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HORA, Thieves, Karma
HORA, Thieves, Karma

HORA, Thieves, Karma

Master HORA®

HORA®, Thieves, Karma.

The Trance-Evolutionary Mobilization™ chair is necessary for restoring strength and health. A condition for this is the mobilization on the HORA chair; it is awakened at the level of an instinct. A person needs health and strength to maintain a high quality of life and competitiveness in a rapidly changing world. 

The extra 2.5 cm under the chair’s rear legs (HORA chair by Master HORA) and you can check right on the spot, the speed with which it changes your state from lazy to active. This is not a meditation of going inside into your own self. You do not have to change your lifestyle or waste your time.


In Moscow, among Buddhists, a version of meditation just came about where one is sitting on a conventional chair with its rear legs raised by 3-4 cm.

As I understand it, your patent covers any options of raising the rear legs of the chair to a height of 2.5 cm plus or minus 0.5 cm. I must admit that it is not 3-4 cm, but, nevertheless, something is wrong here.

Moscow is not such a big city, people interact, intersect, and would like to see you explain the situation: Did you “lift” the idea from the people or did they “lift” it from you? 

Master’s Answer:

Your observation is correct: I have a patent pending application that covers all the options of lifting the rear legs of the chair to a height of 2.5 cm plus or minus 0.5 cm. Basically, this is the answer: I did not “lift” anything from anyone. But having had a very rich negative experience, I did not start registration of my patent here, but in the United States. (US20150265057-abandonded) (KZ No 5800 awarded)

In order to register a patent, comparable (related) patents are looked at, and many could be called similar. But this patent was formed because of the exact figures and the intended meaning behind it as to why such a concept is necessary.

In this case, no one “lifted” anything from me; the figures are different, 3-4 cm. Other figures can be used, but not 2.5 plus or minus 0.5 cm, the uncontrolled nineties (1990s) after the collapse have passed, and we are already more or less civilized.

I answered you in the language of business ethics; the rest of the answer comes from Master HORA. 

In the river of time

At the source of the deep river there is a spring. A spring is not the same as the river. A delicate trickle of the stream gets filled up by other streams, and eventually the deep river begins to be called by the name of the barely noticeable spring from which it started.

In the same way any teaching begins with a clean, barely noticeable spring, in time the teaching becomes a powerful river. How many clean and unclean streams merged into this river, only the spring knows. Because in time almost nothing gets left of the spring/teaching, it can barely be recognized in a mighty river of words, minds, ideas and so on until someone comes who actually drank from a spring (the teaching) and through themselves would manifest the life knowledge.

A human — is a living proof of the teaching, but a book is faith. One can burn a book, one can tear it up, but for the alive (real) teachings one is responsible with life.

Books can read by millions and billions of people. But only very few can embody alive teaching as a living.

So, in order to distinguish a spring in a large river, one had to be born in the spring. In order for the teaching to to be born, it is necessary to become the spring itself. So it is simple for all humans: where would you personally like to drink from: the source or the deep river?

Two and a half centimeters is a precise, ideal figure for Practice HORA.

Buddhism is an ancient culture, millions engage in its meditation tradition. If you add an even older, meditative culture of India, then it turns out that almost half of humanity has been traditionally engaged in meditation for thousands of years. Very recently, practically yesterday, it began to permeate the West. This meditative export-import cannot be called “a simple one.”

They take small tree branch cuttings from a huge tree of meditative culture and try to acculturate them in foreign soil, in a foreign culture, in which please note there has never been an understanding of meditation in the eastern sense.

In 1991, the people whom I trained for a few months made ​​a presentation of dynamics in general, showed my work and also read my text, an address to the audience. In a nutshell: Aiki has come to us, Ju has come to us, Karate has come to us, but DO did not come to us. DO does not happen without Zen.

Zen in Japan, Ch'an in China, Dhyana in India — in the West all of this is called "meditation." However, the Western meditation has nothing to do with all of this. The word exists, but there is no manifestation. Manifestation can be proven. Living (Real) teaching — is a living person; and the living person, unlike the book in which you can believe, is obliged to provide a proof.

The world was always arranged this way, it was always so — the book can be burned, but an accountability is demanded from a person, or one must remain silent.

Western meditation — in fact, is still in search. This search can only end on one condition — when the evidence will be clear not only to the Western human, his intellect, his educated mind, but to all the rest, those who do not have such a mind and such an education.

