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What The Rulers Of The World Could Not Conquer?
What The Rulers Of The World Could Not Conquer?

What The Rulers Of The World Could Not Conquer?

What the Rulers of the World Could Not Conquer.

What the Rulers of the World Could Not Buy
by Master HORA®

Let's start with the simplest thing of all (on the surface) ―[1] health. Subconsciously, everyone knows that health ― is youth.

Today, looking bad ― is improper. The other side of the coin ― is that you could end up without a job. Thus, everyone understands that a presentable appearance is becoming a necessity.

Appearance and attractiveness (shining hair, bright eyes, good skin, an upbeat look, etc.) are directly related to health and say that the person is young and productive. If you want to have a career, you should look 100%.

About the Biological Age

There are medical tests of biological age. Suppose a person is 80 years old, and his tests say he is 40 or 50, or vice versa ― someone is 40-50, but the tests show that one is 80. A question then arises: who should retire? The one who's older but healthy, or the one who's young yet aged?

Today a good cosmetic surgeon not only tightens the skin, but tunes up the muscles as well. Through aesthetics one can be in good condition psychologically, but this appearance is still no guarantee of the actual biological age corresponding to the medical tests. At the age of 80, according to medical tests, one could be as good as at forty, and at forty a person can turn out to be a retiree. In order to reverse the aging "mileage" on the meter, a good surgeon is not enough. One needs the practice of rejuvenation.

The main qualities of a young, vigorous person ― are his endurance: his intellectual endurance, his physical endurance. When the problem is defined, then one know exactly what he needs to be solved, and what kind of practice needs to be fostered ― the practice of standing on one's own head or the practice of increasing endurance. And when the problem is not defined, you do not know what to look for. Meantime it is possible to lose a career.

Make the word "endurance" part of your arsenal and do not allow anyone to confuse you with the practices of "standing on one's own head," which does not increase endurance. Turning oneself inside out does not increase endurance either. If you want to be valuable in society and rely on yourself, you should begin to reflect on the simple word "endurance." Endurance ― is your efficiency in life.

Modern medicine and good cosmetics will make you look good. But without endurance you have simply rewound the mileage on the meter artificially. Such a tune-up does not add “horsepower” to the engine.

About Endurance

Blood pressure, breathing, and dizziness ― are the main parameters of endurance, the basic parameters of your biological age.

Proper breathing and the ability to control the heart to avoid dizziness are the basic parameters of proper training (the rest ― is an increase in load).

Now let's recall Practice HORA. In its basis ― is the constancy of pressure and resistance, i.e., a constant respiratory load, where the whole body is engaged in an action. And no one gets dizzy during the process. I.e., whether you want it or not, the practice fosters control of the heart.

The basis of the practice is instincts. Instinct knows better than the person how to survive in the right way.

As an example: The way the Master proves the correct power breathing loads. Everyone knows that if you take a deep breath you may get dizzy. But in the Master's practice, a person takes a most powerful breath and no dizziness is observed, even (!) if a heavy smoker does it (almost all leaders have seen this). He illustrates it on smokers who ought to start coughing convulsively while inhaling-exhaling with great force. But this does not happen.

The practice itself is still in the process of development. In the “Extreme Women’s Program” the accent is made on ― endurance; in the “Extreme Men’s Program”, emphasis will be made on ― power endurance.

As soon as the men's program is launched, it will be accompanied by a special breathing practice of guaranteed powerful endurance. With a guarantee that any man will say: these are exactly the right words.

For those who know the Master also know that he does not make empty promises. If he said something, it means that he will do it.

And now let us recall the first level of Practice and what it does with breathing: increase the both the volume and force of inhalation and exhalation. And how does the Master prove this? He does it in a simple way: in his case, smokers do not cough (which means that nobody coughs), ― which means an increase in the lungs' volume, in their size and strength.

In our practice, endurance increases, and all practitioners know that. And everyone knows that in the practice of breathing ― it is not just a breath, but a power breath in the powerful stable/anchored body. And such a breath ― is one of the components that begin to reduce real biological age. And this is why the level of activity increases for all HORA practitioners ― intellectual activity, and physical activity as well.

