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...7...6...5... It Has Started
...7...6...5... It Has Started

...7...6...5... It Has Started

The following information will stimulate a person to be concerned with his or her health. This forms an active position in the matter of personal psychological security. By reviewing this information a clear understanding will be revealed. It will enlighten high ranking officials and public representatives to the fact that the most important treasure of our country is each and every individual. With the health and well-being of each individual comes the health and well-being of society’s, labor, economic and national securities.


Master HORA®



(October 2008, parts I, IV, V)



Current statistics and forecasts, WHO - World Health Organization on the catastrophic state of psychological health of humanity. 

(The spread of psychological disorders in the future appears to be an epidemic.)


According to the WHO (World health Organization,, more than 450 million people on the planet are suffering from psychological disorders, 121 million of those are affected by depression. Mental disorders such as depression, alcohol use, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia affect every seventh person living in the developed countries. Psychiatric conditions are responsible for 14 percent of disease burden worldwide, they are named among the top 10 reasons for productivity loss on the planet. By 2020 physiological disorders are expected to increase their proportion in total global burden of disease. 

As stated by Tatiana Dmitrieva, director of the Russian National scientific center of the social and jurisdictional psychiatry, it is expected that by 2025 depression will become the top cause for loss of productivity in developed countries surpassing heart disease. 

According to WHO, depression is the leading cause of disability and the second leading contributor to the productivity loss in the high-income countries. According to the NIMH (National Institute for Mental Health,, one in every four adults in America suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. When applied to the 2004 U.S. Census residential population estimate for ages 18 and older, this figure translates to 57.7 million people. 

1). Balance

2). Spirituality 

3). Psychological stability

without immersion, control and training of CALMNESS are absolutely worthless. 


The next evolutionary step as a species a human will make consciously™.

Master HORA 


“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” 1


…7…6…5… It has started 

Look around: who is ahead? 

The one who is Older than you, 

The one who is Higher than you, 

Three times he knocks the door: 

Use caution.

Seven steps

A high price to pay.

Then the dog will not break loose.


Master HORA, May 14th, 2001
brochure “Another II”


For an average person it is necessary to understand one simple thing the prediction of global schizophrenia by 2025 didn’t appear out of thin air. An epidemic of stress and depression did not start yesterday. 

The modern world exists in constant informational-situational stress. This environment forces the average person to constantly operate and make decisions at an accelerated pace. We are not at war yet the psychological pressure on us is exactly the same as if we were. 

This brings us to the conclusion that any professional environment, even the most calm one, has a constant increase of stress this is becoming the norm, and that norm will remain. 

No one can escape this. We are presenting a systemized training of CORRECT CALMNESS THAT CAN NOT BE DESTROYED BY TENSION. Without this training, scientists have shown, there will be a future recession of common sense and psychological health. 

There are no “pills” for this. There is only one way; the “natural” way It is an awakening of the evolutionary natural calmness and the conscious training of it. Without this all is wasted. 

The Master has been trying to find a way to deliver this very simple thought for the past 20 years. 

Nature can give birth only to health, but a psychopath would give birth only to a psychopath. A Freudian hysterical psychopath is genetically developed with persistence, not caring what the end results will bring. 

Nature has endless stress and in this stress there is an endless selection. The evolution of life is impossible any other way. 

A human wants to outsmart nature. Through brainwashing one attempts to avoid nature’s laws, laws of life, and laws of the creator. Brainwashing gives the appearance of a strong foundation of truths in the midst of lies. 

Humanologists are people that are genetically selected from the same social environment as everyone else. They are part of the same program as their patients

One can work with the patient, but when we deal with the program that is imprinted on a human, it is as if all of humanity became a patient. 

The program in humans could be compared to a fish, while the program in society, the environment, to water. The fish itself cannot become schizophrenic if the water, the environment, is not in that state. 

Therefore every single person is saturated, supported and constantly fulfilled by The Program, from the inside out. This includes the entire human civilization without exception, from the beginning of time. Any human act or human decision is predetermined. 

The goal is to free the program from the program, so that a human becomes conscious and deliberate. This task cannot be resolved at the level of psychology, psychologists, or sociologists etc.. This is because they are not free from the Program themselves. As a result their actions are predetermined by the Program, because they are just like everybody else, unconsciously and diligently working for the Program. The main environmental Program predetermines all the actions for the sub-programs. This predetermination and inability to avoid the fate of 2025 is confirmed by statistics. In other words, it is definite that the specialists don’t know the way out. 