This is similar to how the West invented a car that everyone likes, and everyone uses. Similarly, Western meditation should be understandable, useful, like a car, and just as effective. Why it is necessary must be understood to any ordinary, normal person of any race, any nationality, any beliefs, etc.

Such a rational, modern, pragmatic approach to meditation is as necessary as a phone, a car, a computer, electricity, etc., and sooner or later it will be accepted and recognized by all the people on earth.

Raising the back legs of the chair by 2.5 centimeters is precise, is an ideal height (for an experiment). This can be verified on the spot — sit on a conventional chair, and then sit on a HORA chair and compare the experience. For the sake of the experiment, one can simply put a stack of paper of the needed height under the rear legs of the chair.


HORA chair — it is not meditation; HORA chair is designed to awaken the natural Trance-Evolutionary Mobilization inherent to all living beings.

Mobilization ensures intra-species success and the success of the species in their realm where they are fighting for life, and this fight is to the death.

A simple example of mobilization: what happens to an athlete who has been delayed at the starting line (false start)? Every athlete knows the irritation, the rapid decline of strength, fatigue and so on. Burned out. No living being in nature can stay in the state of mobilization for a long time; it can only be sustained for a very short time. Or they will experience the same thing as an athlete — exhaustion…

The Chair from Master HORA (Trance-Evolutionary Mobilization™ HORA Chair) focuses on gentle, inexhaustible mobilization training in order to awaken mobilization and to train it. Thus humanity, that fell out of the natural evolution, where the most advanced minds do not know how to get back to evolutionary development — without leaving the society, through the use of the chair will receive:


1) An understandable concept from within what is mobilization, Trance-Evolutionary Mobilization and Meditative Mobilization

2) A fitness instrument for awakening and training the success of the species (mobilization).

This training machine — a slightly modified conventional chair and your expenses for it are minimal.

Billions of people use the ordinary chair and will continue to use it for a long time to come. But what is the harm of a sedentary lifestyle? To find out, listen to what scientists say about it. (See appendix.)

How does one escape from this “harmful chair” and from this life-killing sedentary lifestyle, without changing anything, and use a sedentary lifestyle for your benefit? – by reading and sitting on the HORA Chair by Master HORA.

Modifying the conventional chair into the HORA chair costs nothing, but its usefulness can be easily verified, immediately, on the spot: just put a stack of paper 2.5 cm under the rear legs of the chair, and decide for yourself.

            A small clarification: a Zen position for seated meditation is the correct straight sitting position. If you sit with a straight back — it does not mean that you are in the correct posture for meditation. The correctness of the position can be determined by the master and only by the master, no one else. Such a serious question should only be brought to a Zen master and not to the legion of yoga instructors, or more precisely, the eastern traditional fitness instructors. Yoga — is something else.

Here is my explanation as to why such an approach is necessary. Creators of the canonical meditative pose, birth parents, springs, the sources of this canonical meditative pose, knew what they were doing and why. This posture is essential not only and not as much for relaxation. It is very difficult to execute either on the knees or in the lotus; it is strenuous to do and requires a lot of strength, willpower, and time. The cultivation of the canonical meditative posture is inseparable from the seven skies or kundalini yoga, simply because there is no meditation without the seven skies and it would worth a penny without it; what destination would one reach without it, nobody knows. Therefore a real meditative master is very important — not just a master of meditation, but a meditative master (the one who is already a manifestation of a living meditation, the spring, the source).

This meaningful practice is impossible without properly executed canonical poses. But, the canonical position is very different for each individual person, the correct sitting is never repeated, everyone is different. Only a stone-made Buddha can be repeated an infinite number of times, and people are not stone.

What is very important for the reader to understand: the master brings the student into meditation, into the meditative pose by the hand. The purpose of practicing yoga — is to halt life-sustaining activity and to leave this world. And those few who have reached the highest limit, and then returned again into this world are those who took pity on the people and brought with them — teaching.

The essence of these teachings is the same as for the Christians: love for mankind and salvation of man — how to save oneself from oneself. And the path to this is — to love all living beings, to love God, the creator of the worlds, the Creator of the seven skies, depicting each of the skies on the human body (chakras) — thus linking the entire Universe, its evolution with the human evolution. The skies, just like humans are in the process of development, and this development will stop only when the time stops. Each step on the ladder of the seven skies is a step into the higher limits, and this path is — lying inside the person. One needs to be led by the hand into the correct sitting position.