Let's go back to the beginning: the main parameter of health ― is endurance. Endurance is based on breathing and a strong heart. The other main parameter of the practice ― is when the muscles of the body begin to take on a higher load activity from the heart, which creates a different type of blood flow that corresponds to the breathing of Practice HORA; from the beginning; from the first day

The Practice does not wear one out with clever and incomprehensible words, and does not rock one’s imagination ― as though you breathe into yourself some kind of energy stream. Instinct has had an incredible experience of how to survive, and knows this better than you: better than your imagination, better than any words about energy.

The loads in HORA are different from all the practices that exist. And it does not matter what your genetics or your heredity are ― instinct knows better than you how to survive. The problem is defined (endurance), the solution is shown (practice), and it is perfected by instinct.

And this perfection takes place at incredible speed. Humans are slow, their thinking may go something like this: "If one put his hand on a hot tea pot, he should remove it fast," ― but instinct does so without hesitation. The practice works exactly like this.

And the human mind cannot realize and accept what is happening, ― and track how to get from A to Z, bypassing the entire mental alphabet. Because the speed is too high an ordinary human mind cannot keep track of it.


The Master was asked: How to maintain one’s health at the level of a 25-30-year-old person with good genetics?


Your genetics are not good. What your parents passed to you is not too great already, and will only deteriorate in the future. All people are in this "not too great" situation. Regardless of whether they like it or not, this is so. And it is easy to prove: a nuclear explosion affects all trees around the world ― surely the human nervous system is not less sensitive than a tree?

From good genetics, which are long gone, let's go back to the beginning of the question ― to youth and health.

People always wanted to be healthy and eternally young. They were not able to reach this goal when the environment was natural and flowering. Today most people live in an unnatural environment that does not bloom. Most of us are city dwellers.

Being healthy and forever young ― is a dream of kings who achieved everything.

Genghis Khan wanted to buy, to acquire eternal youth ― so did virtually all rulers of the world. Mystics of the East tried to find eternal youth, and the West also sought it. The richest emperors of the world invested money in these projects so as to find the pill for eternal youth. They were ready ― generally speaking ― to trade kingdoms for health...

What you need to realize: emperors were not idiots. Life ― is the most precious thing that is given to a person. Physical living, a healthy living with aging became most important for emperors. Imagine this: you have everything ― but not health. You have the most beautiful luxuries of the world ― but not health. Incredibly rich, but you

cannot eat ― and all that is at the emperor's table. This is not life anymore, but a mockery of some sort: you have everything but cannot do anything. One has the material kingdom ― but there is no normal life for the body.

Ask yourself: What is the price of something for which the greatest rulers of the world were ready to trade their kingdoms? Ask yourself this question and keep answering it all your life. Answer it in a modern, pragmatic manner: increase the most important thing ― endurance ― and never forget how high the price of it was for the rulers of kingdoms. Pass this knowledge on to your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.

And do not seek miracles from magicians of the East and West ― kings did not find it among them. And they were certainly many, many times wealthier than you. The weight of your checkbooks cannot be compared to theirs.

The answer has been given to you.

The remedy is simple: training the endurance.

Master HORA

So, what were the kings looking for?

They searched for endurance, but they were unable to define the problem in one word "endurance;" and those who were supposed to solve this problem were not able to define it concisely and clearly either.

Let me remind you how evolutionary-wellness practice solves this problem in one word ― endurance.

Endurance increases, and all practitioners know that. And everyone knows that in the practice, the breathing ― it is not just a breathing, but power breathing in the strengthened anchored body.

What you need to realize: in the anchored[2] body, the practice is in the anchored body.

An example: Without a properly organized anchoring, all the eastern martial arts and meditative dynamic practices are not worth a dime. What you should understand: without a properly organized anchoring, inner energy is dormant in meditative dynamic trainings.

Thus, breathing practices, plus a properly organized anchoring creates conditions under which inner energy circulates properly in the system of a person.

Those who foster yoga or only the breathing practices, or gymnastics, ― do not have a clear notion of "proper anchoring;" they do not practice this notion as deeply and make no explicit emphasis on it.

