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Place, Role and Destiny of Yoga
Place, Role and Destiny of Yoga

Place, Role and Destiny of Yoga

Master HORA®

Place, Role


Destiny of Yoga


Disease is literally encoded into every species evolutionary process.

Sickness kills us off, leaving some behind to reproduce, mutating what we are to be. This is the cycle of life: in nature everything dies and then transforms into a different state (whether higher or lower does not matter). This is the state of nature, for better or for worse.

This is its essence.

Despite this, mankind seeks not to die out, but instead change, evolving whenever possible.

The question then becomes: How can mankind evolve without going through this painful process? This desire goes against the laws of nature, but remains our wish nevertheless. Humans subconsciously believe this is possible: the wish to seek to improve in every generation.

This fear of dying off is what provokes the awakening of the great immortal Masters. This path is clearly seen in the world’s religions as a way to achieve immortality. Our ancestors understood this process, but, unfortunately, science was not nearly as evolved as esoteric knowledge.

Today, in the entire civilized world, there are several world religions that are saturated with the idea of how the world was created, its spiritual beginnings and also the teachings of God, spirit and the union of a human, earth and the universe, about Goddesses’ honesty and retribution for breaking spiritual principals and about recompense for sins.

For example, resurrection or transformation to higher or lower planets, heaven and hell, destiny of a human, responsibility for their actions and recompense for destroying spiritual laws. All of these laws are reflected in the well — being of a human. In all of the religious systems, from the very beginning, there was deep purity. Constant control of it and maintenance of it is the cleansing act. This is the origin of a spiritual — moral based system. This religion is focused on developing humanism in society.

But this is also the basis for the psychological unity of a person, as well as the foundation for meditative yoga practices. Elevation into higher spiritual spheres is impossible without a constant, conscious cleansing act. All the mystical schools agree on this matter.

Here are the most common Eastern meditative systems, spiritual cultures. They are based on:

I — Indian seven-chakra system

II — Chinese system of meridians and channels

III — Tibetan energy star

IV — European modern medicine, psychotherapy

These meditative practices, especially in the East, are in direct relationship with the spiritual/religious life and culture of nations. However, the relationship of European practices and culture is not so obvious.

All these practices are united in: prevailing of spirit over material matter, understanding the unity of opposite energies and connecting with the harmony of nature and the balance of life.

Everyone would agree with the fact that consciousness exists. If the essence of energy, of consciousness would not exist as a substance from the very beginning, it would not be able to reveal itself.

Even if we see this world as the result of evolution, it is so astonishingly vast that it is impossible not to call this divine evolution.

This whole world is a manifestation of creativity, saturated with the energy of consciousness. The only way to realize that we are all part of one cosmic global super-consciousness is to reveal itself in one’s own consciousness and awaken one’s own soul.

The practice of yoga, to a greater extent, has sustained a culture of possibility, of awakening one’s soul within the world’s soul, recognition

of the initial emptiness. The consciousness expands into a unified cosmic consciousness — an awakening into energies and knowledge of the hierarchy of elements through one’s own self. This is an absolutely scientific approach: “I am a part of the world that carries the entire evolutionary path of the world’s creation within itself.”

The result is a complete personal realization of a mystic-yogi, a self-born and realized Master who has conquered the entire evolutionary process from the world’s birth to the end of it.

These realized Masters have left us some methods and possibilities, which are spiritual/moral in nature, forced onto the masses or perhaps mystical practices and schools of yoga.

They are all penetrated with the idea that the prime cause of the world is the First sacrifice. The essence of that sacrifice is love. The diversity of forms in this world is a manifestation of this love.

Historically, psychoanalysis has its roots in the Christian — European culture.

With the formation of capitalism in the West (capitalistic economy) the wild state of magnetism was unleashed. (Magnetism has its own story and its roots go back to the East.) The characteristics of magnetism have a bright expression on sexuality which is far removed from the Christian based morality of Europe. Because of this, magnetism was branded with the word hypnosis. This influence suppresses the sexual center and the inner will, enslaves the consciousness, controls and regulates it. This in turn creates a psychology that allows for the influence of the masses, a state of voluntarily surrendering control of oneself. (Stalin and Hitler, etc.)

