month. In other words, for a day and a half, I could earn more than professors or underground, small business owners.

 What do you think I did — accepted or rejected this interesting offer? I will accept any answer from you.

The same story happened with martial arts in which I was trying to comprehend, why, during the youthful clash, I would become not like myself and at the same time, I painfully understood that this was me. I am this.

The experienced, more informed people quickly figured out what is going on — they recognize the innate skills

And I was an inexperienced, uninformed human Mowgli. 

Two skills collided with each other inside of me — the genetic and commonly acquired skills.

The meaning of the words “what I am doing is yoga” opened up to me many years later. You can agree, that a rational person would want to receive training of kundalini yoga, for example, from a person who carries this knowledge in life — the realized one — verses from the one who teaches by using a wise book or even the best of the best instructors. There is an endless territory of fiction, delusion, and self-suggestions residing between the exercises from practice methods with such name vs. reality.

In two words, what does it mean to have an opening of a thousand leaf lotus? It is sort of a stop and restart of the brain and everything that is connected to it. A restart of the entire memory from the making of the world, the creation of life and the creation of humankind. 

In the ancient language, this was called the god knowledge, or universal intellect, or the knowledge of the Absolute, etc. Since I am a modern person, I am accustomed to the normal, modern terminology, such a restart of the brain — it is awakening of evolutionary memory. 


How does the consciousness of a Trance-gravitational human work? How does his mind, attention, and perception differ from a “normal human?


1. The description of energy flow in the human embryo (about the human in the phase of prenatal development) — Place, Role and Destiny of Yoga, 1999.

The mind, attention, consciousness of a typical human is incapable of tracing it. It is outside of human capabilities. 

The pre-natal entity is not a human yet. In order to make an evolutionary step forward, one must make many steps back; and by evolutionary memory, that is inseparable from the evolution of Universe, this is already tens, hundreds of million years back.

This life tradition — the relay of life, from one kind to another, is imprinted in the human. It is life's tradition of the Universe. 

This is one example of the differences between typical normal-human and Trance-gravitational human. Twenty years have passed since that article.

2. The test of immediate relaxation by Practice HORA method (test of extreme opposites, tests of recognition) — video from 1994. The video was taken in 1994, and the tests were shown ten years later. 

Another ten years have passed.

  • Without fast relaxation, any sport worth nothing. Relaxation gives an opportunity to    collect oneself. The faster relaxation happens, the faster is the speed of mobilization. Twenty years have passed. The world has not given any sports that can teach this on the fly — not just teach, but lead one into it.

  • The world does not have the kind of yoga that has emphasized, in a simple thought, how important immediate relaxation is. Twenty years have passed. Question: Is any type of meditation possible without such skill?

  • The test of opposites — it is simultaneous calmness and action. This concept is irreconcilable for the human mind. It is impossible to realize that what cannot fit this in the mind and as a result cannot be projected from the mind into the body. However, such skill — simultaneous calmness and action — is development not only for sports. It is a development in any direction. Everyone needs this. Simply stated, this concept is missing in the world’s tradition and culture. Therefore, the value is incomprehensible. Scientists do not understand it, then what should be said about average people?

3. Video of dynamic training and demonstrations, the early 1990s.

There are no predefined techniques; everything happens the way it happens in the current moment of time. No sport trains like this — they train specific movement, technique. In order to understand the difference, one must understand more than an athlete or a trainer. The movement was not brought to an instinctual level, rather the training of instinct itself was happening — inseparable from attention and, as a result, inseparable from the mind. Within the evolutionary perception, this is movement by millions of years deep into yourself.

An instinct, obtained from such depth, becomes an integral part of your mind, part of your attention. This is to enter the informational bank of Life. (This not a philosophical, pretty, recited information field, not anthroposphere, etc.) The perception of life’s information is another example of the difference between normal-human and Trance-gravitational human. 

4. Signs — published video and portion of Master HORA text from 1999’s lecture. The signs are inseparable from the evolutionary experience of the human, inseparable from the seven skies (kundalini). 

A human’s attention, his energy, etc are not adapted to survive such a reboot, because the trinity of life within the human is not whole/united; it is ruptured. 

Trance-gravitational human attention — is inseparable from the gravitational center in his stomach. Therefore, the attention itself is gravitational. The type of breathing is not like of a regular human — it's similar but not alike. Only such holistic integrity allows the chance to survive the gravitational hit vs. just a pretty visualization of raising the kundalini.

Human’s coordinating interconnection between brain, body and nervous system is NOT CAPABLE of working at such depth. It is as if one tried to dive into the ocean to the depth of 10 km without diving gear. 

Trance-gravitational human — it like a human with diving gear — diving into the depth of reality of psyche.

Let's say a human can dive to 200 meters. However, after it, the fantasies begin — what is out there in this unusual ocean of the psyche? The 10 km is just the visualization. The ocean of psyche is the Universe. I have a feeling that I say well-comprehensible concepts, but people, for some reason, endure, with pleasure, a variety of abusive fantasies of their brains.

One example of brain abuse is an LSD practice by Stanislav Grof. The youth got hooked on drugs, while all of it got justified with scientific research, and narcotics became part of the justifiable culture. During this period, a term “we are experimenting” appeared; the drug addicts became scientific experimentalists. Carlos Castaneda with his highly spiritual narco-travel by mushrooms, cactuses, etc — provided the perspective of the other-world reality with “mushrooms” in the eyes. If this is not an an abuse of the brain, then what is it? Large-scale madness?

Combine these two madnesses into one, and mix it with Indian, Chinese yoga, then you will get a smashed brain, in which there is no space for evolution of life. 

As if some alien elite (nonhuman, an alien) is twisting people’s brain; heaven forbid they will start advancing.

To mind comes this biblical story of Adam’s expulsion from Heaven. Expelled not because he ate fruit from the tree of Good and Evil, but so he would not eat the fruit from the tree of life. Expelled, so he would not reach the second fruit and become immortal like THEY are. “And the LORD God said, ‘The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and also take from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.’" (Genesis 3:22)

To mind comes this biblical story of Adam’s expulsion from Heaven. Expelled not because he ate fruit from the tree of Good and Evil, but so he would not eat the fruit from the tree of life. Expelled, so he would not reach the second fruit and became immortal like THEY are. “And the LORD God said, "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and also take from the tree of life and eat, and live forever." (Genesis 3:22)

In modern language:

  1. Forever — it is a memory.

  2. Everlasting memory — it is an evolutionary memory.

  3. Evolutionary memory (sequence of development) is affixed in your brain.

  4. In order for the memory to open up, a reboot of memory should happen; a reboot of the brain — not by medical standard, but via nature’s method. Then it is as if you ate that fruit — in other words, became one with it, digested it. The language is archaic, however well understood. I translated it into the human language from the heavenly one. (A Concise summary of the result of learning the path of seven skies.)

* * *

Training in HORA — it is to awaken gravitational type of attention and onward conscious training of it; to develop different evolutionary interconnection of coordinates between mind, body and nervous system — gravitational.

To do that:

First — one needs to understand that the point is an evolution of humankind, the next evolutionary step in the development of humankind the human will make consciously.

Second — one must self-evaluate if he needs it for personal development in society and success? If yes, then, start training. 

There are some that presume that by coming to training, one should get everything in five minutes. Those that have common sense should listen less to the “unrecognized geniuses”. My recommendation is to approach the athletes, musicians, and surgeons and inquire if it is possible to become a specialist in five minutes? Is it possible to acquire any kind of skill in five minutes? How much work is required to learn something? 

A few words about kundalini and thousand petals lotus. Read above the biblical story about the tree of life. It is the same theme in different presentations. What must one see? This is god’s theme, this is not a human theme, and for them, it is closed. One can read it many times and fantasize about it. However, the story of the heavenly garden, for some reason, no one has been able to read it.

Why no one has been able to read it, I will explain. The rise of kundalini and opening of thousand petals lotus means rebooting of all life-sustaining activity — restart of organs, restart of the brain and everything that is tied to such reboot. All of this fits in the time of an instant to a few seconds.

And then it takes time for these seconds to unfold, step-by-step, and this takes years. Years of a very difficult, unusual inner life that is almost incompatible with the outer life. It is not comparable to madness, because at the same time, at a single moment you live as if several lives, being in different epochs. And this is not the most shocking part. 

Question: Is human capable of surviving the reboot and its consequences? No — the regular human cannot, but a Trance-gravitational human — yes. 

In my answer, I am accountable for every word. It does not make sense to dive deeper into these themes, simply because a human will convert it into the realm of fantasy. In thousands of years, even the smartest people could not read two sentences from the biblical text.

The language I am using in my explanations is an everyday version, which is used by everyone.

  1. The next evolutionary step as humankind, a human, will make consciously.

  2. Trance-gravitational human will come after/replace homo sapiens.

  3. The conscious evolution of humankind is not restricted by borders of race, nationalities, confession of the faith and already existing genetic differences.


As a reminder, I was a young, inexperienced, uninformed human Mowgli. Two skills clashed with each other — the genetically formed vs. commonly acquired one. 

During my dynamic training of the early 1990s, I never worked in a personal style, “for myself”; I always worked “for someone else,” by adjusting to the structure of the person. Such ability is my quality. It is not an art form of the actor; it is trance-sophistication — the ability to let the world into myself and not lose myself.

I did not teach a technique. I opened up in the person his own personal style; his own personal, dynamic capabilities. This is not modest, but I cannot not tell: such thing did not exist in the world. Moreover, if you suddenly find an analogy, do not be surprised by who had such capability. I was born this way, I am this way because I am this way. This is the result of karmic work in many incarnations. I didn't know a single technique, and I still don't. What does this mean? It is liberation from any form. And because I am liberated from all forms, I carry with me principles, not techniques.

  1. One of the main principles: In the Trance-gravitational space of Master HORA, teachability/training speeds up by an order of magnitude.

  2. In the dynamic training, I only used two words, ”Yes and No.” In other words, is the action genuine (it can be seen by all) or truthfully-deceitful (and it also can be seen by all). 

  3. This is the type of transition into a different mode, a different speed of teachability/training — two words “Yes and No.” An inexperienced person will not be able to appraise this, because he does not have anything to compare it with.

It is entirely possible that in Buddhist culture, such skill (trance-experience, liberation from the form) can be defined as master of materialized emptiness. 

What is the meaning of the term “Emptiness”? Emptiness does not know anything, it is not skilled in anything and is always ready to change in any direction. In other words, Emptiness is pliable to the maximum and nothing can be more pliable than emptiness. However, we have a different culture, different traditions, and our mind is “assembled” and, “stitched” differently.

Using common language: Teachability — pliability, ability to change — in the modern world, is the most, most, most demanded product/skill. 

This product/skill — is the foundation of competitiveness in all worlds. 

The Creator did not revoke the competition in any of the worlds — not in the human world, not in the animal world, not in the plant world, not in the world of elements, nowhere. Even among angels, competition was not canceled by the Creator.

The Trance-gravitational existence, it is not the meditative consciousness, not Dhan’, not Chan’ and not Zen. It can be explained in the Western culture, however, it is impossible to manifest it by meditative methods Eastern, Western, or any others. 

It can only be done through evolutionary trance.

The explanatory basis of HORA, I have reduced to a pragmatic minimum — the Trinity of Nature. In the dynamic theme*, I created tests, which never existed anywhere. Time moves forward, and the world changes. The space I now work on, is no longer constrained by the walls of martial arts. In two words HORA is a: Trance-gravitational human. (See section “House of Thousand Petals” for the continuation of this theme)

What do I want for the reader to heed, what do I wish to get through to the brain… I am not a master of evolutionary consciousness, not even close, not a master of such evolution. I am a master of the evolution of the biological kindPlease recognize the difference in these words, comprehend and understand them.

The path into a different space is closed by the human mind. The nature in the human, instinctively defending itself from the human, who can maim himself. Such is the nature program “defense from a fool.” The human factor has not been canceled by nature. 

If the human mind does not understand and does not accept the proof of the existence of the trinity of nature as a fact, then the trust between human’s nature and his mind will not emerge. This dark space of distrust is substituted with faith or science; and these are friendly towards each other… The difference between faith and faith within science is just like the difference between a sleeping and an awake person.

The faith within science unites two environments (nature of human and his mind) into one gravitational whole. Instead of a human born by the human, a self-born human arrives into this world. Another. 

From the people, but different, another.

Another — it is a Trance-gravitational human.

How does the Trance-gravitational human differ from homo sapiens

The trance gravitational human — is a conscious manifestation of the alive trinity of nature. 

The entire Universe dwells within the Trinity of Nature. (see section “HORA. Trinity of Nature” for the continuation of this theme) 

* * *

The ego-essence of the human and his moral-ethical norms are inseparable from his interconnected coordinates between brain, body and nervous system. They are cemented and saturated with feelings and emotions among each other.

In order to take off these deforming-reality glasses… Even if human becomes immortal, he would not be able to change anything — he would not be able to come out from his ego-essence. 

“Ask me what is the name of the ego, and I will answer: that its name is injustice.”

Feelings and emotions are just a thin film on top of instincts, and these instincts human got/inherited genetically, not from saintly ancestors, but from his own evolutionary predecessors half animals.

An animal will always instinctively defend itself, exactly the way humans do. This is his ego-reality.

Without liberation from human interconnected coordinates, the next evolutionary step as humankind, conscious and deliberate, is impossible. 

  1. The genuine path begins from liberation from a human’s ego-essence.

  2. The honest path starts with a method. The truth depends on the quality of the specialist.

  3. As a result, truth is the same lie in front of essence, as a lie in front of truth.

  4. The genuine path of manifested knowledge begins from grasping the difference between truth and essence.

Master HORA®


My father, only a few days old, got to be alive because Russian Bolsheviks and internationalists arrived. As a result of all of this, I came into existence. 

Therefore, I have a genetic grandfather — Armenian — and a mental grandfather — Russian internationalist-bolshevik.

When I say, that by birth I am Armenian, and by nationality I am Russian, I know for sure what I am saying. I am a grateful person, just like my father, and my grandfather. The international relay-baton was transferred from hand to hand. As scientists say, behavior impacts genetics and genetics in turn influence behavior. I am what I am because this is how I happened, I am a genetic internationalist.

For me, a Russian person is, after all, an internationalist-bolshevik. Internationalist — it is a person with great love towards all people, great justice towards all people. This existed in the Soviet Union. However, the price was horrible. 

Afterward, internationalists degenerated into “red-tape” communists, with an exclusive focus on their job safety and their families. And their heirs, in turn, degenerated into some kind of mix of nationalist-communists. It seems like he is not a fascist — a patriot, but with a similar smell.

The circle was finished by nationalists. There where the nationalistic ideas exist, one way on the other, they divided people between each other into best, second-best or completely inferior. (see below: internal reasons for breakdown)

 When whisperers, through the help of fools, try to belittle me, they know for sure, even through the eyes of the fools, I cannot be belittled as a master. However, it is possible using the nationalistic characteristics, “flashing down.” If one is listening to them, then at the end, he is a fool.

 Consequently, the fool also evolves, mutates, and from a common fool, grows up to be a proactive fool. 

I have forgiven this person, an expert of souls, throughout the life many times, when he asked for forgiveness: “Please forgive me, I am a fool.” I am, as a person with Russian nationality, forgave our own Russian (by nationality) fool. 

However, even all-forgiving God will not forgive the whisperer (confrontation maker, pitter, nudger). I will not go against God — neither as an Armenian or as a Russian.

An internationalism started to spread through the world through Russian people; not through Armenians, Azerbaijanians, French, Chinese and so on, but more specifically, through the Russians. Moreover, half of the world aspired to speak the international Russian language. Moreover, those who traded-in the internationalism, and exchanged it for tolerance, have chosen their path in their washbowl, admittedly a more comfortable one.

These people are legally prepared, but without conviction — bribed with “sausage.” They will sell everything, nothing is sacred — “sausage” is their conviction. However, this sausage has double standards — pretty good conviction. Everyone wants to eat! It is convincing, but this is not a conviction, it is its substitution. The religious people know that sacred is not substitutable and cannot be betrayed; this separates them from non-believers.

Moreover, those that traded internationalism for “sausage”..., for sure, will not sleep on top of the door, if suddenly there will be less sausage. They will switch orientation and color of the flag, immediately. The one who betrays their fathers, are betraying not them, but themselves and that is why they mock others’ graves.

I have still the same question: Are Jesus, Buddha, Prophet Muhammad internationalists, tolerant, or nationalists? Whatever the answer you will give, there you will end up, in the instance, irrespective of confessional faith differences. You can agree, that the essence of their teaching is internationalism, it is not tolerance, not nationalism closed in on itself. Thus, each one has designated itself as “universal,” in other words without division. 

Such view, makes the entire Earth into a Promised Land — there where you feel good, where you are loved and there where you are not loved, due to the next idiotic perspectives (whisperers do not sleep). An example, the one who ate knowledge from my hand, divided me into two; and in such move, designated himself as a professional of the nationalistic wholeness.