Eastern systems have become somewhat internally split: there are powerful breathing practices, and there is an understanding that without anchoring they are impossible. But somehow they did not combine one part with another.

The most important thing did not happened ― accessible practices, accessible to any average person, accessible to Westerners who are not immersed in the religious and mystical culture of the ancient traditions of the East. People in the East believe their masters, but they do not know how to make it accessible to the average person who is not talented at all. Thousands of years have passed, but no practice emerged that would be simple, effective and accessible to the average person. Elite practices exist, but they cannot be called effective. They cannot be called mass practices either, because only just a few achieve the desired results (just a few despite all their population). Achieving the result is extremely rare, but it happens ― hence the trust in the masters.

Simultaneous realization of breathing practice and anchoring in Practice HORA is simple, accessible and so effective that it makes it necessary to explain those Eastern values which we (Westerners) endeavor to manifest. But what exactly must be manifested ― is not known, and how it should be done ― is also not known. Even in the East only just a few achieve results (from such a population!). And in the West imitation involves an entourage with a somewhat esoteric philosophy. Either the way from the bottom does not work, or the way from the top is not productive.

Our practice is simple at first glance. It may look primitive to some. But an average person walks in AND CAN DO IT AT ONCE: guaranteed anchoring in any exercise, breathing practice in any exercise from A, bypassing thinking, and straight to Z ― that what is valued in the East. If a person CAN DO THIS AT ONCE, then it is at least an ingeniously developed practice, effective, pragmatic and self-evident to everyone. It requires no special talents, understanding, experience, etc. It is enough in general to know just two words ― pressure and resistance. Technically, this will be sufficient in practicing. All work is done for you by instinct, bypassing any mental concepts.

There, in depth ― is the source of Life. The instinct of life starts on its path from there. This is exactly what HORA is called: depth. Our path ― is not “philosophizing” and not just “physical”. Our path ― is based upon the evolutionary principle of Life.

Pressure and resistance ― just two words.

In the Eastern mentality ― the male and female principles of energy, and in each exercise ― there is a guaranteed harmony of these two principles.

In the Western sense, it is the evolutionary principle: nature presses, species resist and adapt ― this is how life evolves.

Pressure and resistance create an internal heat, and breathing works like bellows fanning a fire and allowing blood to spread the flow of energy throughout the body. A well fixed, anchored position ― is like a nail hammered into wood to the max. In such a powerful action the hands and feet won't lose their balance and the entire body is engaged in the action. For the East this is the ultimate dream ― wholeness.

Efficiency is not achieved through the mind, but through instinct. Instinct, from A, bypassing all the Eastern esoteric entanglements, instantly manifests into Z. There is something else to understand: we are talking about an evolutionary-wellness practice, about its very beginning. But the unity of mind and body within life ― for East it is a dream beyond grasping.

In Conclusion:

The breathing Practice HORA is inseparable from anchoring, which involves the entire body in actions as a whole. People who are not immersed in Eastern dynamic practices usually do not realize how important this is. And those who are immersed in them say “we are doing the same thing.” But this is not so. The words are familiar, and hence the impression is formed that the action is somewhat similar. "But why? We keep the balance as well, etc." ― No: Anchoring ― is an immovable. Anchoring presupposes a TESTABLE immovable state in a position.

And this is why our breathing practice is extremely effective. It is easy to prove: you are in immovable state and you are anchored in each exercise.

BUT: if you can be moved then there is no anchoring. In such case, the breathing practice is ineffective as an internal practice, the internal energy in it does not work.

This is because in such practice there is a lacks of meditative concentration and it is dominated by wandering concentration.

The wandering concentration cannot awake, pick up, and distribute inner energy through the body.

You must remember: anchoring ― is very important. If a breathing practice lacks it, it has zero value as an internal practice. Such practice is the practice of a wandering mind and the same type of energy, and the same type of meditation and the same type of intellect ― which begets a variety of wandering mental concepts.

In our case anchoring is not declared, but manifested. And every person who practices today knows that during any exercise he is in the most anchored state. The anchoring is maintained by strength. Anchoring is maintained by power breathing and the entire body is involved in this process, from toes and fingers ― to the crown of the head.