This is a difficult part to understand: a human, while developing civilization, did not realize how he became its appendage. Now this civilization is leading its servant, fooling him into living a civilized way, like a happy idiot, towards the paranoid-schizophrenic year of 2025.

Generally speaking, 2025 is our tomorrow. Then comes the day after tomorrow and the day after that. If you look beyond these tomorrows, that is where the program, takes itself to a crash and along with the rest of the programs that support it. One does not have to be a prophet to foresee the future. Common sense will suffice. 

Is there another way? If there wasn’t, the Master would keep silent. There is only one way of development left which was not created by a human or humans. This is a natural evolution of a species. One must develop in an existing environment in spite of the flaws, the variations or changes from the program.


This one rotation in the spiral of evolution is a conscious evolution of a species that has never existed before. Historically, there was a path of the individual to purify the soul for Eternal Life. How did this come about? The development of human civilization in two theories; what humans worshiped they also feared and willingly sacrificed. They were paid with their labor to protect themselves from their superstitious fears. As a result, they became slaves to each other. This was made into canons. This social economic religious program turned out to be practically indestructible. At the height of this civilization they lived to save the soul from the enslaved body. To end these canons of enslavement, thousands of years had to pass. 

There was no prolonging of evolution of life either on earth or on a higher existence. There is also none now, 2000 years later. In the absence of this evolution of life, the only way to develop was to advance through the social pyramid, restricted by very strict cast boundaries on earth and on a higher existence. Our ancestors attempted to imitate their vision of harmony and fairness based on their own psychological image of a fair hierarchical system of a higher existence. 

For example: in ancient historical events such as wars, the gods were present; whenever people were at war the immortal gods were fighting with them. Whether winning or losing, an honest, naïve justice always prevailed: one deserved it, one was punished, or one god was stronger. With this approach, there was no harm done psychologically, but there was also no development there was only ingenuous stability forever. 

The inner connection and the unity between the mortal society and the immortal society demonstrates that the evolution represents a social development but not a development of a species. With this world model there is no place and no chance for humans to evolve as a species. 

This chance and possibility only appeared with the development of modern science and modern democracy. The evolution of a species is an absolutely new model that has won its place in the world of mortals and immortals. It has established its position in the minds of many. What can such a model produce, what can such a “mother” give birth to? 

Only the evolutionary child, who is also, considered to be immortal. The difference between the new model and the old model is that the faith in the immortal life of a higher existence is accompanied by a real possibility of evolutionary immortality on earth. In one form of immortality, there is faith, and Individual Eternal Life; in another form of immortality, there is reality and Life Worth Inheriting. 

Practically speaking there is no choice: a conscious evolution of a species or a progressive degradation. 

The conscious evolution of a species is extremely different from the unconscious evolution of an animal. This conscious evolution is a continuation of life on earth, regardless of creative variations of Programs that are collapsing. This has never existed before, and this is what the master has set out to prove, and is proving. This evolution would be impossible to achieve without the old models and the victories of the human spirits. 

About the program and the environment 

1) Balance 2) Spirituality 3) Psychological stability; the context of these words in any culture without immersion, control and training of CALMNESS — are meaningless and lead nowhere

In other words, they are absolutely worthless. The price for this “nowhere” is our life, and our wasted, stolen time. 

All that remains of the dynamic training of the early 90-s is some poor quality videos. Yet, no matter what part of the gymnastics one would watch (20-30 seconds is enough) the results are the same — a state of deep relaxation, which is easy to prove. 

Many people including professionals have watched these videos. 

At least 10 years have passed. While watching the videos a deep state of relaxation is achieved that is resistant to tension and takes a long time to destroy. No one realized this until I (Master HORA) pointed this out. 

What has been achieved afterwards? Nothing. 

There is enough evidence to fill more than one institute. 

I (Master HORA) will explain. Tension is an environment. Within it there is a stress program of the environment that involves everything that comes along with it. (See the beginning of this article). Whatever can resist THIS tension and is hard to destroy is a force against a force a force of correct calmness against another force of incorrect tension. This 30 second video of correct calmness versus a lifetime training of tension that has become automatic. 

In very simple terms: calmness is bliss, while tension is stress. A person today does not know what correct calmness is, how to train it, or how to harness its psychological strength. This will lead to tension which will lead to depression “shut down” (inaction, indifference or — simply a nervous breakdown). This is how the organism protects itself. What else should one notice? Overexertion (depression or breakdown) is appearing in younger people. These people will no longer be useful in life. Alcohol and drugs serve as replacements for calmness. It is in young people’s nature to reproduce. What else can they give birth to but to younger paranoiacs and schizophrenics? Specialists should be able to analyze these thoughts even deeper. Generally speaking we are talking about global safety. 