What kind of advice can be given in such situation? 

One should follow the first — Jesus, Buddha, Prophet Muhammad. (I apologize in front of others, whose names I have not named.) 

They are not in the “washbowl,” guaranteed. 

They are, in Truth, and are not impressed by the truth.

Internationalism, cannot fit into the washbowl — such is the essence of the Universal teaching.


The way nationalism looks, I know on my own skin. What is it like to walk on the street, as if it is a minefield, when, for some reason, you are hunted, and you are one against the mob, that is ruthless, and has lost common sense; I know this on my own skin. 

What is it like to sleep with the ax, hugging it like your best friend; I know this on my own skin, not from tales. Moreover, when one lives like this day after day, month after month… it is possible to become like an animal. 

But, I would always address the First ones, for the advice and always got the same answer, whether it was Buddha, Savior or Prophet Muhammad: 

“You are not a lord to anyone and not a judge to anyone. Your day has not come yet.”

The next evolutionary step of humankind, is not the last one. If I would not know the following, then I would not speak of the next step. I am speaking about the step that is possible for the human without harm or any self-inflicted damage. 

Additional material within HORA. Trinity of Nature themes: Union of evolutionary mind and evolutionary body; expansion of space in mind, through space in the body; expansion of capabilities of the body through qualitatively different work of the mind.

I am a master of HORA teaching, the next evolutionary step of the humankind, a human, will make consciously. When I am no more, HORA will become a universal religion, and its home, the promised land for it, will be the entire planet Earth; with wide-open eyes directed into self and into the cosmos, not separating the House of Father with the House of Mother.


The internal reason for the break up of internationalism — the human factor, only the human factor, not an economic one. 

How did this degradation happen? The Bolshevik internationalism lost because Russia had peasants as an absolute majority, however a minimum of the proletariat. Thus, the dictatorship of the proletariat arose. 

The internal teaching, step-by-step degraded at the hands of a less educated, passionate dictatorship, as it advanced into the majority, violently and through terror. 

After repeated inter-ethnic killing in its history, today’s West offered a model of national tolerance based on secured economics and a well-fed democracy. 

And, of course, it is forcing its way of life throughout the world — in other words committing dictatorship of the few over many

Consequences: the world is on fire. Not because the democracy or tolerance is bad, but because the lifestyle cannot be integrated through force. In the future, there will be a catastrophe with bigger consequences than the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Just imagine this picture: In your city, it does not matter where in this world, at the street light, stands an armored vehicle, at the top of which young people come over to watch so that you become civilized on the spot, for standards, habits, behavior that's maybe not very appealing to you. How are going to feel about it? Continue to think about it further, you, yourself. 

Unipolar world — it is a creation of the absolute empire, global, encompassing the whole world. Nothing bad in it, if it is for the good of all. Sooner or later, humanity will arrive to this. There is only one problem, the noble people, carriers of nobility, the givers of blessing; they can accept or reject the gift of blessings. Then what?

What is the conclusion: if your neighbor does not ask for money, will you forcefully shove it into him? No. Moreover, when you do give it, you will only lend it. So is this a blessing or what? One takes others money, but gives back his own, and by today's law with big interest. There are different types of collectors as well, some can fly over on the plane for their interest and loan and respect.

Internationalism was permeating with itself half of the world, legitimizing “all people are equal.” 

Tolerance wants to permeate the entire world. legitimizing “all people must address each other with tolerance.”

Tolerance — it means not equal, not by race, not by nationality, not by religion. Margarine cannot be called butter.

Question: What kind of “butter” for the brain food would Jesus, Buddha, and Prophet Muhammad choose? The international or the tolerant one?

What about you, what kind of “butter” would you want to eat, the natural or the substitute?

The prayer for the fool

The Savior gave the first prayer to his students, that started with these words “Our Father” and ends with “and deliver us from the evil.” Two thousand years have passed since then, but we still linger on the same spot. 

I would add a few more words to this prayer from myself:

Father, save the fools from the whisperers!

When there are so many fools around that they start to spill over from their cooking pot, 

darkness grasps the minds, 

and the world is being ruled by those 

who stay behind the whisperers. 

Those that reel up program the minds of fools 

and again and again collect their harvest.

What one needs to remember: fool — is an adult with a childish mind. Pray for the salvation of the fool, and you will be saved yourself.

                                            Master HORA®

What a normal person needs to know who is not refined in cunning trickery: whisperers create opinion. Just like water, drip by drip sharpens granite, the same way whispers sharpen minds, by throwing keywords into them. First, reduce the person to the condition of the “fool,” then make a selection among them and appoint them to be the commanders of active fools, give them titles, medals, and other attributes. These commanders do not understand the meanings of phraseology, they just simply utilize them. However, the whisperers serve their commander, who has a sulfur smell. 

Ask yourself a question: 

Jesus, Buddha, Prophet Muhammad — who are they?

Internationalists or nationalists? 

Humanitarians or radicals?

The type of answers you will give, there you will end up instantly.

Afterward, even if one crosses oneself, prays, hits his forehead against the floor, or meditates by imagining how great we have it here — nothing will help. NOTHING. There will be only one road, at best, either purgatory or reincarnation into a non-kosher animal... 


Unconscious essence and conscious essence will always be in conflict in a human. 

However, the conscious evolution of humankind removes the conflict and removes the method of development through internal conflict. 

Development qualitatively transforms one to another level, a level that is hard to understand for a person with internal conflict; how come development without contradiction is possible? (There is no impulse to start the scientific search.)

It is common to say among people that TRUTH is born in the argument. 

This is how a conflict for the TRUTH is born. 

It can be a scientific one or a religious one. The scientific conflict can lead to a confrontation. However, religious conflict historically leads to global wars. 

Such is the price for a struggle over TRUTH.

The history of humanity was moving forward in such confrontation, and as result, we got to darkness in the Middle Ages. If not for greed and gunpowder, we would be still there.

Truth is born in arguments. Understanding is born in arguments. 

TRUTH is not in need of the human truth, nor in human understanding. The conscious evolution of humankind develops not by human canons. 

The classical theory of Darwin's evolution assumed three basic moving forces of evolution:

1. Heredity

2. Ability to change

3. Natural selection

The modern Darwinism — a synthetic theory of evolution — represents the teaching of evolution of the organic world, developed on the bases of modern genetics, ecology, and classical Darwinism. 

The modern Darwinism adds that:

4. Hereditary changes, mutations (usually genetic), and their combinations are the basic material for evolution. The main driving factor of evolution is natural selection, which arises from the fight for survival. The evolution itself does not have directional characteristics, in other words, it is not moving towards any final goal. 

“The next evolutionary step of humankind, a human will make consciously” is:

5. New dimension in the evolution of the organic world, it is when, in addition to “hereditary changes, natural selection, genetic mutation and so on,” one more factor is added as a moving force of evolution — the factor of consciousness.

This factor of consciousness is capable to set the tone of the evolutionary vector, and it is already doing it: It allowed the Homo Sapiens to remove the pressure of natural selection. What is important to understand, is that by removing natural selection from ourselves, we broke the developing component of unconscious evolution. This got us to the biological degradation of mankind. (We are not capable of living without supporting medicine and technology.)

 The conscious evolution of humankind is not in need of proof that the Universal is Trance-gravitational  intelligent — or that nature around us is Trance-gravitational  intelligent. Thus, the next evolutionary type of humankind  is manifested in the trinity of nature — consciously Trance-gravitational. 

Everything is from the Trinity of Nature — it exists in everything. 

After I depart from this world, in my place will stay Practice HORA, and HORA as the consciously manifestatable teaching of a trinity of nature will be embraced by the whole world. The human will enter into the new conscious gravitational environment. The people's world will change on all levels of existence — the world inside and outside of a human will become one. Homo Sapiens, human will be succeeded by Trance-gravitational human. From regular humans, but different.

Practice HORA is not science and not religion. However, for Trance-gravitational human, these concepts are inseparable. When you are there, you know it. I exist in what I am talking about. I am it, I am what I am talking about.

What should the consciousness of human being become, in order to change the direction of evolution of humankind from degradation into development? — it must be Trance-gravitational. It means not being bothered by interspecies’ interests, but include into oneself all the ecosystem of the planet and all that is beyond it, because it is your intellect and your body. It is the life's environment of the Trance-gravitational human; it is his environment of life, it is an environment of his INTELLECT and SPIRIT.


Training in Practice HORA develops unity skills of the Trinity of Nature. This training offers these type of skills. Just like a scientists say “behavior impacts genetics and genetics impact behavior.” Whatever the behavior, that is the level of skills. If you live with an unawakened trinity of nature, the genetically inherited natures unity skill of trinity of nature, then, from generation to generation, it’s falling asleep more and more and can end up in a final “coma.” This is what is happening anyway.

Thus, the human is grudgingly prolonging his life with artificial methods — everyone wants to live. As a result of good intentions, morals and values (life is sacred) artificial life, step-by-step, from generation to generation, is replacing natural evolution. In this process, a substitution of Nature's Trinity with artificial trinity is happening.

This did not start happening yesterday, this has been happening from the birth of civilization, the agricultural society. From this moment, the psyche of a human being, step-by-step, began to change as humans subdued their nature. Just like scientists say, “behavior impacts genetics and genetics impact behavior.” 

The unconscious need of an awakening trinity of nature arose less and less: life was becoming more plentiful. The instinct of life was beginning to fall asleep and, together with it, the Trinity of Nature. 

Is it possible to consciously awaken the universal gravitational trinity of LIFE in the human? As of now, it is still possible. Moreover, only in those who not just recognize and understand the problem, but also invest the effort to solve it.

The training is required in order to awaken the unity skills of the Trinity of Nature and to transfer it from an unconscious skill to a conscious one.

This approach to this training should be the same as with ritual: with full understanding and reverence; with respect. If you wish, with a religious, vibrant feeling; and do not wait for the result because the conscious path is the result itself. Such cognitive behavior changes genetics; intellect consciously gets involved in evolution; not silencing the trinity of nature as it was done from the agricultural society. Thus, the conscious intellect together with LIFE will again become one, but now not on the unconscious level.

Actually, the doors to heaven and hell exist in your intellect, and your intellect exists within the Earth…

The training of the new skill set — is the behavior that will change the quality of genetics based on a clearly defined direction, which, in our case, is the Trance-gravitational human. 

  1. Any Practice HORA exercise forcibly awakens anchoring/stability.

  2. Any Practice HORA exercise connects attention with awakened anchoring/stability.

  3. When experience in accumulated, then the reverse process happens: attention is awakened by anchoring/stability. 

  4. In both cases, breathing is triggered.

In the first case — through the forceful form; the same way evolutionary psychology is designed — force/compel so that natural selection happens.

In the second case — enforcement through attention — a different type of attention, gravitational. Conscious evolution, conscious enforcement or conscious awakening of the trinity: concentration of attention, and gravitational center in the stomach and breathing united into one whole.

  1. Triunity — it is a total mobilization, it works just like a sun. Only the sun lives for billions of years and a human being burns out fast, based on his lifespan. As long as human resides in development, these three centers are held together.

Tiredness, fatigue, senility — are the consequences of mobilizational exhaustion, among other things. As long as one is young, this is unnoticeable, only through age, this becomes understandable, and it is what I am trying to explain.


Dhan’, while moving from India to China, morphed into Chan’. 

Chan’, on arriving to Japan, morphed into Zen. 

What one needs to understand is that these are ancient shamanic civilizations, that step-by-step, went through their development paths and became high civilizations. Moreover, their archaic character, inherited memory, was not interrupted, was not burned to ashes. 

In comparison, our path — destroyed the memory of ancestors-pagans, idol worshipers, and basically bedamn them.

We were not able to smoothly transform and move forward, without rejecting our father's code. By brutally cutting culture and traditions, we have broken the genetic inheritance of trance culture. 

Then, after millennia, instead of preserved trance in our genetics and culture, a medical substitute has appeared, a “modified condition of consciousness.” Moreover, it started the madness: narco practices with their own “gurus.”

Moreover, some very enlightened wise head would say “Why do I need meditation, I can do a shot, and I am there.” Listen attentively into the meaning of the combination of these words “why do I need meditation — do the shot.” In other words, the wise head understands that there is clean consciousness and there is a narco-trance consciousness. Thus, between these two meanings, clean and narcotic, an equal sign was placed.

Dhan’, Chan’, Zen, without a doubt, grew out from shamanic practices, where it was not without narcotics. However, there is one “but,” not all shamans required narcotics. 

Clean trance-civilizations leaned upon those who did not need them; with clear consciousness, clear soul, clear body.

Example: Yoga. Its first level — is external and internal cleanliness. (By our standards, it can only be achieved by the saint.) Its second level — is body practice — in our language, physical fitness. In other words, in order to transition to this “physical fitness,” one must be a saint at a minimum.

You can agree with me that a student cannot be a saint. Then it means that he must get to the saint, and then near him, in his trance energetic environment, a student will be submerged into different, a completely different continuum.

I am not a saint. I am a master of the conscious evolution of humankind. Near me, people learn very fast. But I will not allow anyone to “cast pearls”, one cannot do this. My sense of human obligation (for my grandfather, for my father, for myself) played a wicked joke, and, as a result, I was divided into two — here is master and here is a not-so-good Armenian, who is not feeding us with pearls and bacon; does not chunk up the pearls.

I have a question. Let's take Jesus’ mother, using the modern language, she is of Jewish descent. Then, by passport she is Jewish. The essence of the question then, is HE Jewish or a Savior? 

Bodhidharma is of Indian descent. Just one of his formidable looks is sufficient to understand: you will get a blow to the back of your head, right a way. Moreover, that is how it was. So is He the vicious Indian or the creator of universal church?

When the connection with ancestors is brutally broken — a mystical “lobotomy” happens. It is when one memory is substituted with the other — hatred, basically hatred to one’s own forefathers, because they were idol worshipers, pagans. 

By birth, I am Christian. I grew up in my father's house, where faith, religion and memory of the forefathers were not rejected and were not cut in pieces. Moreover, hate was not cultivated towards my ancestors-pagans and idol worshipers.

We are the civilization where the cult of penance exists. 

The fathers never get upset with their young kids. However, the kids must grow up! — so that later on, they will not boast, as usual, through science on top of excavated skulls from the ground. These “skulls” reside inside the mind, inside the genetics.

Penance without understanding is not worth anything. It is just like a young child would say “sorry father, I made a mess.” The penance of the adult must be done on the spot if one has offended, insulted someone; don't wait, as it is common among us, “repenting after a few generations have passed.”

I am not a saint. I have never seen an apology from anyone and I do not forgive adults as if they are children. However, by the same coin, I do not cry; I just turn away. Because I think that all are already adults, well enough educated and competent. In order to understand the materials covered in these few paragraphs, one does not have to be genius.

Dhan’ moved from India to China and transformed into Chan’. Chan’, upon arrival to Japan, transformed into Zen. 

These are ancient shamanic civilizations, that step-by-step, went through their development paths and became highest shamanic civilizations. Shamanic — it means trance-culture, trance-knowledge. 

One can apply as many medical terms as one wishes. The reader must understand this term once and for all, “modified condition of consciousness” — it can be anything; it is anything, but not civilization. 

Within the European, cultural-religious code, the high trance-culture that has risen from shamanism is fully absent. A substitute has happened: trance got substituted with meditation. 

I did not misspeak, it got substituted.

Not intentionally, not on purpose, just simple by the right of power, substituted to its own civilized imperial code. (Neither India nor China arrived in Great Britain, but vice versa.) And, by right of power, they created the consciousness that was considered right — in other words, suitable to their logic, their cultural code. By the right of power, everything that did not conform with highly civilized standards was declared, in the best case, unenlightened, savage 

As scientists say, “behavior impacts genetics and genetics, in turn, influence behavior” — in other words, this trance-event has been eradicated from society. Wherever behavior will go, genetics will follow. 

In the beginning of the 1990s I assumed that our well educated people were capable of understanding such a difference. Unfortunately it is not so.

Genetics has already formed, manifested in the East and in the West, in such a type that has happened. I will remind you of the parable I covered above: East and West, left-brained and right-brained — different “birds.”

Just like new breeds are created from animals, the same has happened for humans. Not intentionally, but all the same, via artificial ways — through the behavior — the civilizations have created breeds. 

A cow cannot become a dragon and a dragon cannot morph into a cow if trance-evolution is silenced in the psyche.

Everything that you see, all nature, exists in a unified, Trance-gravitational environment — not gravitational, but in the Trance-gravitational ALIVE whole environment. 

Everything that is changing, adapting  exists in the unconscious, alive, Trance-gravitational environment.

I am the master of transformation from unconscious evolution into the conscious evolution of humankind. 

Without reliance on trance — the evolutionary trance — this cannot be achieved. 

As it is impossible for the unified Trinity of Nature to be whole outside of trance — without inter-penetration. 