Combine magnetism-hypnosis with confessions, and add to that thousands of years of development of humans with low esteem, adding guilt from sins, (the obvious connection to sexual love). As a result, we have psychoanalysis.

According to Freud, civilization comes at the cost of knowledge of good and evil, a price which uncivilized tribes don’t have to pay. According to the Bible the price is for knowledge, and according to Freud, the price is for civilization: the terms are different — the meanings are the same. Throughout thousands of years, in the name of the highest authority, feelings of guilt were engrained on the masses — that emotional pressure, that psychological heaviness, would be too much for anyone to bear. It doesn’t matter for how long the spring is tightened, sooner of later it will spring back in a personality and in the masses. This is what has been proven throughout the history dating back to the biblical times.

This resulted in a new phenomena in Europe and a new term was born: spiritual crisis. I would add to this: inner crisis. Any society represented by laws and adhering to those laws has psychoanalysis as a demand of its own time — psychoanalysis. It is a method of its own time.

In Hindu yoga it is stated that the 3rd eye and kundalini have a complete, inner connection and carry within them the sexual symbols. The whole system of the seven chakras, starting with kundalini, is nourished through the sexual center.

Therefore the sexual energy is the fundamental creative possibility for the consciousness to enter the higher spiritual levels.

All of life is built on this instinct of reproduction. Humans have the potential to absorb that energy and direct it into a higher consciousness. Suppression of the evolutionary instinct of life and suppression of the sexual center is the essence of extreme forms of yoga. Try to connect this suppression with the vigils of the Christian monks (not to sleep) and combine this with the concept of good and bad — and you can’t escape hallucinatory schizophrenic delirium. We have declared war with nature instead of learning its laws. This is why we replaced confessions with psychoanalysis. The problem still remains. Historical inertness stays the same, just a different cycle.

There are only a few yogis who went through the extreme forms of mysticism. The only salvation for those was love and the faith in their teacher, in the God-savior. The path was shown — to turn one’s will and soul over to the God-savior, which is a cleansing act from all kinds of brainwashing. God is the highest ruler, the highest judge; the soul belongs to him and only him. The essence of true believers is in being a strong, clear, spiritual personality — this type of personality cannot be broken down by anything.

The same, but a milder form of spiritual development was among the masses, but the social ruling of the masses was brutally suppressing their will, freedom of their minds and their consciousness. After this it is almost impossible to retain normal psyche and to avoid social disasters. The rest is a development of 1000 years of Freud's social mentality, a violation of one’s own instinct of life. The consequence is a violation of nature which gives us our own life.

As a democratic society develops, freedoms are inevitable. We can clearly see this in Europe and in America.

In one human life span, several evolutionary eras took place. For the last hundred years or so there were incredible developments in Europe alone, that would leave its mark on the history of humanity; from the steam engine, to atomic energy, from telegraphs, to today's TV’s and computers; from gliders to spaceships and we could continue. The speed increases the further along we go.

On one side the golden plant of science and technological progress, and on the other side the spiritual power of yoga, being much farther ahead than any current European development. In contrast to the East, where the perception of reincarnation is the norm, in the West, consciousness is imprinted with the idea of heaven and hell. The psychological mindset of the Caucasian race is “everything that I will gain, I will gain in this life right here and right now.”

In order for the rational consciousness of the Europeans and the irrational consciousness of a yogi to unite, one belief system and living masters who could authenticate yoga would not be enough. Only facts, effectiveness and accessibility would be able to unite those two cultures.

It is a known fact that our world is beginning to unite. The proof is in accessible worldwide information and economical interdependence. The result is total integration.

The knowledge of Europeans and the knowledge of Hindu yogis will be united — this is inevitable in their core, their essence. Cultural changes are inevitable, including the ones in yoga. They have to be understandable, accessible from the informational point of view, provable and practical.

The necessity of the third millennium is the focus on common sense spiritual-ethics.

At the foundation of the first stage of HORA lays my personal, practical experience.

The principles of this practice are specific to yoga in the East, as well as to a European rational culture.