I also recommend noting that the meditative pose on the knees is a common religious prayer pose in the Muslim world. The depth Muslim prayer ritual — as a technique — has not been fully disclosed to the people as of yet. I assure you, it is inseparable from the seven skies, as well as from the Creator of the world's.


In the HORA practice the canonical pose is different, it is directed toward life, it is inseparable from the concept of "mobilization," and as a consequence, inseparable from the concept of "evolution" and its laws — i.e. is directed to the heart of life.

And the heart of life is inseparable from the skies.

HORA differs from the mystic, yogic, Zen, and other teachings in that, it has different coordinates, knowledge and manifestation — they are in evolution.

Human being is not the final product of evolution. When one consciously manifest the evolution in him, a person becomes a conscious participant of the process of creation of the world, a direct participant of the evolution of the seven skies.

Coming back to your question: Practice HORA is self-sufficient, it does not need to steal anything — neither a millimeter, nor a half a millimeter.

The Trance-Evolutionary Mobilization™ HORA Chair is necessary for restoring strength and health — the condition for this — mobilization. On a HORA Chair the mobilization is awakened on an instinctual level. A person needs health and strength in order to maintain a high quality of life and competitiveness in a rapidly changing world.


The extra 2.5 cm from the Master HORA under the rear legs of the chair — and you can check on the spot, the speed with which it changes your state of being from lazy to active. This is not a meditation of submerging into oneself. You do not have to change your lifestyle or waste time.

The mobilized-instinctual training — the awakening of instinctual mobilization and its training — happens on the spot. And in addition to this if you go to HORA classes, then you love life, and you are serving life and you are benefiting the society. Spirit is primary, but it does not mean you have to ruin the body and treat it as was treated in the totalitarian and unreasonable Middle Ages.

I showed you what is meditative necessity, comprehensible to all today and infinitely in the time ahead. And you tell me about the Moscow Zen; this is virtually a few people from the ocean of traditional Buddhism. But even if it is the whole of Buddhism — it is not all of humanity. Chairs are used by all, almost by all 7 billion people. What is important is that the chair is a scalable working tool for office workers, residents of the Western world. In our lives the chair has become a ritual, and it will disappear only with the humans. So, let it be useful and work for the benefit of humanity.



Eastern meditation has existed for thousands of years. This practice requires a lot of diligence, enormous willpower, and boundless sense of purpose. And the result is achieved by very few.

But all people need success and competitiveness at all times. Mobilization (the meaning of the word should now be clear) and the ability to stay in it for a long time — is a major trump card in the success and competitiveness, and it is needed for all and always. Prolonged tenure in such a practice, such technique means to work in class and not to blindly follow the recommendations of the Master, but to weigh the Master’s recommendations, based on your own reason and common sense, and in no other way.

The HORA Chair by Master HORA allows for the opportunity to train inexhaustibility, without spending time or attention, with putting forth zero effort. Change the chair — and live as you have lived before, and this result is not limited just to few. If you want to be even more productive — go train, and not even necessarily at the HORA training center. Attend places where there is a benefit to you.

Just to clarify: everything is not that easy, the chair alone is not Practice HORA. The purpose of Practice HORA is that the next evolutionary step of humankind, mankind will make consciously. This is something that has never been done before. This is what, in general, is impossible to prove. In order to undertake such a proven one has to be born, in such source. And this is not Zen, it is Life.

The purpose of Practice HORA is deliberate, conscious tenure within the evolutionary parameters, which also means to become it, to be it. This is much more than an unconscious training of evolutionary mobilization in a chair. (Meditative Mobilization)

The evolutionary parameters must be proven, tested, and understood by any ordinary person in order for the one who dwells in these parameters — the one who trains them, practices them, guaranteedly is engagement in the evolutionary process, consciously and deliberately.

There is only one outcome, to become it. Then it is a living teaching, a spring.

This is very important: the conscious evolution of the species is not a belief, it is not a religion — it's a manifestation of not-so-easy effort, but is comprehensible to an ordinary person. Benefit.