Because our ancestors didn't have a clue, about evolution, their path strayed into imagination. In the beginning, everything was not that bad, because humans were not yet completely separated from nature. However, everything afterward — Freud (hysteria is the payment for civilization)

The essence of the evolutionary trance of which I am talking, is a transition from one level of existence of the “inner-I,” transforming — into another level of existence of “inner-I,” evolutionary.

The civilization of the future, ALREADY, changing and substituting with itself the civilization of the past

It is being done at very high speed, and this speed is increasing. 

In order to fit in and not be left behind  by race, by nationality, by faith, and so on — one must increase the level of competitiveness at all levels.

Trance-transition gives an opportunity to increase the level of competitiveness by many multiples. It is a step up to a completely different level — one that corresponds to the technology that is knocking at our doors and is already here in this world.

Master HORA®

August 2016


The next еvolutionary step of humankind, humans will make consciously. 

  1. The Trance-gravitational human will replace and follow the Homo sapiens.

  2. The Trance-gravitational human is the one who is cultivating the Trinity of Nature.

  3. Trinity of Nature, interpretation:

    1. Conscious gravitational center,

    2. As a result — a different type of attention, the gravitational attention,

    3. As a result — a different type of breathing.

The consequence of the change in breathing — it's a different physiology, a different chemistry, and different brain chemistry — in other words, it is a different type of correlation of energy. Different contour.

  1. A Trance-gravitational human is a transitional phase between Homo sapiens and Gravitaneer (see below)

  2. A Trance-gravitational human is a human that is cultivating the Trinity of Nature within the environment where he is hunting.
    Then, the evolutionary trinity comes into action — trinity of mobilization by nature.

  3. The mobilization trinity does not exhaust — only if it is being activated consciously. However, if it works instinctively, then it will exhaust you (by the law of nature.)

  4. Selection. In nature, selection is when one loses the senses and can’t mobilize, and then he ends up in a dumpster.

Any businessman can clearly understand this. If you lose your senses, you will end up in a dumpster.

Any athlete can understand this. If you lose your mobilization, then you will end up in a dumpster.

Any politician understands this. If you lose your senses, you will end up in a dumpster.

  1. In such a way, a personal program can be distributed among all people, including military individuals. If you lose your senses, you are professionally not useful and that is it. 

This is how the exchange of the generations or the exchange of the elite happens.

  1. The Trance-gravitational human (transitional phase from Homo sapiens to Gravitaneer), the logical human being can clearly understand what was said above — and because of this, will cultivate the Trinity of Nature — liberating himself from any unnecessary thoughts that accompany the process, by submerging into a guaranteed calmness —into point zero — from there he/she will act, if needed, with a thought or with the body.

  2. This gives him a different level of well-being and results in the expulsion of spoiled air and energy that is accumulated within all the organs, within the brain, within the body, and in breathing. Also known as an unconsumed physiology or chemistry of the brain, which is turning into something like a “swamp.” In ancient times this was called an “evil spirit” — in other words sickness, aging, and so forth.

  3. What does “a man with gray hair” mean — this means experience. Within time, a Trance-gravitational human will naturally grow up and have gray hair and so forth. His experience in this meaning will become a key element so that others can follow him.

  4. The others — usually the first ones to follow would be your own genetics, kin, your own blood. It has always been like that and it will be like that: because your own kind can see deeper, and it is easier to get on the same wave.

  1. The result. Training-cultivation — in other words, a cult of Trinity of Nature — it is exactly a cult.

  2. A cult is a religious business. What I would like to say about this is that the attitude should be on the same level — religious. But not the fanatic one. 

If the intellect can’t understand what the Trinity of Nature is and its principle — such individuals cannot be taken to the Personal Program, under any conditions. 

Very important, to be sure thousands of times that this individual UNDERSTANDS what is the Trinity of Nature and its basic laws of development of life — universal Life from the largest elements to the invisible ones — the ones you can’t calculate.

  1. If I would not know the other steps, I would not be speaking about the next one. The Trance-gravitational human will be replaced (will be inherited, will be replaced) by the next one — the Gravitaneer. The Trance-gravitational human is a transitional phase from the unconscious evolution to the conscious one.

  2. Who is the Master? Could I be called a Gravitaneer? Yes and No. 

I unite: a human, the Trance-gravitational human, the Gravitaneer, and further changes up the chain. I am in between them all.

  1. Now, for the Trance-gravitational human, the world is moving from the materialistic consumerism into territorial zone of inner Life. 

Basically, stepping backward (in evolution): those who were before humans, and before them and so on. 

In order to move forward, you have to move backward (in order to run, you have to push off — move backward; there is no other way around it), anchoring on the experience.

Any artistic individual or businessman will clearly understand that. Since he understands by anchoring/pushing off, he is able to shake off unnecessary things, so he can start running, to be able to run to the goal faster.

  1. The Trance-gravitational human — the one that will inherit/replace homo sapiens — is the transitional phase to the Gravitaneer.
    The beginning of the conscious evolution of a kind — is the Trance-gravitational human. He is inheriting/replacing homo sapiens with UNDERSTANDING of what he is doing, meaning that the laws of evolution are not unconscious any longer, but conscious ones.

  2. Final stage — Gravitaneer. When the corresponding relationship between the brain, the body and the nervous system passes on into instinctive level — in memory of instinct, in genetic memory.
    Then the new evolutionary conscious system of humankind has been accumulated, conscious evolution.

  3. At this point, the unconscious evolution (of humankind) has ENDED

But the connection to it has not ended — it becomes global. It is a different inner environment, a different reality, and a different space for the mind.

  1. Master — the carrier of the evolutionary sequence — binder of trance-gaps, the transitional phases. This is how he is different from the homo sapiens and from the Gravitaneer and all the following evolutionary steps. He is the link, the bridge. 


  1. Practice HORA — is a conscious evolution of a humankind. There is also an artificial evolution — a modern science, based on which “the medically dependent human” appeared.

  2. The modern human is not surviving by the laws of nature — adapting and changing within this constant, but slow change in nature; he is surviving with medicine, with science and other artificial things. The modern world — represents a very high speed of changes in nature; poor humans just do not have time for adaptation. Artificial life has replaced natural life. 

Thus, step-by-step, people created a special kind of morality; artificial morality is a medicated life. This type of morality does not reconcile with the morals of nature — the laws of nature, which are not man-made. The not-man-made morality, in turn, is replaced by a business-standard-morality. 

This business-standard-morality is partly reconciled with religion, because religion is still a kind of intermediate zone between nature and science, it just happened to be so. Basically, science is spun off from religion, which in its time was firmly oppressed. Then people had to search for a path to India and so forth, that the kind of the business-morals have developed among religious and elite. 

  1. A regular human — is an artificial human, who is evolving and adapting through an artificial life — he is really an artificial human or a bio-robot.

  2. Just to be clear, all animals in the world are bio-robots, and they have such a program — survival within this program. The survival happens in the "dirty" natural "laboratory," with a variety of viruses, breaking this program.

  3. I use the term “natural-virus” for a specific reason, as an easy-to-understand term, referencing an everyday computer virus that breaks the program. Throughout the computer’s life, an enormous number of program viruses exist. They force life to evolve. Take these viruses out and life stops.

  4. Life is a "dirty lab" with unpredictable effects from the outside. This is not a clean science laboratory, where there is high control and nothing can penetrate the experimental object.

  5. Living bio-robots in real life are living within the “dirty laboratory.” They are mutating all the time uncontrollably. They have to adapt and change and evolve up one level or de-evolve down one level. For life itself, it doesn’t matter because life itself is the highest priority. This is the program of life.

  6. The Trance-gravitational human is “the program of constant upward movement” within the law of the Trinity of Nature; moving away from unconscious Trinity to the conscious one. This is the path of constant upward movement.


  1. The program of life has already manifested an artificial person, it is already there, it happened; the artificial man is searching for ways to survive, to survive by any means. He is moving further and further away from nature and, as a consequence, lacks understanding and his overall deafness toward nature is growing.

  2. Modern humans — semi-artificial and semi natural, are able to think logically, and thus are quite capable of understanding the laws of the Trinity of Nature.

  3. The Personal Program by Master HORA — is a Trance-gravitational human, who relies on, exists in or submerges himself into the evolutionary trance.

  4. The evolutionary trance can’t exist without the Trinity of Nature. The trance outside of the Trinity of Nature is an altered state of consciousness, such as a drug induced-trance, a shamanic-trance, or a yoga-trance. All of these types of trances can be replaced with the term "meditation" and nothing will change. Because meditation without the Trinity of Nature is the same move, taking the mind away from the law of the Trinity of Nature; re-routing the mind away from the universal Trinity of Nature.

  5. The Trinity of Nature and its essence — is universal gravitation.

  6. As a result, the evolutionary trance is universal; not an alcoholic trance, not yoga-trance, and not a drug-trance.


  1. The liberated human — is not a bio-robot, he is a carrier of the program of life.

  2. What does it mean to be a Trance-gravitational human? It is a person who surely understands that he is liberating himself from his own inner self, “inner I,” as an accumulated degradation and not as an accumulated experience of life.

  3. Thus, obtained human experiences, he doesn’t lose them. He can use them, mix them — by dissociating, abstracting himself, and by not following his own muddy emotions and feelings. 

What is really difficult for a person to understand is that he is not the ultimate authority in this world, and his emotions and feelings — are not the last authority in this world.

  1. The human’s mind, his accumulation of intelligence, originally occurs through his senses and emotions. 

  2. In turn, the feelings and emotions "sit" on instinct. 

  3. The instinct is doing everything so that human can survive. This is the origin of the program of life.

Life’s ego is primordial. The one, who is liberated from the ego’s program, is not released from life itself, but capable of seeing the base of it. 

Thus, there is a dark consciousness, dark mind, and liberated consciousness, free mind. 

Any presence of feelings and emotions will turn on the ego’s program. 

Evolutionary trance activates the ability stop the variations of the ego and move on to the next level of evolution; moving away from the universal, unconscious ego-life to the conscious universal trance-life — the GRAVITANEER.

Master HORA®

November 23, 2016

“Gravitaneer™ – the defender of nature against the madness and insanity of nature” 

Character created by Master HORA®   © Atayan A.V. 2017 Sculptor Sapunova E.

Part Three: 


— The Final Baptizo


“I love people who have not happened yet.”

Master HORA®


  1. What does the final baptizo mean?

  2. What is Gravitaneer?

  3. What is evolutionary, gravitational trance?


In the times of Roman slave-holding society, advances in hygiene took place, and an owner on occasion had to wash freshly purchased slaves that would serve in the house or attend to their lord.

 After this “hygiene ritual,” the owner could give a new name to the slave — one which was convenient to him. For example, if the slave reminded him of, let's say a flat-iron, then he would call him “iron.” He could give a slave a human name or animal name. Remember your childhood, when playing with friends, you gave each other nicknames based on associations? Remember how those nicknames sometimes stuck with your friends and after many years passed, the nicknames remained.

 *This act of “bathing-hygiene” was called “baptizo,” which means “purification, ablution, submersion in the water” in Greek.

Baptizo-purification is inseparable from an ancient Egyptian, ancient Greek mystery. It is water ablution before appearing in front of the god’s face (during prayer or service). 

In such a manner, purification-submersion-baptizo caries the outward and inward meaning — to clean up, detach from outside and inside. Baptizo can be voluntary or compulsory. An example with a slave — it is a compulsory baptizo; religious service — it is a voluntary baptizo (act of purification). 

The highest form of baptism — liberation of the highest inner-me, or soul, from all types of karma, genetic contamination, and one’s own sins.

By Apostle Paul: the utmost baptizo — is a baptizo by death.

“Don't you know that all of us christen [committed baptizo] in the name of Christ, christened in His death [committed baptizo]? Therefore we were buried together with Him, with christening [baptizo] in death, so that just like Christ, we would resurrect from the dead by the glory of our Father and to walk in the new life. Because if we are connected with Him, in resemblance of His death, then must be [connected] and with [resemblance] of the resurrection, knowing that, our infirm-man is crucified with him, so that his body was cleansed of sins, so we would not be slaves to our sins, because the dead is freed from sins. Because if we died together with Christ, then we believe that we will also live with Him; knowing that Christ resurrected from the dead, does not die any more; death does not have the power of Him. Because He died, died for the sin; and he lives for the God” (Apostle Paul, Romans, 6:3-10)

What you should pay attention to here: that all religious teachings that exist or ever existed in this world are teachings from the other world — a place where all depart to after death. Therefore the path does exist. Indeed, someone brought these teachings. At the birth of humanity, for some reason, there were many who brought these teachings and they were called gods. What is important to know: gods were vulnerable while existing in a human’s body. And they were immortal while existing in their own natural form.

For a person, death in direct meaning is the stoppage of the bodily “inner-I.” 

If he or she has been reborn (resurrected) into the body, it means that worn-out body has died, and a new body, after going through the baptizo of death, has been born. His or her bodily “inner-I” has been transformed and has become different.

A complete analogy would be a vulnerable god in a human body. 

Just a reminder, at the beginning of humanity, for some reason, there were many such creatures. As a result, there were many religious cults.

A question to the reader: If suddenly, today, something similar would happen in the traditionally monotheistic countries, what would happen to such a vulnerable immortal?

I know, a pause has appeared in your mind: you know the answer and are afraid of it; you do not want to see it. That is the reason for the pause.

Our personality is inseparable from our body. 

By influencing the body, the personality is also influenced and vice versa. If the body is transformed, then the personality is transformed as well. If the personality is transformed, then the body is transformed as well.

One of the options to influence the body through personality is to give a new name to the person. Designation of the name — it is an initiation, programming and influencing the person’s psyche through emotions of the deep unconscious, archaic feelings. This type of programming is done by all religions from the moment humans appeared. They create a behavioral and geometrical connection among generations. At the end, the meaning of the name is “to whom do you belong, what is your race-tribe, who is your overlord, who is your God?”

For example, in the areas where clan society has been preserved, no one cares what your name is. At the time of initial introductions, a question is asked: “What lineage do you belong to?” In other words, under whose protection are you under, who is responsible for you, and what kind of power do you represent?

In modern terminology, John the Baptist was liberating people from their sins — he was a sectarian-revolutionary, and took upon himself the function of the highest spiritual authority. This is a challenge to secular and spiritual authority. His fate was predetermined. Did he know it? I do not have any doubt about it. After all, he was considered a prophet. A prophet does not fear anyone or anything; he serves the knowledge that lies beyond the bounds of death.

Is it possible for the body to be liberated from the personality — that is committing the baptizo through death? It is possible, under the condition that a different interconnection of coordinates between brain, body, and nervous system has emerged. It is similar to human coordinates, but is a different one. It is approximate to human coordinates but is a different one.

This book is about it.

In our culture, in order to convey the idea that one is from the people, but different is impossible without the term baptizo. However, there is nothing to hook in the brain; in other words, there are no roots, no such tradition in the minds — not mystical, spiritual, religious, scientific, or habitual. 

I would like to remind you that before Christianity, our ancestors believed in different gods. In other words, psychologically, they were ready for the arrival of a god on the habitual level of thinking — not on the religious, not on the scientific, not on the mystical, just on the habitual level. The Saviour was accepted and recognized, even though no one had ever seen Him. People were believing in someone, whom they had never seen. God in the vulnerable human body and the culture of the sacrificial offering (which was the norm then) merged into one — one belief. The sacrificial offering is a culture/cult of protection. Holy blood was sacrificed in offering for YOU PERSONALLY. 

 At that time, gods were walking among people, our ancestors. They were given birth to, in their environment. This was normal.

Later in time, this type of memory was rooted out of hearts and minds. And one book of our genetic memory — about our fathers, ancestors, and their beliefs — was substituted with another.

 Speaking candidly, instead of a birth father, a stepfather has emerged. The history of our ancestors' lives was rooted out and its place was taken by the Old Testament. Wise. Infinitely deep. But it is not the memory of my fathers. And now the civilized Christian world via scientific method is trying to reconstruct, do not be surprised, its ancestry, its own book of memory — from the stumps of bark, from broken roofing tiles — basically from the smoldering ruins.

It is no less deep and no less wise; and if it removed, then today's science would not even exist, and we would live and prosper in the Stone Age. 

I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings here, but science was born by a polytheistic civilization. We exterminated science and development for thousands of years but did not succeed in its destruction. 

And now the civilized Christian world via scientific method is trying to reconstruct, do not be surprised, its ancestry — from the stumps of bark, from broken roofing tiles — basically from the smoldering ruins. We were pagans and believers in many gods. All of us, without exception. 

What I would say is that as long as elements of nature exist, it means that conflicts among them also exist. When climate suddenly changes, then the god of one of the elements leads its “army” into foreign territory, earlier cultivated by someone else. The aborigines either adapted or disappeared, they were forced out by the law of the strongest. 

What I would say is that as long as elements of nature exist, the pagan gods will not disappear. And, if suddenly by chance, the elements vanish, then together with them, we, religion and science will also disappear. 

By giving explanations and building bridges of memory, I am moving along the borders of ancient mythical and modern rational languages. This is how one should read this book. Any other type of reading will create discomfort for the reader.