Experience in a yogic zone

When a human fetus is in mother’s womb, his sight is upturned. The fact that he is born this way is proof. His physiological center is shifted towards the head — not the way it is in adults, but the opposite way. When awake, his object-free attention, has its own center of gravity in the area of the stomach. The center of the upturned energy body is in the area of the heart; his energy body is upturned compared to the physical body. While drifting asleep, his attention, his sight, turns spirally at an angle around the energetic axis of the heart — then he is in the body, like an adult.

His psycho-energetic substance, which is settling within its body, is closer to that of a somnambulist, an astral being, than that of a human, that has a molded consciousness and knowledge of his body (“This is exactly what I am”). There is proof of that — during the first few years a child does not identify himself with his body — he says “he wants” — he is either an angel or a czar.

As the fetus is feeding itself through the umbilical cord, the process that he goes through is as follows:

First — The effort is transmitted from the center of the stomach towards the genitals, causing them to contract.

Second — The pressure of the tongue against the palate is passed higher up to the area between the eyebrows.

Third — The swallowing motion blocks the throat.

Fourth — The bent head is stretching out. The base of the skull is releasing and the neck is stretching, and the energetic pressure is shifting from the top part of the forehead towards the crown. As the shoulders are lowered and the armpits contract the area of the seventh vertebrae stretches.

Fifth — the heart is contracting and the spine is arching. Next, the inner effort moves the energy towards the lower chest area. From there, while the pelvis is being pulled down, the energy is flowing towards the sacrum.

The effort in the center of the stomach, the pressure against the palate, contraction of the anus, genitals, heart, etc. — in the fetus; this entire procedure is happening as a whole and it is smooth and gentle. The fetus is soft, he does not have any hard bones, and his habitat is maximally comfortable.

With bending and unbending, the release of all the blocks from muscles, bone and cartilage takes place, so the energy can complete its full cycle of a circular flow up and down from the pulsation of the effort. From the effort of toned relaxation, calm consciousness in the body (not to be mixed up with tension and relaxation), the energy flows from the front, upwards and to the back, downwards — and the opposite way during relaxation. In the evolutionary stage of the fetus we can clearly see the entire spectrum of illnesses; this is their soil.

In order to avoid the collapse of energy, or paralysis, an additional energetic and physical procedure — which is stretching and growth, has been added to all of the above mentioned processes.

First — for a fluid energy flow inside the body, the whole process is accompanied by the twists of the pelvis at the lower back and of the head at the neck, thus enforcing the two energy currents along the spine and at the same time taking pressure away from the head and the heart. The whole body is functioning as one heart, and the energy spreads through the entire body — this is a united, multifunctional, energy dynamic of the fetuses growth.

Second — A child’s pelvis is open compared to the one of an adult; child’s legs are pulled up with its feet turned towards the inside. The movement of its legs are swinging, the pelvis bones assisting in contracting and releasing of the genitals in a pumping-type motion. The energy is flowing through the body towards the armpits, the shoulders are moving down and then slightly upwards accompanied by the breathing of the heart. The movement of the waist and the neck is accompanied by the wavy, snaky movements of the shoulders and the arms, pushing the energy upward. The energy moves towards the hands, and the various finger movements (soft, flowing gestures), those movements are the continuation of that energy flow. In those gestures, there are imprints of the worlds’ birth and destruction, war between the elements and their gods — the fetus is accomplishing its dance of God, of Yoga, the one that gives birth and destroys the worlds. Evolution is a confirmation of this.

We can see an example of this in Indian statues and Indian dances, that are flowing, pulsating, with vibrations of the body (demonstrating energetic ecstasy), with wide open eyes and a still gaze — a state of being not alive and not dead, beyond all worlds. In essence, it is a demonstration of awakening of the elements — energies, followed by a moment of stillness, energetic trance, awakening of kundalini, its rising and, finally, realizing of its purpose.

The back of a child is stretching, and kundalini is rising through the central channel towards the third eye.

Collapse: an energy procedure takes place — impact in the body, from the bottom upwards. As a vision, it is a dynamic image of a dolphin racing into a golden and shining sunny circle.

Those who practice yoga can see the origins of all the varieties of yoga in this partially described form.