More about calmness and tension — for an average person. 

1) The practice in classes is a method that allows one to awaken and constantly support youthfulness. Youth is lightness, feeling alive, vitality, and a clear mind. This will increase and extend productivity. This is extremely important for the future, for any nation, any country and for its economy and security. (See beginning of this article, about causes for labor losses around the world). This practice correctly organizes the constant and increasing pressure on the skeletal system, rejuvenating and training it within the parameters of an individuals’ ideal posture. This training does not use the mind but is instinctual. It is also a powerful breathing practice. It strengthens the cardiovascular system by engaging all the muscles of the body into working correctly thus taking the load off the heart. All of this is accompanied by the built-in active calmness technique. Thus two incompatible terms are combined: CALMNESS and ACTION. 

2) The Personal Program is a method — of individual liberation and realization of an inner knowledge — an inner knowledge of balance, spirituality and psychological stability. The Personal Program is a realization of the evolutionary-meditative consciousness without separating from society. This personal training of the evolutionary unity of mind and body is individual. It is as unique as fingerprints and can be conducted at any timethere are no limitations in any area of social activity (ANY AREA!) no limitations. 

The personal program is accompanied by a constantly increasing state of calmness. This is a consciously trained psychological power of mind-body unity. In the program of nature, the program of Life — there is endless stress. In this stress there is a constant endless selection. THE DIFFERENCE IS: IN NATURE THERE IS NO INCREASING POWER OF CALMNESS. Even for nature this is know-how. 

Obviously, these two programs are very different but at the same time they are interrelated; there is a long way (one goal) and there is a short way (another goal) — but both of these paths follow the same direction. They move towards the ultra modern future, ultra informative future and the ultra stressed future. 

From what was stated above one could draw conclusions if you are not willing to do this then your children should because it is doubtful that your grandchildren will be able to do so. For example allergies have become the norm today that did not exist yesterday mental ineptness is still not quite the norm today but it will be the norm tomorrow. 

In 2004, I (Master HORA) added the tests of instant relaxation to the videos of dynamic training. These tests allowed the mind and body to feel and to see correct natural relaxation. 

Everyone who saw the video agreed upon this. Again nothing happened. 

I will repeat myself. Tension is an environment. Within it there is a stress program of the environment that involves everything that comes along with it. (See the beginning of this article). Whatever can resist THIS tension and is hard to destroy is a force against a force a force of correct calmness against another force of incorrect tension. 

This 30 second video of correct calmness versus a lifetime training of tension that has becomes automatic. 

Unfortunately, the test is not a method of realization. It does allow a person to feel for some period of time what the inner knowledge is —where the mind and body are not split into two separate halves but are united. To be this one whole is to understand through oneself — to understand through the unity of mind and body and not just through the mind. 

Such a person is unified in all of his coordinates; he is absolutely different from the usual person on every level. One doesn’t have to be a genius to understand that development and evolution are only possible in the unity of mind and body. 

Any other versions are a development of whatever you wish, but not of the one and not of the whole. 

We repeat the experiment of 2004. 

Next watch the fragment, and then you can make your conclusions.

 Next, the DVD demonstrates a fragment of the dynamic gymnastics by the Master (early 90-s). It does not matter which fragment you watch, 20-30 seconds is sufficient. Afterwards, tests are offered. 

HORA Tests 

(tests of extreme opposites) 

Test A 

Try to strain your facial muscles. 

If you feel difficulty in doing so as if your facial muscles were asleep that is an indication that you are in the state of deep psycho-physical relaxation.



Try to make a firm fist. 

If you feel difficulty in doing so as if your facial muscles were asleep that is an indication that you are in the state of deep psycho-physical relaxation.

Please note: the tests of tension did not destroy the deep calmness. 

Unfortunately, the test is not the method of realization. It does give you the opportunity to analyze and compare the commonly adopted relaxation method where various images and feelings are instilled to the Evolutionary-meditative relaxation of HORA where no one instills anything — no one gets brainwashed, programmed, bedeviled; no one “destroys the brain” or splits the consciousness. 

Generally, you are comparing the training method that a human created to the training method that is used by all of nature, which is millions of years old. 

Medical de-facto: the instilling of non-existing states of being onto oneself is commonly known as schizophrenia; this is a subconscious movement towards 2025. 

The roots of this lie in the primeval religions of superstitions; the only difference between then and now is that no one jumps around the fire or goes into a crazed state. We call those who go into a crazed state today by a not very scientific term: scientists. We witness how the global world split into two: the quiet passionaries and the raving passionaries. 