What will this type of uncomfortable reading look like?

For a modern, rational person, the mythical reasoning, vision, and language are not easy. This type of language combines with a rational one — it is like an intellectual thought between being awake and asleep, as if between two worlds. This type of language submerges the individual, calms his picture of the outside world.

If the discomfort does arise anyway, it is better to pause for some time and to ask a question to yourself: That what you have read, what exactly is disturbing you — is it true or not true? 

Is it possible for the personality to be liberated from the body? — that is committing the baptizo through death. It is possible under the condition that the different interconnection of coordinates between the brain, the body, and the nervous system has emerged. It is similar to human coordinates but is a different one. It is approximate to but is a different one.

I speak of this on purpose, because the conflict in the minds of people already exists. The gods of the polytheistic East have come to a Christian world — basically, they are a kind of brothers, relatives to our rooted-out god, in whom our ancestors believed. They speak a different language and think in completely different ways.

A good example of two types of thinking is illustrated by a comparison of classical music and rock-and-roll. Both types are music, both use musical instruments, and, in both cases, they use the same notes. But for it to be more understandable, what I am trying to say is try to listen to classical music and rock-and-roll SIMULTANEOUSLY, in both ears, merged in one head.

A noise in your brain is guaranteed. After such noise-brain-mystical and religious “baptizo”… it will be difficult to socialize with such people, who are fully knocked out from any social communication norms.

I am not against Eastern gods, I am even for them. But, in order to understand their thoughts, we need to recollect their second/third cousin their god on their territory or his incarnation. It may be not as refined and advanced, but it may be more understandable and adequate. By remembering this forgotten, a little bit childish, somewhat naive, but sincere “dictionary” — maybe, after all, you will gain an opportunity to understand the refined gods — “the foreigners.”

This massive, unconscious occurrence — attractiveness to Eastern gods and teachings — speaks of one thing: something is holding back the human people from growing.

There is no special secret in it: simply people are searching for the opportunity for growth, and growth without freedom is impossible.

But there is a big NO: freedom is regulated, confined by society. A slave can obtain freedom from its master. But for a free person to obtain liberation…. This is possible under one condition: if you have accepted and understood in your own genetic culture, the first prayer that was given to the student and apostles by the teacher of salvation.

It starts from simple and understandable words. It is understood by ANY person, in any region of the world, irrespective of religion, nationality, race and so on. It starts with the words “Our Heavenly Father”; it does not start with the words “Owner, Lord….” 

Through time, step-by-step, we gradually lost the culture when the teacher, father, and god were one whole, undivided. It’s like we have grown up. You will not meet anyone with such psyche — not an apostle, not a prophet, not a god. Even if you do meet one of them, you will not recognize him or her, the “brand” is not high enough, and he has not been leveled up by mass media. Advertisement — moves commerce. This is what people say to me: “You as a product needs to be correctly positioned in the marketplace.” However, I am still hoping that I live among people and not in the bazaar.

The first prayer begins with the words “Our Heavenly Father.” It does not start with the words “Owner, Lord...” — during that time (two thousand years ago) this was not just a simple revolution, it was a real, true religious COUP:

You stop fearing God as an Owner, as a Lord, and the environment of fear around God-the-Lord is substituted with an environment of love towards “God-the-Father” inside of you.

He — the Beginning, the Father of all fathers. The same way like children love their parents, serve them, and are ready to give their lives for them; the same is true for the Father of all fathers — all fathers will give their life, even more so.

 Without “God-the-Father,” we are without memory; if He does not exist, then our memory does not exist. 

People are searching for the final Baptizo, the final liberation, and never recognize it.

What else does one need to know in order to read this book further?

  1. Jesus did not christen any of the known Apostles. From the unknown ones — no one knows; it may be that He christened someone.

  2. John the Baptist was never a christianizer. He did not christen Jesus or anyone at all, ever. The water baptizo, the water submergence was handled without the cross.

  3. The teaching about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit did not exist during the times of John the Baptist or Jesus. In our mentality, it is acceptable to call him “John the Christianizer,” but, in reality, he is John the Baptist, “submerger.” 

Therefore, the Apostle Paul is talking about baptizo with death or about submergence, but he is not talking about christening by the cross. This is the Path of the Savior, the path of Christ.

Generally speaking, this is a religious and mystical and scientific path simultaneously — not independent of one another, but in conjunction.

The Savior walked this path. Not by the book. Not by faith. He walked it in life. 

It is that what is being searched today in the East and doing this unconsciously.

In the East, they are searching for the path of death, the path of knowledge, and the manifestation of the ability to submerge into death. All in all, this is the highest yoga, that no European has ever passed it. 

If this was not so, then European teaching about the path to God — the Creator of all worlds, would have emerged; to the Father of all fathers. The teaching of submergence, the teachings about baptizo through death — it is not the fitness yoga.

In order to be ready for such a path, a specific psyche is required — one that has been readied by traditional culture for hundreds, thousands of years. This is a specific type of psyche where genetic-mythical realities, genetic-species realities, traditional-social realities are connected and collide with reality as is. Reason: The world does not stay in one place; it is always in motion, changing.

The mystically understood, scientifically explainable, rationally comprehended path — baptism via death — has become a screaming demand of our time; not only in the Western world but also in the modern, turbulently informative, web-globalized world as a whole.

What is important to understand:

  1. Baptizo through death is not self-destruction by your own hands.

  2. It is a different interconnection of coordinates between the brain, body, and nervous system — similar to human, approximate to human, but completely different one.

  3. This a different type of attention — similar to human, but a different one.

  4. It is a different center of gravity — not the unconscious one found in humans and animals, but a conscious one. Conscious — it means that your attention becomes different, absolutely different. It becomes gravitational.

  5. As a result, it is a different energy exchange — a different type of breathing. It approximates human breathing but is different.

  6. This is how the unified, awakened trinity of nature looks like.

  1. This pattern — somehow, it happened — precisely corresponds to the three symbolic centers identified with Christianity as the savior cross, as a triunity of Christ’s flag — Father, Son, Holy Spirit. 

By fact, it happened this way.

Reminding you of the questions.

  1. What does the Final Baptizo mean?

  2. What is Gravitaneer?

  3. What is the evolutionary, gravitational trance?


Gravitaneer is the next evolutionary step of humankind — the one who will follow human and will substitute him as a species, by following the path of nature’s laws and leaning on them.

It does not matter if you accept evolution or not. What is important here is that everyone knows: selection — is a change of the kind. 

In order for the further thought to be understood, register and remember it for yourselfselection — is a change of the kind.

Intrusion into human’s DNA — attempts to modify it — is the same selection, but in human himself, not in dogs, cows, or plants. 

It does not matter if you accept evolution or not: selection within the species — is evolution. It is artificial, but it is evolution: artificial selection. 

If this concept is understood and you have accepted it, then there is a reason to read further.

It is important to understand: by the law of nature, the conscious evolution of the species is absolutely different from the artificial, medically-scientific selection.

  1. Conscious evolution of the humankind — it is to follow the laws of nature.

  2. Artificial — is a bioengineering attempt to improve weakened humankind. 

The only similarity between them is that evolution by nature and artificial selection are both selections. 

BUT! The bioengineered modifications are not selections by nature’s laws of TRUTH. It turns out that in his understanding of nature, the Creator, the author of all living things and the Universe, looks inferior to humans bioengineers-modifiers. (All is leaning in this direction)

We are not developing by the Creator and nature created by Him. Conclusion: either we did not understand the laws of nature/laws of the Creator correctly — or suddenly the human has become smarter about the laws of nature/laws of Creator.

Modern civilization — is at the fork between traditional religious long-standing consciousness (the world does not change) and new, scientific-searching (world changes) minds.

In reality, a new religion has arrived: The Creator is wrong, the Creator made a mistake, human nature is not finished, so I the human will finish it, modify it and develop that which could not be achieved by the ONE WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING. The Creator ended up with such a restless human. He is sort of made in a mirror image, but is not satisfied and wants modifications: upgrade now!

Into our world, a new religion has come. It already happened, but this is not yet understood, not recognized, and not seen by anyone. The new religion is where an artificially-selected human, modified via bioengineering, step-by-step, starts to substitute with himself the human created by the Creator or nature (whatever is more comfortable for you).

You can agree that the Creator is not his Father and nature is not his mother anymore.

A new psychology, new morals have been born into this world: nothing personal, it is just business. In such business, a new, different Buddha should arrive — or a different Savior — modified, advanced, with microchips. It is different, it offers a new Path, a new teaching. It kind of does not exist, but in the minds, in fact, it already exists. It just has not been verbally formalized.

“Nothing personal” — it is his moral principle. 

Don't you want to be advanced? For example, professional athletes are ready to try anything in order to achieve a result. Nothing personal, it's just the type of business we have. Then further, there will be our corruptor, a foreign one, “not ours, son of the …”

All of us, step-by-step, will be ready psychologically for this new teaching. We are starting to wait for a “new messiah.” We are being readied steadily for the modifications and a different path via (media) screens. Our minds are being reset.

Think about it: For a person who is not successful or wealthy —or personally you — do you see a chance — to be more competitive, more successful, to solidify your positions or to climb higher, without putting a lot of effort. If you have “money” — then a chip can be inserted into the right section of the brain, or vertebrae and so on. Then later it could be changed, upgraded, reformatted.

For a human, artificial modification is a great temptation, the temptation of a kind of immortality. Moreover, it is packed like a sandwich with the butter of humanism. It is ready, eat it.

A question may arise to me: if I speak of such things, then what alternative do I offer?

My offer:

Gravitaneer, it is the next evolutionary step of the humankind — the one who will follow the human and will substitute him as a species, by leaning on nature’s law.

Here is a further explanation:

 First, you have to agree with the fact that human activity has led to changes in elements of nature — to be specific, the balance of power has changed in nature itself. Air-water-earth is food borne by them — all have been changed by human activity in a short period of time. It is not like Earth has been hit by a large meteor and brought the polar night to the entire planet (beginning of sudden changes) — we have not reached this point yet, but our train is rushing forward, and there will be a stop in the “polar night.”

All biological species on Earth will be adapting to the newly developed reality by leaning on nature’s mechanisms of survival, which are hundreds of millions of years old. 

I offer to the human to lean on THESE mechanisms, which are hundreds of millions of years old, and all living things are subjugated to them. They may be not as smart as humans, but they follow in the path of faith. Their faith in life is encoded, encrypted on the instinctual level. As a matter of fact, we also have instincts. We have something in common after all.

I offer to the human to lean on THESE principles — which are hundreds of millions of years old, and all living and nonliving things in the Universe are subjugated to them. Choose: either be an advanced, socially successful with a microchip, just like a modern athlete on “fertilizers” — or a different type of interconnection of coordinates between brain, body and nervous system — the deliberate, understandable, acceptable and awakened Trinity of Nature. All living and nonliving things lean on it unconsciously — on an instinctive level. When the moment “x” arises, all of nature goes through an assessment of baptizo by death.

Deviation from the subject.
Conversation with a person of muslim faith

He said to me that he does not believe, does not understand and, as a result, does not accept the Christian Triunity. 

To which I answered that Jesus (for Muslims, the prophet Isa) did not teach the Trinity to the apostles. He did not even perform christenings. The more or less modern cross (cross of Constantine, labarum) appeared a few centuries later. The triunity and cross sign also appeared a few centuries later. These are fundamental religious symbols in Christianity in which people have faith. Moreover, these symbols, over a thousand years became inseparable from Christ.

Symbols, in their own way, are visuals. They reflect the power of faith in Christ, and they have become inseparable from Him. This is known as faith, and faith does not require explanations. 

He as Muslim is not required to believe in that which is not provable and no one is obligated to prove to him what one believes in. Strangely, however, both sides want proof from each other, not faith.

Now follows the proof of the Trinity of Nature. 

  1. Agree with me, my friend, that everything that we see and do not see, from stars to atoms, have their own gravitational center. 

  2. The existence of the gravitational center is a fact. It exists in everything that we know and do not know; in everything that we see and do not see.

If this is accepted on the level of common sense, then agree with me that the gravitational center always balances in space. In other words, it is a manifestation of unconscious attention — just like in dance, everything is moving; nothing is staying in place. 

Just like you do it in the Sufi dance. However, people do not live by spinning on the spot like the Sufi. They walk, sit, socialize, and work. If only the Sufi dance would awaken the gravitational center and, as a result, change the usual attention of the human to the gravitational, then this would, in its own way, be the method of transformation — transformation from the human to a different species. 

In fact, this does not exist. 

  1. Attention is capable of uniting with the gravitational center and stopping “inner I”. Mind, the spirit of human separate from the human body and awakens different type of interconnection between brain, body and nervous system. That is how Gravitaneer arrives into this world; from people but different. It is how consciously manifest the Trinity of Nature (gravitational center, gravitational attention, and corresponding to it gravitational type of breathing) 

The liberation from the human body, mind, spirit accomplishes its journey through the worlds and nature’s elements — from what is made and weaved in this world. Gravitaneer comes in touch with that.

4.  Agree with me that everything that you see and do not see, know and do not know, is created from gravitation. It is a completely different informational space. It is a completely different “library” of knowledge. It is the book of books, the book of Life and Death. Everything that you see and do not see, know and do not know, is created from gravitation, including your brain. 

The key to your own mind — is your own attention. The type of attention you have is the type of mind you have. If your attention is gravitational, then your mind exists in the united space of gravitation. It is a completely different “library,” a different database.

5. The energy, the power of life in elements — just like breathing — sooner or later ends. Moreover, the elements transform from one state of their “I”, crossing the borders of death, and reborn into a different element again.

During the process of transition, the memory on the path of rebirth flickers out. However, the principle of the trinity remains unchanged.

This type of trinity is not known to Christians, Muslims, or others. It is not known in science. What I am trying to say is that if anyone from them knew it, then he would offer the method, the path — transforming from one element of nature in which humans exist into an element of gravitation, in which the entire Universe exists. This is a bit more than our beautiful planet Earth.

6. The interconnection of coordinates between brain, body, and nervous system of a human goes through the baptizo of death, dipping into it, submerging into it, and cleansing with it, reborn in a new incarnation — Gravitaneer; from the people but different.

<end of the conversation with a person of the Muslim faith>

To breed strong, powerful vegetation or animals, the best seeds, and the best animals are selected.

Skipping all the morality, just essence, nothing personal. Humanity does not go through this selection, not by nature and not via artificial selection. It is the way a human turned out to be. As a result, by breaking all laws of nature, humankind is weakening. The artificial lifespan on pills and reproduction of humankind via pills — means only one thing: the species is successfully accumulating degradation. It is also a type of selection. 

If this thought is understandable to you and does not scare you, read further.

* * *

The word Gravitaneer is made out two words: gravitation and pioneer. 

A human crossing consciously and responsibly, with understanding why and for what, from the element of air into an element of gravitation, becomes a Gravitaneer.

With clear, precise, and sensible differentiation: here I am, a human, and here — I am, a Gravitaneer. 

Moreover, I am, myself, awake, and with a submerged personality, is the one who makes a choice. I control the process that can move into the direction of the Gravitaneer, by manifesting sensible understanding of differences between the Gravitaneer vs. human and by continuing to develop of self in the element of gravitation as personality.

Under these circumstances, I can always go back to the beginning; to the point of reference and analyze whether I need this or not. Do I get qualitative advantages, quality of success by nature? This is the psychology of young and pliable people. The Gravitaneer — is a psychology of pliability. A person, as an individuality makes a choice to submerge there or not.

What is important to understand is that personality, in any case, will change. It is like moving to a different country; time is needed for adaptation. However, this will be happening in your accustomed traditional environment. Thus the conflict is minimized.

It is important to understand that society, in any case, is conflicting. The conflict in society is needed so that it would move forward instead of standing still in one spot. However, if society is aggressive (by traditional measure of this word) then, for a person who is changing, it becomes dangerous, even if he is not aggressive, does not bite or jump on anyone. Nevertheless, he still needs to deal with “What, are you better than us? Are you trying to separate yourself from the group?”

In other words, for the conflict to be minimized, society must not only be accepting but also value personal freedom and protect it. After all, why should it matter to you how I think if I am not destroying anything around me and do not harm anyone?

You all know the term, sect-follower. When you hear this term, do you become unconsciously or instinctively scared? The mind paints the sect-follower — somewhat similar to an extremist. However, any personality — in itself is a sect, an individualized sect of one person.

I speak of this intentionally, because over time I have seen many fools who watch out for the innocence of the group, during and after the communist era. These types of people are the same breed; they do not care about God or no God — they simply watch out. They have always been like this, even during the time of Buddha, the time of Christ, and during the era of communists, fascists, and anyone else.

When personality is being dictated by someone how to think, sometimes it is done gently and carefully, checking in all directions, trying to hear the feedback from the group, just like in the late phases of the USSR. Alternatively, they can make a hole in the head, and look through it, trying to determine what person is hiding from the group, just like during the dark ages. There are plenty of people with schizophrenia, constantly worrying about the moral norms and principles of the group. Moreover, there is always someone around to hire them.