And in every action ― there is wholeness. This means that you learn the correct concentration FROM THE VERY FIRST DAY.

There, where the correct concentration of attention is practiced ― lives the mental youthfulness and physical youthfulness.

What is done in our practice is not done anywhere else ― immediately and on the spot. It is done by an average person ― immediately and on the spot. What is the value of this approach?

The first thing that the Master did when he arrived in Russia in the late 80's and early 90's ― was to demonstrate the immovable state. He then taught it and then taught the distinction of a fakir's immovable state (a trick) from a meditative immovable state (no tricks). At the very beginning he had already taught how to distinguish what is a lie from what is true. He taught the principle ― if you cannot endure the meditative truth, then do not deceive like a fakir. We will revisit this topic later.

The principle of anchoring has been manifested by the Master in reality. He came to Russia already like that. And this principle, which is manifested in the Master, has been transported into practice for ordinary people.

This principle works in practice ― but not in every day life, because we do not understand its value. This is one of the reasons why the Master ended dynamic training, created the evolutionary-wellness practices and, in general, became an educator, in order to lead the human mind out of the hypnosis of wandering minds.

The breathing Practice HORA within the evolutionary-wellness program ― where the principle of anchoring, is not declared but manifested.

The manifestation of this principle ― is what makes it different from all Eastern systems. This can be tested on any person; any average person.

How will a Westerner understand its value and importance?

In the East, such practices ― are part of the traditional religious and mystical culture. These traditions are thousands of years old, with billions of people investing their life’s work in them. This is why it is so important for them; why they treasure it; why they have such a gentle and reverent attitude; on the level of religious devotion. Their religion, unlike ours, is impossible without meditation, but meditation is impossible without the ability to work with breathing.

Naturally, Westerners want to get the most efficiency out of all of this, where the results should be achieved here and now, and not in some karmic sequence in some distant incarnation...

Then what were the kings looking for? They were looking for that which the young Western tradition is trying to develop today. This tradition is anchored in: a) experiment ― proof; b) pragmatism ― nothing unnecessary; and c) efficiency ― the speed of decision making and productivity.

These are the qualities of our practice; its trademark.

To quote the Master:

"Practice endurance, foster it, make it a tradition.

Because endurance ― is the vital resource that is worth more than the largest mountain of gold."

In addition, from myself:

What were kings looking for? For what were the kings ready to trade mountains of gold? ― It is for this word: endurance. They could not clearly define this problem, and therefore could not solve it.

Modern people live in a high-speed world where everything is changing rapidly. The pace of a decade absorbs centuries.

Education, pragmatism, the drive for career growth, etc. ― without endurance, without the understanding of this word, without the manifestation of this word ― this means to fail to endure a prolonged, constant competition.

A person with ambitions is ineffective in competition without endurance.

The modern world ― is a world that exhausts a person. Information is constantly changing, and there is no point where you can stop, stabilize yourself and then move on. The mind does not withstand this. Young professionals who had no time to mature are quickly replaced by younger ones. The competition is stiffening to the maximum.

If you want to be the king of your business, you must stay competitive at all times. If you want to be the king of your business, ― as long as you live you must be inexhaustible.

This is exactly what our practice is for. Simply put, it is the practice of endurance. Everything else ― is just personal social ambition. If they are in agreement ― endurance and ambitions ― everything is fine. If endurance is increased, but not ambition, then our practice is over energizing for such a person and does not meet his requirements.

Material prepared by N. M. Bolshova

Leader of Trance-Evolutionary Practice HORA
 (Moscow, Russia)

Reviewed and approved by Master HORA

Presented on 11.20.2010  during a lecture in
St. Petersburg, Russia. Hotel “Nevsky Palace”

[1] An explanation of Master HORA’s writing style and use of the dash (“ ― ”) in the text and articles.

1.       Em Dash: A symbol (―) used in writing and printing to indicate a break in thought or sentence structure, to introduce a phrase added for emphasis, definition, or explanation, or to separate two clauses.

2.       Pause

[2] Inner and outer stability and anchoring of a human system as one.