In a short period of time the entire evolution since the moment of Creation, from the emptiness, falls upon this being; the entire infinity of cosmic time and billions and billions of years of the Earth’s evolution is being compressed into nine months. And still, the shock of birth awaits him — he is not formed yet — not as a person, nor as a conscious personality, his sight is inverted, his personality is not yet aligned with the coordinates of this world; for he is a human child but not yet a human.

Even when the child finds himself in the coordinates of this world, in a completely different element, suffering through the evolutionary shock of birth, in a completely new to him environment, and not yet identifying himself with his body, his evolutionary process continues.

Next, he receives linear memory, event-triggered memory, chronological

memory, associative and chaotic memory — all is being laid upon him at the same time. This is the formation of a human being, and it is driven by natural instincts of monstrous power. In this formation of the “I”, there is continuous stress and extremes.

Any stress suppresses breathing, a momentary death; then follows an inhale (the process of arousal). Stresses of various levels will accompany a human throughout his entire life.

With forming and toughening of the “I”, the ego is formed, it is clearly manifested in a child. Next, a child is under the pressure of its cultural upbringing, which suppresses the sexual center and the center of the will.

There are more than enough events during the first few years of life, for this new “I” to get completely tangled up.

To resolve this, one would have to use the method of yoga or consult a psychotherapist.

Today, a child with allergies is considered the norm which did not exist yesterday. Soon, new norms will appear which are not normal today; it is possible that artificial fertilization will become normal for the masses. It is possible that geneticists will come up with some new modifications, and it won’t be too difficult to convince ourselves into accepting this as a norm.

The ecology of a person, ecology of a mother, ecology of an embryo are absolutely related to the ecology of the Earth, ecology of the cosmos. We are one with the earth, with the cosmos, we are the flesh of their flesh, the living part of it. This unity was recognized by all the masters at all times.

The cause of this world is the First sacrifice; the essence of that sacrifice is love. This instinct of unlimited love towards a child, a will to self-sacrifice for a child lays in the very base of a woman’s nature, while a man has an instinct as a protector, guardian of life that was born out of love.

So what stage did our civilization arrive at if we destroy our own mother, our Earth? What is the actual level of our consciousness where we convince ourselves that we are following God’s laws? The ego is so enormous that it doesn’t even love itself; it ruins its own mother.

There are only a few living planets among countless stars that carry life, just as there is only one life that emerges among millions of ovules. In the same way only one enlightened person will arise among millions of people.

Yoga is a possibility to share, to realize the unity and integrity of the universe.

My inner knowledge allows me to state that our planet is not some transit station for a human, it is its mother, and it is its womb. Among gigantic numbers of solar systems, there are only a few planets with the potential for life. The law of gravity exists — just as the attraction of energy of consciousness between living planets exists. All of them are energetically interconnected, and each and every one of them, on its own, takes care of other living planets. The entire space is one unified living consciousness. Ecological immorality on Earth affects not only us and our children, but also the entire living cosmos.

Yoga is a strict evolutionary requirement of an internal human nature; it is innately in us as instinct.

Growing up, a person moves further away from his instinctive, evolutionary essence of yoga. Manifesting his own will and conscious effort a yogi consciously completes his second birth.


The first stage of the practice HORA works by opening up energy blocks and locks within a stiff and underdeveloped human body. The foundation for the practice is my knowledge of a partially described process of inner womb development of energies in the body; a knowledge of how the energy might be blocked and how to release these blocks.

The origin of this knowledge is my own practical experience of Kundalini.

The first stage of the practice HORA naturally awakens the breathing process (please be very attentive to this word — naturally — not any differently) and changes the skeletal system according to the evolutionary laws, completing the multilayered cleansing act. This is the essence of the practice, from the healing and well-being aspect. The principles of this practice pertain to a European, rational culture.


The Rational Part
Excerpt from the patent and its explanation.

Any words have within them a psychologically associated influence. The word “concentration” is associated with tension. You could say this word to anybody and observe how he or she would tense their forehead, showing intellectual pressure, physiological tension and compressed breathing. The association for the word “relaxation” would be with falling asleep (a different type of breathing).

Question: how can concentration grow into meditation — specifically when meditation is being associated with psychoanalysis and creative visualization? Short circuit.