I will repeat myself; I am intentionally talking about this. In order for the personality to develop, it needs personal freedom, at least in its own mind. In other words, it is respect toward the person.

Why do we need a gravitaneer — if a human is already good enough? 

Submergence into the gravitational environment, it is a baptizo by gravitation. This is a different environment, from which all have come to this world and to which all will return. Gravitation is the environment of immortality, a space of eternity.

You can agree with me that society's technical, informational, and social foundation is speeding up so fast that a regular person is no longer capable of keeping up with it. He or she begins to fall behind. It is frustrating. Moreover, what is happening today in the world is a result of accumulated frustration.

Meanwhile, life goes on. We all live longer. However, competition is younger and younger. Reason: youth is pliable, simply because the personality has not been fully formed, not programmed and no one yet has drilled a “hole” in the brain. Youth is pliable — pliability like a Mowgli (if he got something, then he got it for life).

 Conclusion: education, acceptance of knowledge by nature is the straightest path — for this, the psyche must be pliable, not in the chains, tied up with rope thoroughly. Inner liberty it is an advanced culture of self-control.

 It is a medical fact that in adulthood, people lose pliability. The reason for this is that one’s personality has been developed. The learning ability of a Mowgli has been exhausted, burned out. The pliability nearly zero. Full stop and then hello Alzheimer — let's go into childhood. 

Being a Gravitaneer is about being in constant pliability.

The question then: Does society need this? If yes, then what kind?

Next question: Does a human need this? If yes, then what kind?

* * *

The transformational zone from a human to a Gravitaneer is a zone of training. 

The psychological “muscle” can also be trained, just like physical muscles of the body.

Gravitaneer is this and that — both muscles are being trained simultaneously. 

  1. For example, if you are thinking while your body resides in the gravitational space, then it means that your body resides in the best possible ideal balance; the thoughts are not losing clarity. 

  2. For example, you are training your body. Your attention is not getting distorted, jumping from one object to another; the body resides under constant internal and outer attention. Under control.

Maybe something similar exists in the East in some way in the minds, but by fact, it does not. 

The term gravitation appeared there only yesterday. How much time is needed for it to be assimilated and become rooted? Psychologically, this can be compared to a case if suddenly a European Buddha was born in Europe. One single term, “gravitation” requires incredible re-thinking and re-evaluation of an entire thousand years of civilization. Conceptually, philosophically, technically, and psychologically (social upbringing) that is a completely different world. You will not get far here on yoga.

A different approach is needed here.

Question: Is Buddha a Gravitaneer or a human? 

The type of answer you will give, that is the place you will get to. 

You can agree that Buddha — is from a different informational world. It is obvious. If this was not so, then all would be Buddhas.

The difference between Gravitaneer vs human — is a constant balance that does not exhaust, does not weaken, and does not suck the life out of a person.

To value and understand this, how important it is, do the test

Try to concentrate on any object, external or internal, and you will quickly see how important stable balance is, and how fast the life forces are drained and fatigue arrives in such a situation. 

Conceptually, the yoga system should be training the unity of concentration and balance. Without such training, this is not yoga, it is just fitness-imitation. Ask yourself a question: what kind of yoga took roots in the West?

Bottom line: if you would like to achieve any serious result, you must understand the culture of international civilizations — culture that is focused on psycho-physical components of a human being. That said, understanding should not be on the level of the local village but on the world level. (It is hard not to remember the guardians of the correct way of thinking... It is as if the village nationalism standard erected to the rank of absolute.) 

Gravitaneer — it is a qualitatively different mind. He is the planetary species, he is not a species of one village, no matter how big it is. The internet is a planetary environment, and banking (movement of money) is a planetary environment; the high qualifications (professionalism); it is an international environment. Question: Who would not want to conform to the level of such environment?

Gravitaneer’s mind space expands by means of the body’s space and the body’s space expands by means of the mind. It sounds simple, but to do this, a Trinity of Nature needs to be united in one united whole.

However, for the Trinity of Nature to be united in one whole, one must know how to submerge into it. Meditation — it is not a baptizo, meditation cannot help here. For this, we need trance; the evolutionary trance, the gravitational trance, and very importantly the testable trance. 

Such trance must be provable, without any kind of gimmicks, such as “trust my words.” I am not asking you to believe just in my words. I have always proved that which I have spoken about, and there will be no other ways. To get to the trance-gravitational environment just on the “trust my words” — it just like trying to get to needle’s hole on the camel, in our earthly conditions.

The transformational phase from a human to a Gravitaneer is training; this is a trance-gravitational human. This is a human, whose mind is entering into a new for him informational space of existence — it is the space of nature’s element “gravitation.” Everything that you see and everything that you do not see, all that you know and do not know — the entire Universe is weaved from gravitation. You are included and made out of the same material. 

In summary:

I will recite the Bible, there is a person who is created from ashes, and there he will go back. 

And there is a Gravitaneer, weaved from gravitation and there he will go back. 

One will go back to earth ashes, the other will go back to the gravitational environment of the Creator.

A small deviation from the subject.

Any type of reformatting of personality, intervention, and reprogramming — is a change of personality. Such changes in personality can lead to an opposition with society and can create confrontation in the traditional environment. Thus, traditional teachings that have gone through their own dark time, when people were tortured, know very well how dangerous it is. Human turns into a hysteric person, social hysteria becomes the norm, and the government is not built on the awareness, consciousness, and responsibility. In such cases governing is built on fear.

A massive Stockholm syndrome is created. Super dictatorship. The terror and massive social insanity become a norm of life. And the lower class, by the principles of the Stockholm syndrome, look at their oppressors with loving eyes. 

The traditionally formed society (more specifically their elite), having an experience of thousands of years, including torture of human mind and spirit, clearly understand that changes to personality, intervention, reformatting, reprogramming is dangerous. If it is not done for the benefit of society, it means it is dangerous: a hazardous sect of fanatics or madman.

You can agree that changes are happening; from the dark medieval time, we got to a democratic twilight of humanity through the slaughterhouse. In other words, people no longer have ignorant consciousness, they are kind of informed, kind of educated — educated to think and use modern instruments. With their help, a society’s life is improving. At best, the minds of people reside in the twilight zone. 

However, to move forward, it is necessary for the personality to be free. 

Freedom is a zone of high competence and accountability in front of society. 

In other words, the transition from the human to Gravitaneer requires to be deeply human cultured. And this is a different society by a few degrees — that belong to the different information environment.

Gravitaneer it a different species, distinct from the human. These distinctions are more than serious, it is a different kind by evolutionary-biology. From the people — but not human anymore.

A transition from the dark mind to twilight mind, this is not light yet. The democratic freedom as of now is twilight and fog; personality is not liberated. Because it has not arisen to the level of pliability and is UNABLE to develop further, other than via the artificial path of modification of human. The human that no longer able to keep up with informational and technical development.

The conflict is evident. There are more and more people that cannot keep up and they are turning their heads in the reverse direction — their feet want to move forward to the conveniences, but the head wants to go back, into the era of the Middle Ages. Look at today's world, and you can clearly see how the people's world has split up. Both sides are trying to bluntly “take advantage of” the other side, use their energy or technology or masses.

The two human worlds have declared war on each other — not the total war, but the war of enslavement. And here I am, Master HORA, with my Gravitaneer, saying hello to all on the twilight side. My greetings to all who want to wake up.

* * *

I have made my choices among people (Practice HORA leaders). These are not the ones who climb to the top by stepping on others — by manifesting true, animal principle of nature, the animal principles of success of the kind. I chose those that are in their own way “hippies” moved aside and are unable to step on heads, in the manifestation of their success.

I love people who have not happened yet. People who do not walk on top of the other people heads. I chose the ones who are able to think and who are educated, and which social environment they exist in is not important. I chose the ones who would feel pain by stepping on someone's head. (That is why they are not so successful.) Among them many people do this out of NECESSITY — so they can feed their children; provide for education, raise them into decent people, and so on. No one has annulled parenting responsibility.

 I hope that I was able to show what a sect is and what it can be on a different scale from regular person to the incredible scale of the masses.

 And also, what is needed is not only for freedom, but for the Liberation of the mind, the Liberation of the soul. Without which the door to paradise on Earth will not be open to a human, neither internally nor externally.

We have reached the point where you can continue reading, or you can stop. 

I would recommend to stop for a brief period and to reflect: do you need a liberation inside of you? Or do you have more than plenty of freedom outside?

 Do you need the plasticity like that of young Mowgli, capable of change, capable of development? Or is what you have now more than sufficient? — you already happened. 

If you “already happened,” then this is not your book, do not waste your time. 


The main distinctions of Gravitaneer from the human:

  1. Humans have an unconscious center of gravity just like an animal.

  2. As a consequence, unconscious attention, which is connected with such unconscious gravity center.

  3. The concentration of attention — is the key to consciousness. This you need to know.

  4. The key to successful attention resides in nature’s unconscious, gravitational center. This center is in your stomach.

  5. Gravitational center in all living and nonliving things on Earth acts in its own way as a gyroscope.

The human’s gravitational “gyroscope” twitches in all directions, taking away energy from the environment of consciousness (the mind) and through attention, the concentration of attention starts to suck up strength from the organism. We have already tried a few experiments: attention plus balance exhausts a person very fast. (see experiments above)

Individual’s strength is consumed to stabilize a fuzzy, “floating” picture. The picture is being filled in (finalized) by the brain. This is the type of agreement the brain has with the external world, to which a human adapts. This is similar to a person who, for example, has bad eyesight or weakened hearing.

You should reach this conclusion for yourself: The more stable the gravitational center in the stomach, then the more stable is the gravitational center of attention. One is in the stomach, the other — is in the forehead.

Let's perform a few experimental tests of aptitude towards gravitational concentration

  1. Slightly concentrate a little of your attention on any object and you will immediately feel light tension between your eyebrows. Try it. Have you felt enough to be convinced? Then let's move further.

  2. Try to exert a little physical effort as if you are trying to pick up something, pushing, or simply trying to stand up from a chair. You will immediately feel the tension inside your stomach. Have you felt enough to be convinced? Then let's move further.

  3. So for these two types of attention to be maintained as one whole, the breathing out of necessity almost immediately stops. Check it. This is how the third center stands out — the gravitational center of breathing. You will feel how fast strength is disappearing. Tiredness and exhaustion emerge almost immediately. Have you felt it as to be convinced? Then let's move further.

  4. In order to continue with the experiments, I will first provide a short explanation. You just performed three experiments successfully and confirmed them. In principle, you have exhibited the same pure pliability as a youthful Mowgli.

And now we have a “situation.” Please repeat the same three experiments and confirm that for some reason they are not working. The concentration becomes different. The first time around, everything worked; the second time, it's not the same. The concentration, for some reason, is smeared.

It just worked and now all is smeared. 

Reason: during the second attempt you are no longer youthful, honest, pure pliable Mowgli. Your own personality comes out and tries to subjugate all these experiences to itself.

This is how your personality materializes itself, which is already not young and not pliable like Mowgli, who is submerged in learning. In one case, you were back in your youth, like a child who is happy about receiving a toy. In the second case, this child has suddenly grown-up; as a human, he becomes interested to find out what is inside this toy. And he begins to break it, just like you did when you were young. During the experiment, you did this instantaneously.

What does this mean? It means that it is hard to teach you as a human Mowgli the gravitational practice of concentration in three main centers (head, stomach, center of chest). Your restless “inner-I” is hindering it — as if it is Pinocchio, who is sticking his nose everywhere. This is good for development based on scientific search, but even then to the known limits.

The difficulty resides in the ability to stop curiosity, the ability to stop this kind of “Pinocchio nose.” It is in principle the stoppage of your own “inner-I.” This is not death, but resembles it: personality stopes and resides in an environment of thoughtless.

I can imagine how this can scare the “guardians of everything”: someone attacking the personality! Maybe, in their view, someone has stolen a disciple right under their nose. However, in reality, the “inner-I” has come back to its origin — back to the moment it was awakened in its world. It is like being reborn.

This, of course, is not a baptizo by death, but it is similar, very close to it; because this is how the liberation of personality from any program happens. The programs do not disappear, but personality stands on the side of them and can observe and investigate them. This is how trance looks like.

It has no relationship to meditation because meditation does not have roots and connections with the ancient world, ancient memory.

 This type of trance — is a book of our forefathers, the one we lost. Moreover, meditation — is what has been invented on the fly, by looking to the East. In the East, people train trance. And meditation is only one spoke from the large wheel of trance.

For a trance Gravitaneer, the gravitational trance is a wheel in which ALL spokes reside — in its own way, are methods of how to reach the center of the wheel.

Deviation from the subject 

There are two types of Mowgli; one we know of and the other one we do not. The first type is human-animal, and the second Mowgli — is a social person who grew up like a Mowgli but not among animals but among humans.

A human Mowgli, who grew up among people, not among animals, “breaks toys,” disassembles them into the atoms, digging for the essence of things. Doubt — is part of the scientific method.

However, the Mowgli who grew up among animals does not break acquired skills, like toys, because his life depends on these skills. His knowledge — is like faith, no doubt. If he begins flirting with his experience, he will lose his life. That is the difference.

What are the similarities between animal Mowgli and human Mowgli? Both are hard to re-educate into another type of social reality, social living, and a different informational environment. During the attempt to transfer the Mowgli human-animal into the society of Mowgli-humans, the Mowgli-animal will resist with all his power. Because he has acquired experience in a different social environment (among animals), he has developed his own worldview, life map, and how to survive in it.

The people’s desire is to pull him to them and teach him new skills, but he views this through his own worldview and tries g to translate it into his world. The world, where actions are done without a doubt, the world that is familiar to him. This is where he grew up and acquired his experience of survival.

The same thing happens to the Mowgli-human. It is possible to give him a new skill, and he will take it if the benefit is visible and the advantages are understandable. However, after some time he will strive to take this experience and advantages and jam them into his own developed world view and experience of how to survive in it. Refer to the experiments you just did. You did not even fully learn a skill, you were barely exposed to it, but you are immediately trying to adapt it to yourself and stand ABOVE it. This is important to understand: to STAND ABOVE IT vs. to become one with the new skill and unite with it. This is a psychology of invader with all the consequences that follow from it.

What kind of conclusion should one make? If the understanding is missing in culture and tradition that the alife alive gravitational center exists, and the understanding of the importance of concentration of attention is also missing, then the understanding of the interconnection between human with the world of universal gravitation is also missing.

 From where then will the understanding come from that triunity, manifested in the Gravitaneer, is leading him into the unified informational environment of existence? Leading him into united
informational law, to which all objects in the Universe comply with.

 It is a different world, and it differs from the customary world we are used to no less than the world of Mowgli-human (social human) vs. the world of Mowgli-animal.

What does the experience of “breaking the toy” tell us? — It is to enter into the transfer with the self, with the unsure self (inner-I). This leads to consequences.

 Transfer with self — it is “breaking the toy,” studying it and be in doubt, you have not solidified the skill — but already starting breaking it. In order to solidify such skills, a Gravitaneer is needed, not a yogi and not a scientist. Only the Gravitaneer in his psycho-environment can easily hold the attention of the “breaker” without putting much effort.

Knowing human nature, I can say that from now on the Gravitaneers are going to be born to the world. Moreover convinced that they are truly so. I've encountered this phenomenon in my life: when I talk to a person, he says, "I knew it, but I couldn't say it!" or "A tiny brick was missing, to make it all fall into place."

To pre-empt this notion, I am letting you know that the quality of Gravitaneer is tested via Master HORA tests. Pre-empting things one more time: I have not shown these tests to anyone. Just like it is common in such cases, this knowledge I am keeping inside the family. It is a guarantee that tests will not be distorted and re-formatted.

Deviation from the subject

A thousand years after Buddha and his teaching, a different Buddha arrived in this world — Bodhidharma. With him the new teaching has arrived, Chan-Buddhism, better known in its Japanese version, Zen-Buddhism. 

Let's transfer this picture to the West. The patriarch of the Roman church has more or less accepted evolution; if we add trance to this more or less, then we will arrive at a new, trance-evolutionary, trance-gravitational Christian teaching. In two words, trance-Christianity. (It sounds almost like Chan-Buddhism.)

Is this is possible? Yes, possible. But not today. The idea of Gravitaneer still needs to mature inside society, inside the collective thought, and inside the collective mind.

This is possible in the future because this approach brings together East and West and simplifies understanding on the spiritual level. It is the same thing as if a brother meet his brother with whom he did not get along at one point. It is from the realm of fantasy. However, everything is possible in this life. 

My experience of working with people has proven that the human essence of breaking toys — it is practically uncured passion in him. Just barely having got into a transfer with Master, the person immediately runs to initiate the transfer with another person in order to soothe his ego-inner-I, to gain respect in his own eyes and in the eyes of others. I could not do anything about it.

Decades have passed since then. For all of this time, I have tried to explain this to the person: if the experience has not been solidified in the environment of Gravitaneer, it will be erased very fast in the environment of regular people, in the attempt of trying to teach them.