The method of HORA is a natural way of passing and receiving the knowledge. There is not a method on Earth that is more ancient and more proven. In nature, no one jumps around the fire and “creatively” instills something into themselves that does not exist. The eagle does not try to convince itself that it is a hen, and a hen does not think of itself as an eagle they both have a healthy psyche. A human would not be a human without the imagination. One just has to be careful what one imagines. 

On Earth there is no more ancient or more reliable method of transfer of knowledge than the one of nature. It is guaranteed by the very power of experience, the power of reality. In nature there is no imagination. As a result there is also no superstition and no reliance on mystery. This is a natural way of passing and receiving the knowledge that is guaranteed by nature. In the highest reality and the highest existence — in every skill there is knowledge that has been guaranteed for hundreds of millions of years. In nature, there is one way for everything - whether you are a bird, a fish or a human it absolutely does not matter. This one method of transfer is the most successful one for HEALTH, especially for the psychological health. 

Today’s human could be likened to a tiger in a zoo that has been losing its evolutionary life skills since it was placed in a cage as a cub. 

Instantly he loses the enlightened knowledge of transferred skills of following life. 

A tiger cannot regain this way of Life through self-imposed suggestions not a tiger, not a human. It can become domesticated, but it cannot bring back the pure beast, designed by the Creator. Whatever is created is not the wild animal and the reason for this loss is the method of transferring the skills. This method is millions of years old. Having turned away from the Creator’s path, there is no way back. 

SUMMARY: a tiger in a zoo could be likened to a human in society he falls from the enlightened state of life into the darkened state of a zoo, thus becoming a schizophrenic in the first generation. 

The tests of HORA prove that the inner path of development in a human — in you, personally, — is not lost. 

When split apart from the Evolutionary Unity, a PATH of subconsciously following the evolution a path of subconscious faith in the Creation the path is simply blocked. It is blinded by the passionate mind games, and even more passionate game of minds. 

A zoo-like society is now in demand all parts are interdependent completing the cycle. 

For now, the demand is precisely for a “zoo-like” civilization — but what will happen after 2025? 

The epidemic of depressions did not begin yesterday. There is one simple thing that an average person should understand: a prediction of the worldwide “nuthouse” of 2025 has its grounds. Whatever you do in life, without training of CORRECT CALMNESS THAT can not be annihilated BY TENSION, you are being awaited by whatever will be. The Freudian psycho-type is established and is on its way to the realization of becoming a complete idiot.

Reminder: according to the statistics, in the western countries, every seventh person is either paranoid/schizophrenic or prone to depression and alcoholism… According to the data of WHO, depression is the second leading cause of loss of productivity. By 2025 it is expected that depression will become the leading cause (see above). 

The perspective is quite obvious. 

This expanding mass of people is not only a great burden for a society, but also a massive opportunity for someone to infiltrate particular decision-making processes. 

Before our very eyes, the world split into two: the quiet passionaries and the raving passionaries. Try to stop this freight train that is rushing downhill. 

Here is the paradox: while understanding the situation, those who talk about the year 2025, use the same schizophrenic suggestions on themselves. They suggest to themselves a state that does not exist, and actively promote it. 

Thus, scientists did not realize how they themselves became the subconscious agents of a mass identification psychosis. 

SUMMARY: The Master’s training is ultra-speedy, using natural reasoning without any verbal suggestions. This was not understood 20 years ago and it is not understood today. In our civilization this is not understood in general. Even clear evidence does not help with understanding. 

Yet, a scientifically predicted irreversible degradation waits ahead. So maybe still a conscious evolution? 

There is only one medicine:

In any tradition 1) balance 2) spirituality 3) psychological stability — is meaningless without immersion, control and the training of calmness. 

This material is intended for those who are still capable of maintaining their own common sense, despite the modern multi-poled world variety of mass identification psychosis. 

…7…6…5…It has started 

Look around: who is ahead? 

The one who is Older than you,

The one who is Higher than you,

Three times he knocks the door: 

Use caution.

Seven steps

A high price to pay. 

Then the dog will not break loose.

Master HORA, 2001,

“Another II”


The realization of a Whole within oneself

Is impossible without the One WHOLE.

It is absolutely impossible

without the EVOLUTIONARY unity of the mind and body. 

In does not matter what your belief system is.

If you are a materialist 

or an idealist, or what race you are, 

because you are not divided into separate parts. 

Here is the body and here is the mind.


Master HORA, 10/21/2008


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