In those two words, concentration and relaxation, there is a mentally associated block for any yoga or for any Dhyana practice (meditation).

There is another way, a pseudo-shamanic practice, a psychedelic path. This is a relaxed state but not a sleeping state. Understand, that in the end a person who is under the influence of a drug, has a different type of breathing pattern. The breathing pattern changes under hypnosis as well as in a meditative state. No shaman becomes a drug addict. Medical science confirms that this is dangerous and detrimental to our general health.

Instead of meditation — influence of drugs, euphoria through creative visualization, hypnotic trance that excites the sexual energy. All these states are quite similar. Without a master and without a teacher you can not pass through there.

In order to reveal the term “concentration” I propose to start with the term “attention”.

Attention is a quality of consciousness. The association to it is: listening attentively and standing still. Say these words to anybody and instantly notice very subtle, superficial breathing. Pay very close attention to this person — they are not relaxed but not tense either — notice calmness and openness, but in a state of readiness in the body. In a conscious state without an object, awakened and open.

For object concentration, attention is a very important state in which you are not involved emotionally. This type of concentration becomes a conscious effort that holds within it clarity and open attention, without emotions. This consciousness could be transferred to any object for further exploration — otherwise you would short circuit with emotional involvement and the path to spiritual spheres would close.

The beginning to this is associative sequence of words which change their inner meaning.

Excerpt from the patent:

Any type of human illness is tied to disrupted breathing. Any concentration creates tension in the stomach and this will stop the breath for a short period. With negative concentration, (shock, fear or stress) the outcome is the same, but the difference is that the breath will be suppressed or it will be stopped for a little longer. This negative pause in the breath and this tension in the stomach will cause tension in the body, which in turn will suppress the mind, creating a negative psychic state. The human organism will be in a zone of depression and fears, causing the energy to be blocked, which will lead to unhealthy organs. This creates a vicious cycle: sick organs — negative psyche — weakened and sick organs.

Every organ radiates energy that projects to an area of the surface of the body. This energy of the body surface interacts in the same way with the organ and has absolute interconnectedness with the muscular-skeletal structure and energy channels of the organs.

The practice HORA demonstrates that unhealthy organs will misalign the muscular-skeletal structure and vice versa. This misalignment of the muscular-skeletal structure will lead to weak and unhealthy organs — misplaced energy lines of the organs and then misplacement of the organs themselves.

The entire inner energy connection between organs is violated — with this violation tiredness increases, affecting the joints and the spine by deforming them.

The work of the muscles will be in disharmony. Vertebras will be displaced from the central axis of the body and deformation will occur in compensation for the misaligned vertebras. The center of gravity would be displaced. This will cause the point of balance in the feet and joints to be misplaced as well.

All of this will cause low energy. Premature aging will take root in the body and psyche of a human and cause absolute distorted breathing.

This technique is created to redistribute the energy, to change the spine and muscular-skeletal structure, tune the consciousness to a meditative wave — all of this is the HORA practice, first level. The essence of this is the cleansing act.

The practice awakens the breathing process to a personal individual

rhythm which thereby releases the psyche, the body and the energy from suggested rhythms that were placed in you beforehand.

Please be very attentive to those words.

By spreading the energy in the body the practice is awakening unused

energy reserves of the organism. The practice increases the biological

survival skills and is able to assist in the evolutionary procedures. This practice reveals hidden facial expressions; this is an emotionally associated memory, laying within the mind in a chaotic manner and connected to any stress and ailment within you.

The release of your psyche is taking place. The emotional tightness is removed from your facial features. At the same time release from hidden,

inner stresses and the channels for the energy flow become unblocked. Further explanation — a human face does not correspond to its own, inner psychological face, because we are playing our own role and wearing a mask in life.

The practice is created in such a way that it activates the effort center and subconsciously engages the instinct of human nature, instinct of life.

The first stage of the HORA practice cultivates meditative attention, body awareness, and alertness in working with a partner.

The practice is universal and accessible at any age and in any health condition.