In order for this thought to be understood, I will open a bit more of the details of the anatomical changes that happen with the Gravitaneer. The gravitational essence changes the anatomy of the human to such an extent that he cannot speak with his own usual voice; he cannot speak at all. The reason for it: the organs in his body are moving from their positions, such is the forceful influence of gravitational center. The process is absolutely without pain and is maximally comfortable.

The person’s voice box, vocal cords, nervous system, and spinal column are connected between each other and unite in such a way that in the result the sound and the organs through which the gravitational-nervous connection enter into is a different interconnection. In order to learn how to speak by using common for a person sound requires a lot of time.

In order to learn this requires almost singing. (It kind of looks like performing the mantra or worship services.) This type of speech forces assembling of the words to be a bit different; one must speak almost using verses. Rational and irrational speech is united in one system of thought and transfer of information. 

As a result, in order to understand this creature, to comprehend and accept information from him, one must himself reside on the “gravitational territory.”

Earlier in this book, I used examples from gravitational training for a reason. In this training, I use only two words, yes and no. As you know, everyone understood, what means “YES” in action and what means “NO.”

This type of training happens immediately, without any preparation (how to stand correctly, how to move correctly, etc.) typically it would require years and years. Such training leans on instinctual knowledge exclusively. You are that, what you are as an instinct, and the training hones in on what you are, your natural potential.

The dynamic skills on the basis of instinct come out on top only under one condition: if your typical coordinates are transferred from unconscious nature's trinity, even artificially (in a Master’s environment) into the zone of the gravitational trinity. Instinctual skills reside there. Moreover, it is no less than one billion years old. 

The dynamic practice in such style and psyche I am talking about has inexhaustible depth. However, the truth is that this is a very narrow path, and on the scale of biological evolution of humankind, it is not productive. We live in a different society, and it has different psyche demands for the development of the future. However, it is important to understand these nuances. These are conclusions I made from my own real experience (time-existence-development).

A reason why am I explaining all this: Let's assume a person has received knowledge from me, and now tries to explain it to someone else; what language does he use to do that? 

The answer is obvious: on his or her own human, habitual energetic plane. As a result, together with the sound, he quickly descends from the plane of not-yet-solidified knowledge/skills into the skill that has been acquired over decades, say 30 years. The question is who will win over whom? The new knowledge or the already matured human Mowgli?

During the 1990s I encountered this incurable problem during the time of teaching the dynamic training. Students never got a chance to acquire the knowledge, not solidifying it, went out — no, ran out — into the outside world and got into the transfer with others. There is nothing I could do about it. 

The reason: A complete lack of understanding within the culture and tradition of what is obedience and why it is needed in this case.

Basically, the goal of the dynamic system of martial arts is inflicting the maximum peak damage. It is possible to assure yourself the absolute defense when someone is inflicting the maximum damage if you know that other side of the coin. The ultimate level — is the ability to annihilate the enemy rapidly, quietly, and most importantly painlessly. 

I am explaining this for a reason so that it will be understood that baptizo by death is a scientific-mystical, spiritual warrior’s method. The one who hasn’t died multiple times and hasn’t gone through such baptizo on the brink, cannot be compassionate to the enemy from whom the life is being taken. He must do this painlessly. This is how a noble warrior is raised.

Such training was happening in the Christian environment, it meant to be able to raise a noble, compassionate Christian warrior.

I have no doubt that my thoughts in the near future, for sure, will become the physiological basis of the dynamic training methods, which have one goal — the annihilation of the opponent rapidly and without pain. The goal of such teaching: a human while going through various situations, must retain his/her humanity.

The reality is that people used to kill other people and will continue to do so. 

For thousands of years, we have been submerged in compassion; it is a way of our fathers. This way needs to be protected, preserved under any conditions; even if your enemy is an animal, reserve yourself and do not become similar to an animal.

The creation of such training is a unique type of psychology. It is an extreme training that requires high morals, high decency and the ability to submerge into the condition “you are killing — you are being killed,” and sooner or later you will start hearing the voice of death. There is no enemy, but you hear the breath of death; you are not being attacked, but you hear the breath of death. This training happens on the maximum edge of injury. The trust in a partner must be without doubt. This is not the toy that is allowed to be broken. This training without question is a spiritual one.

All other types of training (different psychological angle) can never submerge a person into the maximum, ultimate inner depth — the zone of training baptizo by death. (Comparatively) This is a somewhat different theme that requires separate expansion, that is why I am using the term “comparatively.” The way is shown, but it has not been expanded on.

The person who has been trained within such methods has gone through a high level of upbringing in morals and ethical qualities — his hands cannot inflict harm. Because you are trained to control the edge, where the breath of death moves. This type of person cannot inflict harm to the innocent person; he has high morals and control. However, this person is capable of stopping a dangerous animal in the skin of the human.

Example: people who were training under me at that time can confirm that I performed throws and grips with the knife, using a blade. However, no one got any cuts, even when the throw/grip was at the throat, knee, or wrist. No one was traumatized, and there was no single cut. You can ask if this is true or not. These people — witnesses are still alive. Let one of them tell you that “Master is lying.”

This form of training simply never existed in our mass culture and traditions. That is why we have dynamic martial systems that are absolutely not spiritual. For example, can you imagine boxing or martial arts like SOMBO with religious content and in monks’ clothing? However, this is the difference between the East’s dynamic martial arts and Western training; they are inseparable from the spiritual-ethical religious traditions. Inseparable. They are the methods of SUBMERGENCE into their mystical, religious components of their culture.

These spiritual forms of training are absent in our mass culture and tradition and never existed in our society. You can agree that all religions of this world lean on the teachings that came into this world from the world where everyone at the end departs to after death.

Question: if you do not know how to die, then you do not know the way after death. You are not ready for such a path — no, not to die, but specifically the path of submergence. The road is covered by darkness.

Application of the Western meditation (or the Eastern modified meditation) to this subject at best is absurd, at worst is a mental breakdown. 

The Western meditation appeared practically yesterday, it does not have roots such as the path of death and lacks mystical incarnation through baptizo by death (as method). As a result, from the contemplation (meaning of the word meditation) it transitioned into imagery, conjecture and autosuggestion territory.

One can convince himself anything, but this is the path of illusion, the environment of delusion. It is one thing when the ancient god Hypnos brings about illusions; it is another thing when an adept is trying to rush in there. In order to not become the hostage of illusionary lies, a rational mind type is required. The territory and environment of sleep delusions is the kingdom of Hypnos. Hypnos lives on the edge of the world and the sun never reaches him. When you open your eyes and wake up from a dream, Hypnos remains there, where the sun does not exist; while you appear in the territory of light — where the sun is shining — your mind is awakened, and you do not remember anything, except a few separate fragments.

A meditation based on imagination — is a territory where there is no sun. 

The Hypnos god must be treated with respect in order to have good sleep vs. delusions while awake. Also, we should not forget that his twin brother Thanatos is a god of death. I will not even speak further about the other part of the family.

It is possible to consider a question: why did I stop the dynamic training? These types of trainings are meaningless until the acceptance of the Gravitaneer by the masses is created. This is my final professional opinion. It is not my lifestyle — to cater and conform to the common stream of superficial knowledge.

I am not looking for conflict. However, my explanations can evoke various types of negativity. Just imagine that these people for 20, 30, or 40 years trained and submerged into some sort of “meditative” existence... This is some kind of supported subculture with mass media, movies, books, music, travel, and pop idols — it is big business, with billions of dollars.

I am appealing to the ageless common sense and pliable, young individuals who are searching. Either you will be caught in the grinder, simply because it's fashionable, in style, cool and on trend and will fill its coffers — or you start to have a good handle on what is hidden behind the term baptizo by death, step-by-step. The apostle Paul, of course, is not Buddha, is not on trend, is not fashionable, and is not a popular yogi. But he is an Apostle.

Trance-baptizo™ through death

Western meditation, its psychology, and that which is implied by meditation do not have any relationship to Dhyan, Ch'an or Zen. Question: In what manner a Christian culture with its own developed style of thought, with its own formed genetics, can become Dhyan, Ch'an or Zen? As the scientists say, behavior impacts genetics and genetics impact behavior.

Dhyan is Indian. When Dhyan came to China with Bodhidharma, it did not become the Dhyan-Buddhism, it transformed there into Ch'an-Buddhism. For China this was quite normal and natural, simply because before it, the Dao movement for thousands of years shamanized there — in other words, it submerged into a trance.

The same thing happened in Japan. Zen-Buddhism outside of Shintoism would not have been accepted due to the absence of soil — shaman-priest like, mystical, religious trance-soil. 

Question: what kind of relationship does the European meditation-contemplation have with the shaman civilization of Europe?

That civilization for more than a thousand years has been methodically cut out, burned with the fire from European genetics. 

I am appealing to the ageless common sense and young people: evolutionary trance, gravitational trance, scientific thought — it is that to what your psyche is predisposed to. 

The next evolutionary step of the humankind, a human will make consciously™. You and the people in the East are ready for it. You in your own way, them in their own way.

I would not be surprised if today or tomorrow its own variation of Buddhism appears in Europe, and it would not be called Zen, Ch’an. It would be called Trance-Buddhism — trance-evolutionary, trance-gravitational Buddhism.

Everything is possible in this world; the appearance of a European Buddha is also possible. Moreover, yoga could also transform into trance-evolutionary, trance-gravitational European rational yoga, from the entangled Eastern ether planes. 

Everything is possible.

What does the human Mowgli who grew up among humans depict? Example: test experiments for the concentration of attention. You barely got a proof of knowledge, immediately raced to destroy it. This is how humans work from early childhood. He has an inquisitive mind. 

It is hard to educate such a human to the controlled, navigable evolutionary trance, gravitational trance, HORA trance.

Trance is not a toy. One can break oneself.

I will remind you from the history of ancient civilized Europe (at that time it was not in the West or North, at that time it was in the South). The ancient god Thanatos, the god of death, had a twin brother Hypnos, god of dreams — the god who brought on illusions. To try and break trance just like a toy, just due to simple curiosity — it the same thing as to try to break Thanatos. It is impossible to break him; before you will have to meet his brother and enter into the world of illusions. And that is the world of madness, the world of delusions — there is no sun there.

A transition from the unconscious gravitational center into the conscious one changes the way the two brain hemispheres work. There is nothing dangerous in it, the human himself is dangerous with its psyche of the child that likes to break toys. A Mowgli-human breaks toys; that is how he works, that is his essence. He cannot do that. He does it always.

The trance by itself is not dangerous — if you are treating it similarly as let's say a fire, with respect and humility. You do that unconsciously, understanding it is dangerous. You are not climbing into the fire with your head or hands and do not try to walk with bare feet over charcoal like the fakirs. In other words, you unconsciously respect the fire. You are afraid of it and also need it. So you found a territory where you have made a contract with it: you are helping me (warming and protecting from the animals and make food juicy and digestible) and I respect you and for all of that thank you — by bringing sacrifices to you. Today this kind relationship does not exist, but we end up staying with our fire for a week or two… But what if….

Two thousand years ago, people treated the lord of trance, Thanatos, with maximum respect. To meet him — it means to stay there on the other side and those who have come back, they were all together called gods. Immortals, but vulnerable while they stayed in the human body. Thanatos is incorruptible, he is the only god who does not accept and does not love gifts.

What I would like to say is that just like Thanatos, trance is incorruptible. Trance will not allow anyone to play with it or break it like a toy simply out of curiosity.

Trance is a path that unites two worlds, harmonizing two hemispheres. It is neither day nor night; it is light and night. Trance is incorruptible; it is a path that does not love anyone and does not hate anyone. This path does not have favorites. This may not be liked, but I am the master of trance, after all. I never had, have, or will ever have favorites.

What needs to be noted is that all religions without exception regard death with respect and reverence. In some religions, trance is part of the prayer method, and in some, trance is rejected. However, both regard death with reverence. At the root of all religions are immortals — it is those for whom two worlds are dear home. Without them, human civilization does not exist. 

For those who do not believe in god-people: as long as you remember them, they are still alive; neither fire nor cleansing eradicated them from human existence.

Evolutionary trance — it is death for the “inner-I” that has already happened. Moreover, it is the same transition that you already had, when you transitioned from childhood to young adult and then from youth to mature adult, etc.

All these transitions from the moment of birth — are chains of evolution, and each transition — just like after death, stayed behind you. You crossed one territory of transfer and walked into a different territory of the transfer. Step-by-step, you were dying and resurrecting from death again and again.

You all remember it but do not pay attention to it. You have not been accustomed to the culture of seeing abilities. Religion does not have this, and as result, the culture does not have it. Psychologists are also the result of the same culture that already happened. 

Evolutionary trance is built on the same principle of transfers, obviously expressed, age-related transitions. However, there is the essential difference: the principle of unconscious transition is substituted with the principle of conscious transition, conscious transfer.

This is the next step in the evolution of the kind — crossing, transferring from unconscious-evolutionary being into the conscious-evolutionary being. 

What I would like to say: trance always accompanied you, only you have not noticed it. It is the same thing as if your parents gifted you train tickets and you are riding the train from one stop to another stop and passionately looking out into the window and do not see the actual train.

The unconscious evolution leans on the unconscious trinity of nature. Every time, you died during the transitions, and the principle of Trinity of Nature unconsciously remained the same within you. It is as if you are looking out of the window and do not notice the train you are riding in.

Both Thanatos and his brother Hypnos are constant participants in this process. They are also riding on this train. One is painting an image outside the window; the other is in the driver's cabin — taking you wherever he wishes. Unconscious trinity, unconscious evolution — it means that you exist in illusions: you see what you see — what is outside the window — vaguely remembering the stops, but you do not see the train.

In order for this not to bother you, I will remind you: all religions are built on the principle “you are seeing that what you see and do not see that what do not know.” This does not bother you after all.

Unlike the unconscious human, Thanatos and Hypnos as immortal gods — are conscious participants of long genetic process. This is hundreds of millions of years old. Moreover this library of knowledge — is in your genetics. The god-brothers are immortal, because you are seeing that what you see, and from generation to generation during the departure from this world you are passing the formula: “you are seeing that what you see and do not see that what you do not know” — knock into the temple doors, you will get all the explanations there, what you do not know and what you should get ready for, the sooner the better.

I speak in such specific language on purpose — I am creating a bridge in the environment of time and transforming the ancient language into a modern comprehensible one. 

This is your culture. You are the ones who assert that you are descendants of ancient Europe. 

Question: you will inherit WHAT — skulls, ruins, pieces of philosophy work? Alternatively, do you want to become inheritors of inner essence that what was achieved with the unbelievable effort by a highly developed shaman-priestly civilization of Mediterranean Europe? 

Pagans, idol worshipers, polytheists... — it time to remove this amassed fear from yourself, move beyond it. Pagans, idol worshipers, polytheists — this is your history; these are your roots, these are your fathers; this is your lost chapter from the genetic book of life. 

The choice is yours: what do you want to inherit? 

If it is the skulls, marvelous — everything is cultured, civilized, aesthetic, romantic. 

However, if you want to move forward then you need the book of your history:

Who ARE YOU, from WHERE and HOW you have arrived into the modern-day.


The gravitational center in the stomach — it is an alive gyroscope, inseparable from Earth’s gravitation. 

As long as you live, the attention, fixed in space between the eyebrows — in Christianity, this center is called Father — it is not separable from the gravitational center of the stomach. (Even after death the trinity is not separable, it transitions into different quality.) In Christianity, this center in the stomach called Son.

Father and Son — is one and neither is separable from the whole, under this one condition: gravitational breath connects them into one whole trinity of life, in this world and in the other. 

Everything you see and do not see, everything you know and do not know, is born out of gravitation. Moreover, sooner or later all come back into it.

Everything in this world transforms — this is self-preservation. It is still the same path: as if from childhood into youth and from youth to adulthood, etc.

Even the immortal elements go through TRANSformation.

Master HORA®
March 20 - May 7, 2017


The three gravitational centers identified by me correlate with three main centers of traditional Christian culture, emphasized on the human body — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Small side note: The thought of playing with the Christian symbols has not come to me neither 10 nor 20 nor 30 years ago, and has not now. However, today there are plenty of religious fanatics; for them, everything seems like “the sacred is under attack.” 

The world is what it is, and one has to live with people the way that they are, including the ideological crazies and fanatics, who sacredly assured that they are — not ordinary, specially selected, and the only one on the earth that are distinguished by unique knowledge of right and wrong. Moreover, everyone else who looks at the world differently, thinks differently than they are — sect members. For example, they know how to march correctly: right, left, right, left. However, the others also know for sure it should be: left, right, left, right. Ideologically opposite, irreconcilable. However, no one has learned to march with both feet simultaneously, like a kangaroo. Thus, they continue to walk left-right or right-left, offending the feelings of the kangaroo. 

The thought that humans can think differently does not occur to them.