Master HORA
08 – 20 May 2014



"The University of Limerick ... tried to understand how long, on the average, do teenage girls sit every day. For this purpose, a group of teenagers was given data collecting sensors. These sensors allowed for recording of human activity for at least a week. It turned out that teenage girls were sitting or lying 19 hours a day...According to doctors, people who lead a sedentary lifestyle can be considered at an increased risk of disease. The longer a person sits, the more the composition and quality of his body changes ... It is no secret that in recent years children and adolescents have become less active. They spend more and more time watching TV, sitting (interacting) in social networks or playing video games. "


Type of Mobilizations from conversations with Master HORA (summary)

1. Animal Like Natural Mobilization State

The animal-like mobilization requires all resources and effort to stay in this state of readiness. Animals mobilize to hunt or to defend. And have to replenish their inner resources, so that they can mobilize again for the new hunt or defense. This animal-like state of readiness in the human is always followed by exhaustion, tiredness, weakness, and less rational decisions.-  Scientists call this a fight-or-flight response/state. (Most of individuals experienced this state in their lifetime).

All objects, big or small (planets, humans, animals, insects, atom, etc), use and save itself with this power of mobilization. By doing so, they expand its energy in order to persevere, to exist. In other words, they mobilize (to survive), expend the energy of mobilization, and then search/hunt again for replenishment options, so they can mobilize again under pressure from life. Mobilization is where humans, or any other animal, are in a state of readiness from the start to the end of the action. It is the  point where decisions are made, and where the power slips away. Ability to regulate mobilized attention is nature’s parameter of evolutionary selection – the best/worst, successful/unsuccessful, effective/inefficient, adaptable/rigid.

Mobilization takes place in both physical activity and intellectual activity.  This can be confirmed by corporate executives, entrepreneurs, scientist, and students.  Intellectual activity/decisions/analysis requires mobilization of body, mind and nervous system.

At the moment of feeling of a threat (not a threat yet), all animals without exception (land, water, air) including the human, tighten (contract) and squat (crouch) in order to leap (dart, shoot out). They mobilize.

Not all people can do it. Most people, instead of getting themselves into an instant mobilization state, fall into a freeze zone. (i.e. brain freeze, body freeze) It is some kind of, inner off switch.

Practice HORA trains inner trance-pliability, with it person does not freeze from pressure. 

2. Meditative Mobilization™

Meditative Mobilization is a type of training whereby the trainee’s concentration of attention is deepened through narrowing the focus of consciousness to produce the maximum effectiveness. This training increases mobilization activity in the person’s body while maintaining open eyes and being engaged in various activities. If you are in business, Meditative Mobilization will help person keep their thoughts focused on the task for an extended period of time at the maximum level of effectiveness, with a completely different burnout rate of your “intellectual muscles.”

If you are in sports, Meditative Mobilization will help you compete at a completely different and more sustainable burnout rate, and to concentrate the entire body on the goal of throwing, jumping, running, etc. Before taking action, all athletes lower their center of gravity and relax to a maximum point where they are still in control, nearly to the loss of consciousness, in order to dash quickly, explode with power. As you can see, in sports as in business, all key parameters of animal success are used to the maximum effect.

All athletes know that if they overstay in the starting position/mobilization, they begin to simply "burn out," and forces quickly abandoning them. Then nervousness, a hysteria, comes immediately afterward. Sometimes it appears as "shaking." It can even result in a breakdown – apathy, indifference.

3. Trance-Evolutionary Mobilization™

Eventually, from the small, primitive organisms a more complicated species – the human – arose, and he can learn to focus on his own self. On what one direct one’s energy/attention it is that what will feed him. What one is spending one’s energy for, that energy is what will be feeding him/her back. (Mutual-submergence, transformation, trance)

A human has the ability to learn how to mobilize differently by activating his/her Trance-Evolutionary Mobilization center. Mobilization in calmness.  Trance-Evolutionary Mobilization is a different type of interconnection between mind, body, and nervous system. This is an incredibly creative and self-replicating force. For such a force to self-replicate, you must be the one who is focused on it. (You). 

Different type of breathing

Mobilization is a simultaneous concentration of attention within the gravitational center. Every person has a body position in which his/her perception is at the highest point. The person is mobilized when a different type of breathing (not a common one) is activated. (The type of breathing that is in control of inner-calmness on its own). This is the type of breathing where the person is breathing with the entire body. This learned at the Practice HORA Basic level. Such a person is in a state of readiness, but without burning out. His/her inner resources are in controlled state; they are in the state of the readily available inner-reserve.

The word mobilization may sound simple and wild, and not as smart as Dzen, Chi, or Dhan’. However, Mobilization is a property of nature. It is everywhere as the primal quality of this world for all living and nonliving things. 

From phone conversation with Master HORA. 2017