The practice is much deeper than it appears at first glance. Someone inexperienced could easily be fooled into its deceptive simplicity. The practice cannot be exercised without supervision by a qualified specialist. We are discussing your health, your psyche and your energetic unity as a whole.

Two years of the practice has shown and proven to hundreds of people that HORA, the first stage, heals, eliminates disk herniations (the ones that are being surgically treated today), cures fibromas, asthmas, corrects posture, cures radiculitis (frozen back) — modern scourge; successfully fights cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, cures stimulator dependence, whether narcotic or other, taking care of the psyche without entering the mind; (takes away stress, depression, physiological problems etc.) and much, much more.

Everything mentioned above is waiting to appear in each and every one of us in its own time.

The best known meditative systems and spiritual cultures in the West are:

I — Hindu system of 7 chakras

II — Chinese system of channels and meridians

III — Tibetan energy star

IV– European modern medicine and psychotherapy

Practice HORA in its complex essence is deeply related to all of those systems.

Practice HORA has never existed before in its current form. From the most ancient times there was nothing like it. It is a deep cleansing act.

Practice HORA is the fruit of a mystical enlightenment, an evolutionary knowledge from the past and from the future. The cultural mother of yoga is India.

Practice HORA in its first stage would have never been born if it were not for spiritual, informational fields — first of all Hindu yoga and the European rational approach — which already existed in the world culture.

HORA introduces only information that already exists in our informational field. For that very reason it allows to present this information in a form that is accessible and convincing for any average human being, without relying on faith. If it were not for that possibility, HORA would remain only with the direct genetic line — faith. No informational knowledge could replace faith and never will.



In the context of the International Congress, in the accompanying brochure, a small amount of facts were used that are partially known by everyone and partially unknown.

My vision for the future: further development and education of a human, should start from the early school years as a unified block of knowledge and then, in an accessible form for a child, fact after fact, show that we are nature in its entire unity — from the inner womb of a mother we are entering into the womb of the mother earth and this relationship with her should be caring.

Humans would be endlessly immoral and robbing the earth until the concept of humanism becomes national. The ecology in itself is a reflection of the moral-spiritual education of a human. The knowledge from yogis and the knowledge from Europe are ripe for each other and will not be able to grow without each other.

This is possibly the religion of the 3rd millennium.

Master HORA



In the shadow of my name and the practices that originated from me, all kinds of dishonest figures are appearing and multiplying in a speedy manner.

One scenario is an activity that claims to make connections with all kinds of ancient, sacred yogi systems, etc. (so ancient and so sacred that until now no one else but they knew about it).

Another scenario: they hide behind world known practices, hoping that maybe the authority of those practices would cover their plagiarism. These people don’t understand that the authority of those practices or authority of their Masters would eventually crush them. The geographical expansion of those public figures, their nimbleness and their imagination are incredible. The behavior of those in the first and the second scenarios is proclaiming only one thing — in the shadow of those practices they are nothing. In those places where the practices come from they are nothing 3 times over — and in my practices they are absolutely nothing.

There is one more scenario — those who studied (trained) with me. And so what? This doesn’t mean that they conform to my required qualifications to work with people. In this case the level of qualifications can only be determined by myself, without any advisories.

As for those who studied or trained with me — from the beginning they are warned that after a year it will become clear and proven by them (the truth might be painful and unpleasant), as to who they are and what they correspond to in reality (to healing, to well-being or to nothing at all). This may be harsh but fair.

Another scenario also exists: there is a hybrid of advertisement and influence (meaning pressure on me through social opinion). The essence of that influence is to demonstrate that one is a nice person. A nice person is not a profession. Even more so when we talk about your own health. There is a good reason to think about it.

I cannot prohibit any kind of fantasies and experiments for anyone, starting with the obvious crooks and ending with the “nice people.” All of those figures are creative people. Unfortunately, I have to talk about this: it became too annoying. Like cockroaches they reproduce and reproduce around the world. There is not enough poison for them all.

Let me decide who and how advanced someone is and at what, and whether he or she complies with my qualifications. I am the one to be held responsible — in every meaning of this word.

I would recommend to train with those people who are constantly under my personal control — I can confirm their qualification. All the contacts and information of who is who can be found on the web site. 

Master HORA®

Deep Snake Track®