Let’s return to the main subject. In the text above I have mentioned: In his life, Jesus did not christen anyone, but he himself was submerged in the Jordan River by John the Baptist. He was liberating people from things, and upon seeing Jesus, the prophet recognized in him the Savior. For me this is a key moment, I can doubt the person, but not the prophet. 

I will continue. Jesus did not submerge anyone, but by being near him... baptizo happened, people submerged into a different domain. They transformed, and the crippled and the weak returned to health. People were liberated from spiritual and physical sufferings.

The cross — symbol of Christianity — is inseparable from Christ. Moreover, so it happened, that the three centers emphasized on the Christian cross correlate to the three gravitational centers on the human body and not just on it. Everything that moves, breath, everything that has eyes-attention, also lives and develops as a result of this trinity. The Trinity of Nature principle encompasses all living and nonliving, everything that we see and do not, know and do not know…

One also needs to know that in Hinduism these three centers — are part of the seven skies, seven chakras system, which is preserved from ancient times, when monotheism did not exist. 

In China, the shamanic-priestly teaching of Taoism — is also more ancient than Christianity. The three main Dan - T’ians are also correlated with the three gravitational evolutionary centers, like in HORA.

What is the differentiation? None of those systems mentioned above are evolutionary. 

These are ancient teachings about the transformation of humans, about gods and elements. These teachings are mystical, fantastical and unscientific to the maximum.

What I am trying to say is that three natures of gravitational centers — are something more than simply religious culture. They are in one way or another the foundation of ancient cultures and traditions — ancient, high civilizations.

The masters of that time period spoke in the language that could be used to communicate with people. I thank them because I understand that without them I would be without support, and I would be alone in this world; they are my brothers, teachers, fathers. I am not better than them, but I am not worse. However, the problem does exist: I speak using today's language, and I must with all respect move them aside a bit. They put attention on such things as selection and, as a result, concluded that unusual people could be born into this world only from gods. This is not so. All carry the principles of the trinity of nature, and this includes people. The truth lies in the fact that the human is a social species and follows a leader.

The modern day has brought its own corrections. Freedom erodes the principle of collectivism, and, as a result, personal understanding and personal accountability are required in order to undertake serious steps as in case of, self-improvement as humankind. In that social reality, ancients have moved deep into the other world, inaccessible to an unliberated human.

Liberation — it is baptizo by accountability.

The next evolutionary step of humankind, a human will make consciously™.


  1. Mind, stable psyche, memory — these are the traits of the Father. Maturity. Its quality — to manifest in any age, if the ability to submerge into a spiritual trance has been awakened in you. This means you have been transformed and the environment around you has changed; you have detached from a decrepit body and liberated from all sins — genetic, karmic, individual — and are reborn in a new life.

  2. Physical strength, youthfulness, endurance, health — these are the qualities of the Son. 

Constant readiness, immersiveness, learnability, ability to change and adapt — trance-pliability. The direct path — is the path of accepting the know-how (transfer, mimicking… up to awakening of trance-gravitational universal memory).

  1. The living force of gravitation — this is the Holy Spirit. In Biblical representation, it sounds like: “...and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being” (Genesis 2:7).

I will explain what this means using modern language.

The first breath of a newborn: atmospheric pressure in the gravitational environment pushes the air into the lungs (where at this point the pressure is lower than that of the atmosphere) and starts the “breathing pump” — an active act of entrance, life-saving and unconscious (“nature’s cult” of life). It is similar to the turn of the ignition key in a car; the engine begins to move loudly, distributing oil, just like blood in an organism.

Speaking in modern language, the Earth’s “god of gravitation” pushes into the human air through barometric pressure, invisible and easily. 

After that, the human swallows the gravitational energy, which was actively breathed in together with air, processes it like food and everything that is not needed for the organism then breathed out. A stoppage happens — “one cannot breathe in or breathe out,” and it is reminiscent somewhat of a computer that has frozen. A moment of decision: to live or to die, to stay or to depart.

While you are young and not tired — you are awakened toward an active life. The organism gets tired with age, a general weariness comes, “hung up,” “not living and not dead,” a leaning toward “departure” begins, just like on the scale. The “non-responsive programs” stop the heart, after which a person “releases his spirit” with a final breath.

Modern people are not well-informed in this. However, any person can test it on himself, that at any point of breathing in or breathing out, he can stop this process. At the moment of departure from life, the person’s attention stops in a similar way, hangs up on one of the seven skies. The place one got stuck — there one will end up.

What I would like to say is that the sign of the cross, in reality, is a very serious psychological symbol. This is the symbol of detachment from both life and death. The symbol of spiritual, mindful, and soulful calmness. This is the symbol of how to be born into this world and how to depart it, without the “hang up” between the worlds in the darkness of one’s own consciousness. This is a separate theme, for a separate book. In order to open up this symbol all the way, a seven skies system must be unfolded without destroying the world that is left behind and without wobbling the world that awaits us in the future.

Controls and management of gravitational components outside of trance are impossible. This forces a person to turn on his or her entire body simultaneously and in whole, in any, even the smallest motion, including the motionless body position. In a motionless body, one can control the spirit or the gravitational component of a human. This is how trance-gravitational manifestation emerges — attention moves inside and also outside the body as acceptable to human understanding testable power. (HORA tests)

After breathing in, a human relaxes (this is the passive phase) in order to breathe out. After the passive phase of breathing out, an active phase begins — a human puts effort against the gravitational pressure. Next, the chest area expands, in order to breathe in.

To say it another way, when the breathing phase is passive the “god of gravity” is active; 

and when the phase is active — he is passive. 

Pressure and resistance continuously accompany you in life. 

If you understand this correctly, then this method is in its own way a contract executed between “god of gravitation” and a trance-gravitational human, this is a different reality and a different element.

As long as a regular human unconsciously executes this contract, unknown to him, he is alive. A trance-gravitational human executes this contract of life consciously, with ritual. An example of a ritual — Indian yoga. This is not HORA, but without a ritual, any Eastern practice — is fitness with an Eastern flair.

If you cultivate this contract, then you perform a sort of cult ceremony of life, following the contract of Life. A contract based on the principle that the soul is alive “and breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul” or the awakened soul — a soul that cultivates the breathing of God. The language is old fashioned, but in essence, it can be understood.

In modern language: 

For the newborn, the first breath in — it is a shock: the entire organism stops and restarts from the beginning. After that, the organism begins to calm down, just like a car engine that has been warmed up — stable breathing emerges. In part, a similar thing happens when a person is awakened from sleep, gradually, and then finally fully ready for active activities. Awakening from sleep — it is a reproduction of that first breath. (Not quite it, but the original program of first breathing in exists in this awakening, even if it is distorted) 

The goal of Practice HORA — is to tune up this moment of correct breathing in and breathing out, on the instinctive level. Come close to the primordial program of rebooting the organism and, through the reboot, tune up on the deep level the cleaning from the accumulated degradations. If the apartment is not cleaned inside — from the “parallel environment”--dust will appear and a thick layer of dirt will cover everything; the soul has a hard time living in such a house. 

Therefore the “program of the first breathing in” — is a key to any type of breathing. 

It is like an ignition key in the car. Turn the key — get the spark. Turn the key cluelessly — get no spark. This is how, step-by-step, a human slips from the base “program of the first breathing in,” similar to the example with the ignition. Between the “computer” of the brain, “machine” of the body and the “wires” of the nervous system, program failures accumulate — cause of degradation. The goal of the practice — is to remove these glitches; for starters, the practice returns lightness, vitality, vigor and good health. Then everything after that — is dependent on the level of one’s intellect, to determine important it is or not, is it needed or not.


In order for the person who is far removed from Practice HORA to get a feel for the essence of the term “basic principles of practice,” I will provide an easily understood example.

Musicians, until their last day, perform the one and same painful for a person musical gamma. Gamma, for the musician, is the same as the first prayer “Heavenly Father” given to students by the Savior.

People submerge into the first prayer as in ritual and do it until the end of their days. It is a path. 

The moment a musician stops submerging into his ritual, he stops his existence as a professional — loses his know-how and loses his path, and even God is incapable of holding him from such a downfall. 

The basic principles (i.e., the first level) of Practice HORA are like a gamma for a musician and it is like submergence into a saving trance. One submerges into the ritual always sincerely, openly, defenselessly, and always as if for the first time — detached from life and from death. 

The day when a trainee or professional stops leaning on the basic principles of Practice HORA, (First level) he begins to lose his knowledge step-by-step. Moreover, the professional surely begins a path of self-destruction and decline.

A professional without modesty, humility, and ritual patience — he or she is from the realm of fantasy and cannot be. Alternatively, the person just made a mistake in his life: he or she knocked on the wrong door or walked into the wrong house.

If we remove from Basic Principle (gamma) even one note, then gamma will begin to deteriorate, and the know-how that is not supported by a ritual will disappear. 

Something else will emerge that seems to be similar, but it is an imitation. It will have any number of things, but it will not have what you are waiting for — evolutionary know-how, or evolutionary gamma; the evolutionary ritual is missing.

Without Basic Principles it can be any number of things, but it cannot be Practice HORA. 

Without basic principles, practice does not exist.


  1. The Basic Principles of Practice HORA on the instinctual level — forces the cultivation and ingraining of the gravitational type of breathing.

  2. Together, with this type of breathing, it forces, cultivates, and activates the entire body.

  3. Such action of the body manifests in all species in the moment of object and environmental attention — in other words in the moment of the maximum readiness for action. After which the active phase comes in — run, hide, or attack.

  4. For the person, this is the phase of decision making — physical or intellectual.

  5. The one who makes decisions fast in nature is the one who is successful as a species.

  6. All exercises are designed under the principle that the entire body activates in whole

HOWEVER, a cultural and traditional weakness exists — absence of educational understanding of the points described above and how important it is. Such understanding is absent in the European mentality.

The East, with its own yoga system and forms of martial arts, is capable of grasping the points described above. However, for them, a rational understanding of evolution as a kind, for now, is less important than their own irrational traditions. Time will put all things in their own places — they either reside in the ancient or move forward as a kind.

Practice HORA’s first level leans exclusively on the oneness of the instinct of life, trinity of nature, inseparable from gravitation.

The choice must be made by a person himself:

— Does he need such knowledge as information or not?

— Does he need such knowledge as know-how or not?

— Does he need both types of such knowledge as one whole knowledge or not?

  Master HORA®
May 12, 2017


A human is a carrier of evolutionary potential. 

What needs to be considered: to reforge Mowgli, to explain to him — it is practically impossible. Without a total intervention of intellect, PROVABLE — when in his mind he has clearly understood, that he, a human, has STOPPED evolving through the selection method. 

On the plus side, if he has intellectually understood that this is a selectional dead end, if he accepted the proof of the Trinity of Nature, then everything else is in his own hands. He can choose the path to walk, leaning on his own intellect.

By choosing the path of conscious-humankind evolution, one liberates oneself from the unconscious and the blind trinity of Nature, and one becomes a participant of the grand universal evolution.

He enters into a new reality — a gravitational, universal reality. Everything that evolves in this world follows this law.

It is a different informational reality.

If religious language is to be used, it is a unity with God.  To speak as a person of science, this is a gravitational unity with the planet Earth, the Solar system and so on (incrementally expanding).

Master HORA®
September 12, 2017


At the time when the book Gravitaneer was getting ready for its second publication, Master HORA was asked to explain why this sculpture was chosen for the book cover? Why is it named this way? What are the differences between the two sculptures,  etc?

Clarification themes to enhance understanding: 


Imagine the Gravitaneer who is born among people. He is the same as a human born among apes or wolfs. In other words, he becomes Mowgli human-like — not  Mowgli  among the animals who can  become human — but a Mowgli among people.


During the accumulation of specific inner crises, a sort of inner “jump into the abyss” happens inside oneself. Inside oneself. 

The emergence of this abyss — it is a total spiritual crisis.  

Total intellectual crisis.

The mind is not agreeing with what it sees and the spirit does not accept what it sees.

In other words, tradition, religion, etc are raised to the level of culture, in such a crisis, and look not just like a dead-end, but like a method of herding into space to a place with no exit. An infinite space of falling.  It is worse than a dead-end. 

An exit from such space creates a path and an opportunity, which others can pass.


What‘s included in this knowledge kit for exiting from such abyss? — Including birth and death; what is BEFORE and AFTER birth? Also inner information, in what way is a human connected to nature — figuratively speaking with Sky and Earth? 

Moreover, whoever is born in a specific time period, relies on the knowledge that is dominant among people at that time; and operates with the concepts that can be understood by those people.

I use the term “gravitation” because gravitation is a concept that is more inclusive than the concept of “God.”

Because everything that you see and do not see, know and do not know, resides in it (gravitation).
Entire seen and unseen universes. 

Everything that is moving from point zero into any direction, plus or minus, resides in it. 

The same as time that is moving backward or forward — it also
resides in the gravitational zone.


As a result, the gravitaneer, who grew up as a Mowgli among humans, and who went through all the above stages is forced to become a trance-gravitational human. In other words, to reside in the “human” zone and the “gravitaneer” zone.

He is a connecting link; he is a bridge himself — in him are the two words that meet the “human” and the “gravitaneer.” He is like a human Mowgli, showing an opportunity for an exit.
Thus a PATH emerges, which one way or another was identified by Masters from antiquity.

A path represents a culture.

I have constructed a comfortably understandable formula: 

Unconscious Trinity of Nature, a dark (dim) mind
and dark body vs. conscious Trinity of Nature, a union of mind with body.  

Such union guarantees that the method is correct because it guarantees that you will enter into a different gravitational relationship with the planet Earth (and more).  Enter this different informational environment from which Life is weaved.

It is not the eyes that are looking into this world with human reasoning — no; you become YOURSELF this Life. Yourself.

Yourself, you become the carrier of the laws of development of Life. 

Afterward, you no longer need anyone to explain how one must develop. You are a manifested METHOD, you are the path. 

Before, everything was built on faith, now I am trying to build on comprehension; based on acceptance of facts:
here is blind Trinity of Nature — human,
and here is manifested Trinity of Nature — gravitaneer.

A Human resides in between, walking into both directions, it is the same thing as going to sleep and waking up (sleep and wakeful) — trance-gravitational human.

Sleeping one  — is a blind Trinity of Nature, the human.

Awakened one — is gravitaneer. His attention is gravitational, his center of weight — gravitational, inseparable from attention, inseparable from breath. In other words, they are completely different psychosomatics — trance-evolutionary psychosomatics, not blind, but seeing ones.

In summary: “I am the manifested path” — this is the trance-gravitational human. The trance-gravitational human — is a real gravitaneer, who grew up among people, awakened and realized two psychosystems or two psychosomatics:

  1. Human, who was created as psychosomatics in a traditional environment* (Mowgli)

  2. Gravitaneer.

* “Traditional environment” — tradition created the psychosomatics of a human. It is not a question of racial differences, even though they exist — the question is in the development of a pedagogic-genetic culture.


The dragon (statue of the dragon), he is a Defender of Nature. One must understand that he is defending Nature, or this is Nature that is trying to defend itself. Including within the human. 

In this situation, it is an awakened Nature — it is visible that this is a conscious creature.

Or an awakened inner nature — within the human himself; she has awakened, but he does not yet understand this. However, nature has already awakened.

In other words, he is kind of able to, as I was able to, but did not understand, did not know it.

However, here one does not need to understand, one needs to believe. To understand this in the form of human language is impossible if you are not MANIFESTED.

For me, the human’s “I know” is not the same as a gravitaneer’s “I am It.”
For me, the human’s knowledge  — “I can explain it.”

In summary,
trance-gravitational human — is a path.

The first trance-gravitational human — is me. In this way, I am showing the path of “I am the path” — I speak of what really I am, and speak in the language in which I grew up. I am the alpha in this environment.

The next, after the trance-gravitational human — gravitaneer. He does not need to explain anything, and he does not need it, he is already “there.” He does not need anyone’s explanations: he is it.

Together Gravitaneer and the Defender of Nature (3rd statue) — are the defenders; defenders of nature against the madness and insanity within nature and within the human himself.


In total, the trance-gravitational human is a transition zone. 

This is not me. It is me who created this path for a human. A human is capable of going through this path. 

Because the next evolutionary step is not the final one, I always  say “ if I did not know the others, I would not talk about the next step.”

Gravitaneer as such — he is not the final phase. Moreover, I know it, I understand it, because I have gone through these phases and understand what is after gravitaneer; what comes after, who will be next, after gravitaneer, etc. I create the method and the path, that can be accomplished by those, among whom I grew up. 

With the clear and crisp understanding that a human is impossible to change as a human — within unawakened nature, where he resides.

If Nature becomes awakened (Trinity of Nature is waking up), she must be conscious. 

Thus, it can be seen that this dragon is brainy. This body has intellect, an outstanding intellect.

Moreover it is visible that the gravitaneer has not just simply an outstanding intellect, he has an intellect that has merged with the body so much that it is impossible to divide them. In other words, their unity, enlightened unity, is absolute self-recognition.


Last key point: the psychosomatics of the human, have already been formed. 

Of course it (psychosomatics) can be reconstructed, by introducing pedagogical regimes to the masses. (Why is the church resisting any different type of teaching? They understand this well, psychosomatics are getting reformatted.)

In the current circumstance, psychosomatics can be labeled as the soul of a human that is connected with his intellect and his body; with his nervous system. In other words, the transformation is very difficult and requires a lot of intellect and understanding; that human is IRREPARABLE within his psychosomatic contour — a generic contour that has come about from the traditions.

If this understanding exists, and explanations are also understood — awakening of  a conscious Trinity of Nature, a gravitational Trinity of Nature — that it is a different type of attention, a different type of center of weight (alive gravitational center)

Thus, as a result, the gravitational type of breathing is inseparable from them, that is a development of different contour, the trance-gravitational contour. Than the transitional path will not last for millennia (like the religious selections that exist among people) — the path will be taking significantly less time, as it will be in the control of the human HIMSELF and in such manner he will receive LIBERTY. Liberty from all — from all religions, from all concepts of what is soul, from all concepts what is spirit — from ALL. Because he, himself, will be a manifestation of it. 

A condition: He UNDERSTOOD the purpose, he got pierced through — pierced so much that he cannot live without it anymore.

In other words, a new psychosomatic contour must be developed, without which he cannot live and which returns him back from the human contour.

 Master HORA®
September  9 -12, 2017


Spirit, soul, religion, and sects 

The world does not have one common conceptual understanding of or an agreement about what is a spirit, what is a soul. Thus the religious, spiritual, traditional worlds are multipolar.

In other words, the world cannot unite and become one united, unipolar humanity by virtue of the fact that the same fundamental concepts in which each religion operates do not coincide between each other.

This means, that either all of them are confused, or one of them is correct.

Consequently, everything is just like within the animal world — of the same species, in which the strongest squeeze out other families or other clans in order to take over territories with resources. In modern language, it is an economic subjugation of all others to oneself, via the use of military power. The strategy is built on the survival instinct: squeeze out the ones who are similar to you. This is how animals behave.  This is how humans have behaved for thousands of years.

In other words, we did not go far from the animalistic level, the animal world.

And around this animal concept — the animal world — species squeeze each other out from resources within reach in their territory and subjugate others for the benefit of blossoming their own nations, religious faiths, traditions.  

Also, the fundamental concepts such as soul and spirit have been surrounded by moral principles, laws that control animal behavior or behavior of animals at the deep instinctive level.

Included is not just simply feeling and emotions, it is also sexual life — it is interference into the center of the essence, where life happens. A control at the level of instincts. 

And consequently programming at this instinctual level through feelings and emotions.  

For faith, for religion, broadly speaking, intellect — logic — is not needed. Religion controls the above specifically described zone. And also it stands on the border between life and death. Its knowledge from there, as if from the other world, a place where all go to after death. It controls this territory — from the other side and also controls the deep physiology at the instinctual level. 

In other words, it operates with feelings and emotions and with fear in front of death (which is intrinsic to all living species, including all animals.) 

This means it controls birth and death.

Therefore, as a result — it has the concept of soul and spirit — correspondingly, the concept of life and death. 

And all religions, all faiths — divided into nationalities, races, etc. — there is a general conceptual disconnect.  And what is next — on the animal instinctual level  — who is going to dominate? Who is going to subjugate all or destroy all?

That is to say that what is common to all of mankind is not working out.

A unified concept of one soul and a unified concept of one spirit do not exist; thus all religions  represent sects.  They are both humane and inhumane. Inside themselves, they are sort of humane, but at any moment they can be inhumane towards others. Historically this is what it was happening within interfaith relations. It has not ended even now. Look what is happening in the Middle East. 

Soul — is it unified and universal (as a concept) or, in reality, no one knows the path to it. 

However, humanity — is a requirement of religion. Humanity.  Not a narrow-minded, not a sectarian humanity. (No matter how huge it is — one hundred million, two hundred million or in the billions — it is still a sect.)

In other words, for a species, “human” — humanity — cannot be sectarian,
just like the soul cannot be sectarian,
just like life and death cannot be sectarian,
just like the sexual life cannot be sectarian —
and the state of death cannot be sectarian. 

The Practice HORA framework — is a conscious evolution of humankind. It is an ingress to a different level of thinking and transformation — a departure from the animal state that is being regulated-manipulated by “brain specialists” programmers. 

Its basis — an exit from the dark consciousness of the unconscious Trinity of Nature within the human, into conscious, comprehensible — i.e. into a bright, illuminated for intellect and body —  gravitational Trinity of Nature.  

This is a framework of a unified soul, a unified spirit and everything that relates to the concepts of life and death; with a sharp and clear understanding, of soul and spirit are one for all. 

There is no Muslim soul, no Buddhist soul, no Christian soul and so on. 

There is also only one spirit—not a specific one for Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and so on.

Everyone is complying with the Trinity of Nature; there are no exceptions.

Including the Creator.

If this world of souls has a soul,
this means that the Creator created this world from himself. 

He is —  this world.



If it is not really clear what is psychosomatic, you can consult with a medical professional.  It is nearly impossible to pull a person out of it. It is a closed-loop, from which there is no exit, only hope exists.

This loop is not escapable. Even with a lobotomy—removal of some physical components of the brain (removing in order to muffle something) — even this will not help, because the psychosomatic loop has been formed. 

Absolute interconnection between the body, brain and nervous system within a human has been formed.

In order to — get out from it, there exists a different “nervous system” which humans are not able to utilize, but everything is subjugated to it. It is (this may be a bit off, but I want to convey the meaning) — a gravitational “nervous system.”

Gravitational — it means conscious Trinity. 

As a result,
exit from the loop “human” while retaining memory and material (nervous system, physical body, physiology and so on).

But now, on the basis of new gravitational “nervous system” — transformation.

Complete and absolute, obeying the law of nature rather than the law of selection.


“Obeying the law of nature” in this context must be interpreted as positive and not like it is explained in religion — “nature stands for animals, nature is maliciousness.” 

And thus further destruction or abuse of nature with a moral orientation: 

“we are spiritual, we have a soul, but nature is soulless and thus we have right to mortify it.” 

This boomerang has returned to humans. Nature is hitting humans back.

Destruction of nature, killing of nature, humiliation of nature and positioning of oneself above nature — and knock into everyone’s head that humans are created in the image of The Creator (i.e. above all and everyone, that exist on this Earth).  

Result: Each Human stopped respecting his own nature.

Hygiene disappeared for centuries! Black Death was disco dancing through all of Europe. Venereal diseases were praising p the anti-sanitary conditions. I want for you to hear me: today's medicine — it is not an evolution of humankind, it is not nature, it is an option to make life simpler.

As a result of the development of our own nature, we have, step-by-step, sunk into an evolutionary blindness of Nature. 

Destruction of Nature and creation of moral and ethical attitudes towards Nature — eventually all of this turned against humans. Because he is also from nature. 

Little by little, an understanding develops that this is a dead-end, this is dangerous. And, if this understanding had not started to happen, Practice HORA as it is, would not have been born. 

I am addressing, in particular, THESE people, the ones who begin to understand what is happening. To those who are NOT INDIFFERENT to what will be “the tomorrow”; to what their kids will inherit and they are not yet tainted to the level where one says “after me, it does not matter.”  

The “after me, it does not matter” flows from super-massive psychology, “we are better, we are ideal” we are above all. In other words, “we will eat everything that can be eaten and we will not give anything to others.”


There is no exit for humans from the pre-formed, psychosomatic loop, simply because humans have been bred out through selection

This question can be resolved with A DIFFERENT INTERCONNECTION BETWEEN COORDINATES OF BRAIN, BODY AND NERVOUS SYSTEM  — more specifically conscious interconnection between brain, body and nervous system

In principle, this is the essence and basis of the Practice HORA teaching and method. 

Evolutionary trance. Uniting the system into one whole. 

Based on the laws of gravity and consciousness.

By the laws of gravitation
and inseparable from consciousness.

It is science and religion.

  1. Science because it explains these laws.

  2. Religion because you are UNITED with the gravitational law of the Universe. And you are doing this CONSCIOUSLY.


If intellect did not exist, than even you would be unintellectual.

If this was not so, then where did your intellect come from? From what material? 

From what material did your intellect arrive? 

From the gravitational one. 

The trance-gravitational human — operates in a different informational territory.

It is a different informational bank.

It is a different memory.

A different type of attention.

It is an altogether different species.

In conclusion

The Practice HORA method and teaching is directed towards the human UNDERSTANDING that conversation is about liberation from the unfixable anti-natural human contour.  

Practice HORA is directed towards LIBERATING humans from this contour and bringing him into the trance-gravitational environment — essentially returning him to the creative, gravitational hands of the creator of the Universe.

The (psychosomatic) human contour has formed. You are bred out through the selection of this species.  The faster this will be understood, the faster and easier Practice HORA will liberate you from this selective contour — “nature is evil, nature is a wolf, nature is an animal and only humans (of course only from one's own sect) have a soul while all others — at best are humanoids or something similar.” In any moment, this type of thought can be turned on in your brain. Look at what is happening in the world — maybe you will be able to realize
that one needs to liberate oneself from this selective contour and move into the gravitational hands of the Creator of this world, this Universe. 

And become a DIRECT participant in this universal creation.

Your Path — is the trance-gravitational Trinity of Nature. 


and cultivated  — in other words,  trainable. 

 Master HORA®
September 7, 2017

Additional Theme: 4

I treat the feeling of religious and people of faith with respect. 

I am also religious and a believer. I also have the right to have personal, religious feeling-convictions. 

In short:

For me any religion — the main ones that have manifested in today's multipolar, religious world — are nevertheless not teachings about God, they are teachings about faith in God.

And they materialize as humanity. Because religion for humans — it is first of all an upbringing of humanity.  

However, unfortunately it happened throughout human history with radical excessiveness and people were divided into near related (us) and all others — humans and human-like at the faith-based, national and eventually racial level 

And thus this “human-like” concept, made possible the treatment of a human as a thing, which became the foundation of slavery, that also received religious status. And even now, this has not been re-evaluated in the religions. Nothing has changed, the principle “human-thing” has not been annulled. 

The world is still divided into “near related” and “all others,” then “friend and foe”, and then on “people and people-like.”

I deeply respect the feelings of people of different types of faith. But, I respect even more the feeling of humanity that does not divide humans. 

This is my choice.

I am a patriot of humanity, which is out of the bounds of faith-based beliefs, outside of nationalities and outside of a race.

Additional Theme: 5

Soul and spirit concepts are inseparable from this world, from any of its objects — from the smallest invisible to the most grandiose.

Because any object from the smallest to the largest has:

  1. Its own gravitational center that strives for balance; in other words, Manifestation of attention.

  2. As a result, an object is utilizing its energy; in other words, moving towards death or re-embodiment — manifestation in different quality.


From birth to death, soul and spirit  — as environmental attention and object attention — simultaneously exists.

When, in the process of life, the environmental attention gets weakened for humans and animals, it manifests itself as aging, as weakness of the species. Illness.  

Spirit as object attention — as it weakens, the same thing happens. The animal becomes less capable and a bad hunter. 

From this moment begins a weakening of the species or of a live object.

In other words, just because a biological-species “human” has found a way of extending life, this does not mean that it found a successful way of overcoming the barriers of tiredness, aging and sickness.

Through this way, from generation to generation, species, that exist under the condition of selection, accumulate genetic tiredness.

The environmental attention as a soul, and object attention as a spirit become WEAKER in the process of such superglobal “humane” selection. 

Religion that is manifested outwards — in the first place, for a human, is humanity.  

If the thought is understood, that Nature’s Trinity is weakening — soul as environmental attention is weakening, spirit as object attention is weakening — then, from the beginning, a person will ponder it. 

And then, maybe that person will make a decision that soul as environmental attention and spirit as object attention  — must be consciously trained and fostered

The next evolutionary step of a humankind, a human will make consciously.

“Consciousness” within this concept  — it means to manifest humanity, in other words, religiousness in respect to those who will come after you personally.


I will repeat. Spirit and soul  — intrinsic to the whole world, intrinsic in all objects, from the smallest, unseen, all the way to the most grandiose.

The point I am trying to make and what I want to say is that,
at a minimum, all living (biological) species have environmental attention (soul) and object attention (spirit). In other words, Life is whole in concept. 

And the Trinity of Nature is universal for the entire Universe.

Additional Theme: 6

Every object has its own gravitational center and every object exists within its gravitational environment.

As a result, it is within this ocean — the gravitational environment always strives to find its own balance — self-preservation.

In other words, it strives to live. Not to die, but to live.

And in order to live — striving towards balance, it is the manifestation of attention. However, the application of attention towards balance leads to the utilization of energy. It is similar to inhaling and exhaling. 

Sooner or later, this inhale and exhale ends, tiredness comes and objects morph into a new form.

It is just like Mendeleev’s periodic table: an element exists as one element — becomes another element. Then it lives in the same incarnation of the other and forgets about its previous embodiment.

Conscious evolution of humankind, consciously unites Nature’s  Trinity and shapes conditions of plasticity — conditions for inner energy development.

Just like a child who is developing, then later says goodbye to himself and transitions into adolescence; 

then again says goodbye to himself and transitions into adulthood.

Later, external energy (muscles) take over, one loses pliability and stiffness arrives; the process of development stops.

This is how nature works. When the hunter weakens, his environmental attention or object attention grow feeble, aging and sickness knocks on his door. He is not competitive; he departs from this life.

Conscious training of Nature’s Trinity — it is to continue to further the pliability of development. In other words, evolution becomes conscious, it is continuous. And this can only be done by a human.

Practice HORA deals specifically with the mobilization of Nature’s Trinity. 

In a moment of mobilization, any animal begins to exhaust. Missed once, missed twice — there is no more strength to hunt. The end. You are crossed out from life.

Humans do not go through such a crossing out from life. Medicine, pills are there for it. But it is not hard to understand, that humankind is getting weaker.  Because nature's laws are disrupted.

I am not against medicine,  I am not against pills, but I understand that humankind is weakening. This is not too hard to understand.

In addition to medicine and pills that exist to ease human life, from my side, I am offering the continuation of the evolutionary development process, a pliability process.

Practice HORA is focused on this. 

And it is inseparable from teaching “the next evolutionary step of humankind a human will make consciously™.”

Additional Theme: 7

I am using the term “trance” in its natural meaning, mobilization. Because all nature, all living species in the moment of mobilization reside in trance — this is the moment, where life and death are united into one whole.

As long as you are pliable, as long as you are developing — you are alive.

With the loss of pliability — with the loss of the ability to mobilize — you are exiting from life. 

However, trance as manifestation and nature’s mobilization as its training, unites the Universe in one whole. All that is living is united into one whole.

In other words, all living things cultivate mobilized trance.

And only humans are capable to awaken and train this program, in there, where all gets exhausted.

Keep an athlete at the starting line for too long — he will burnout; weakness, faintness, nervousness and other consequences. In principle, it is similar to a hunter missing his mark; missed one time, missed two times, three times — he will be written off in nature. In other words, an athlete weakens and, in time, aging does not disappear, it advances. 

The modern world develops quickly and requires a new approach. The age of tradesman education that required decades to learn is over. Today everything happens very quickly. And today everyone understands and all are saying that one must, study, study and study. However, the plasticity needed it for it is vanishing, vanishing and vanishing.

Thus, in order to be able to study, study and study requires plasticity, plasticity and again, plasticity. 

This plasticity resides in the mobilization territory — there where the Trinity of Nature makes decisions about you continuing to live or not.

If you are needed or not.

Additional Theme: 8

A huge amount of energy is expended with human’s movement, wiggling from one side to another and jumping up and down.  A huge amount of energy is expended so a “gyroscope” forms in the brain to compensate for this wiggling.

But in the moment of mobilization, a human is not jumping, he is acting in a completely different way. All of this jumping comes to an end. The mechanics of his movement changes — from a broken “lever” system, he is transitioning into “spring-loaded” system, he becomes like a spring. He becomes springy — in other words pliable.

If springiness is lost, then any person knows, he starts to age. Just like an animal gets written off, if it is not in the zoo.

In other words, our society is built within principles of a zoo; ignoring the laws of nature.

Neither mediation nor medication can substitute for nature. However, society as it currently is — has already developed as it is. I am not calling to “drop everything and go back to the forest all together” — no, not in any circumstances. 

I am simply offering to first — understand in the mind, the laws of Nature’s Trinity, the laws of evolutionary trance.

And then, as a next phase — to apply the laws of nature within society, without denying and leaving society.

In other words, extend the plasticity of life — the mobilization prospect, this opportunity of extending capabilities to learn skills, to learn skills and to learn skills.

Additional Theme: 9

I often get this question: What does the term “master” mean for me?  

When I apply this term “master” to myself, I mean that I am master of trance — evolutionary trance — the one I have specified by nature, as the mobilization of the Trinity of Nature.

I am this kind of master; not any other.

 Master HORA®
October 23, 2017



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